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White, Rich and Beautiful in the Sixties (Rebirth Space)

"It's nothing. Just stay and have a meal. Jiaxing and Xia Xiao went to catch fish today. They caught a big fish of two hundred catties. The team is dividing the fish. You can leave after dinner. I'll boil the medicine for the child again in the afternoon." Zheng Xianghong said that Hong Xing did not insist any more, Xia Xiao and Gao Jiaxing followed Yang Xuehua to the educated youth spot. As soon as he arrived, he saw two people kneeling on the ground and crying bitterly. Xia Xiao had not yet seen who was opposite Xia Jing, but from Xia Jing's mood, he could guess who it was. Yan Hao, Yan Hao unexpectedly ran to the bright production team, from north to south, but also from the top of the map to the bottom, Xia Xiao this will be admired. She did not know how Yan Hao came, but from the wrinkled clothes on his body, the messy hair and the broken shoes on his feet, Yan Hao seemed to have gone through hardships. Xia Jing, Yan Hao, what are you doing on the ground? Get up. Xia Xiao interrupted the two miserable Mandarin ducks who were holding their heads in pain. Xia Jing a meal, only to find that they were surrounded by so many people watching, immediately blushed, let go of Yan Hao's hand, embarrassed to wipe tears, toward Xia Xiao shouted, "elder sister." Yan Hao also shouted, "elder sister." Seeing how embarrassed Yan Hao was, I didn't know which refugee cave he came from. Xia Xiao said, "Yan Hao,plastic laminated tube, didn't you go to the H Corps? How did you get here?" "I went there, but I didn't report it. I ran out, but I only had luggage and files on me, and the letter of introduction could only go back to S City. So I walked here from S City for more than a month. I just met the conductor in the provincial capital. He knew the elder sister and sent me here." As soon as Yan Hao's words fell, Xia Xiao wanted to say silly boy, but he was also moved by Yan Hao's behavior. Walking from S City to here, more than a month is certainly not possible, and Yan Hao must have experienced a lot on the road, perhaps with help,eye cream packaging tube, or a ride on the road. Xia Zhiqing. Fang yuan smiled at Xia Xiao and said, "I met Yan Hao in the provincial capital. He said he would come to the Guangming Production Team of the county to find you, so I sent him over." "Thank you, conductor Fang." Xia Xiao sincerely thanks to Fangyuan, see Fangyuan and bicycle, also know that Fangyuan is riding a bicycle to send Yan Hao, and Fangyuan home is also the county, this is Yan Hao's good luck to meet Fangyuan. But also fortunately met Fangyuan, if met Liu Haiguo or Wang Xueyong these, it is not so easy. "This is my lover Gao Jiaxing," said Xia Xiao. "Hello, conductor Fang, I'm Gao Jiaxing, Xia Xiao's lover." Gao Jiaxing took the initiative to say hello to Fangyuan. Chapter 294 I wish you happiness. "You are married unexpectedly. Congratulations. Your lover looks like a good person. You have a good taste. I wish you happiness." Fangyuan was slightly absent, but still generously blessed Xia Xiao and Gao Jiaxing. Xia Xiao felt that Fangyuan was a good man, who could see that he was well-educated, cosmetic plastic tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, courteous, warm and kind, and did not give people the feeling of being offended and abrupt. This time the educated youth point surrounded a few people, although we are deeply influenced by the rigorous style of this time, but this time no one said anything wrong, and this time were deeply moved by Yan Hao's behavior. Of course, Xia Xiao is glad that the canteen will be divided into fish, and everyone has gone to see the fish, so there are not many onlookers, and that Yang Zhonghong is not there, otherwise he may have to look for trouble. Xia Xiao didn't ask any more questions. It's not suitable for Yan Hao and Xia Jing to stay here. So Xia Xiao said to Yang Xuehua, "Sister Xuehua, I'll take my sister and Yan Hao home. Today, they caught a big fish weighing two hundred catties. It's estimated that the canteen is dividing the fish now. You go to get it quickly. I don't know if there are any more if you go late." "Oh, I'll go quickly." As soon as Yang Xuehua's words fell, all the educated youth who heard the news went to the big canteen. "Train attendant, why don't you come to my house for dinner?" Xia Xiaodao. No, no, I'll go back. Fangyuan shook his head and refused, then said, "You'd better call me Comrade Fangyuan." When Xia Xiao agreed, he whispered to Gao Jiaxing, "Brother Gao, go and get two.". ” Gao Jiaxing immediately knew what Xia Xiao was going to do, so he left quickly. Xia Xiao, Xia Jing and Yan Hao sent Fangyuan to the gate of the production team. This time Gao Jiaxing also came. In addition to the two fish, he also brought a handful of green vegetables. Xia Xiao took them over and handed them to Fangyuan, saying, "These two fish were caught in the deep pool this morning. Just as you came, I sent you two back to taste them. And this dish is also planted by myself. Don't dislike it." "Comrade Xia Xiao, that's not right. I'm not here to get benefits. I can't take them. You can take them back." With that, Fangyuan wanted to ride away on his bicycle. "Comrade Fangyuan," said Xia Xiao, "you are too strange. We have known each other for several years. We are old friends. Today is the Spring Festival. You sent Yan Hao here in spite of your busy schedule. We are all very grateful to you. But these two fish and vegetables are just a little token of our appreciation, and they are all fish caught by ourselves, and the vegetables we grow are not worth a few yuan, just for you to taste, if you don't accept them, I won't dare to know you next time. Finally, Xia Xiao persuaded Fangyuan to accept two fish and vegetables and sent them away. And Gao Jiaxing with Xia Jing and Yan Hao back to Gao home, along the way Xia Xiao asked Yan Hao, Yan Hao simply said his experience, very risky and very lucky. Just before Xia Xiao let Hong Xing boil a pot of hot water, this will Hong Xing in feeding Ge Liang to eat porridge, Xia Xiao simply put the hot water to Yan Hao first bath. Zheng Xianghong said, "Take it. I'll boil a pot of herbal water for the child to bathe him again. The wound on his body still needs to be washed with liquid medicine." Xia Xiao nodded and asked Gao Jiaxing to prepare hot water for Yan Hao to take a bath. Yan Hao looked embarrassed. "I don't have a change of clothes." "It's all right," said Xia Xiao. "Wear the clothes of Senior Two first." Gao Jiaxing took one of his own clothes to Yan Hao and said, "You can wear these now. It's the Spring Festival, and there's no shop outside. After the Spring Festival, you can go to the county to buy them." "Thank you, Brother Gao." Yan Hao followed Gao Jiaxing to thank him. "This is my brother-in-law,custom cosmetic packing," Xia Jing corrected. "Thank you, brother-in-law," said Yan Hao. 。
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