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Pharmax anabolika

As the expert said, girls often fall for the bait of instructors in sports clubs, who are imposed on steroids under the guise of various innocent additives.
“Sometimes the drug is taken unconsciously: a person comes to the gym, and some unscrupulous instructors immediately offer him to lose weight or gain weight, offering various“ supplements ”. I would advise these people not to trust the instructors, but to turn to professional nutritionists who are involved in nutrition. And, of course, do not buy any drugs from your hands. We do not know where they were produced. As a rule, imported drugs are very expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy them. Many bring all this from China, but where was it made, in which laboratory? The "dirtier" the drug, the more side effects ",
- noted the head physician of FC Arsenal.
According to the expert, drugs that stimulate the production of muscle mass are used by healthy people in exceptional cases. For example, when an actor urgently needs to gain muscle mass. All this is done under the supervision of a nutritionist, pharmacologist. Doctors strictly control the blood count and hormonal levels. This is a deliberate risk and short-term use. But a person who goes for it in ordinary life takes risks without any excuses.
Aggression and insomnia are companions of anabolic steroids
“People who“ sit ”on steroid hormones not only experience changes in muscle mass, but also increase testosterone levels, which leads to increased excitability, aggressiveness, loss of self-control, and insomnia. This can affect relationships with loved ones, friends and at work, ”
- said the expert.
Don't be lazy!

more information here: Gradual and slow work on yourself will still lead to the expected result, says the sports doctor.
There are different groups of drugs, using which we replace hormones. And there are drugs that stimulate their own glands to produce hormones - growth hormones. Alexander Rezepov is against their use by athletes.
“A man got injured, for example, a knee joint. And he will have a long rehabilitation, he has lost muscle mass, he needs to restore his leg, and for the leg to work after atrophy - he is recommended to use growth hormones ... I am not a supporter of this. If your own body is functioning normally, a person eats normally, he should not use growth hormones. Because we do not know what risks we take upon ourselves, we do not know how human life will end and at what stage ”.