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Tiancan changes again

Without waiting for Downing to answer, she ran forward and continued to shout: "You are no match for him at all. Staying here won't work at all. Why don't you leave and inform the others?" Downing's secret weapon fact can no longer be sent out with courage. It's reasonable to say this to Beibei. She turned upside down and swept to the door. Meng all smiled, leading the spider web to fly out, flying to Downing in midair, the spider web that continued together, although the momentum is so urgent, unexpectedly did not interrupt, nor alone cloth class flying roll, even as smooth as silk satin. Seeing that Downing was about to be rolled up, Beibei suddenly pulled up, just in time to meet the flying cobweb, and in the cry of surprise, he was wrapped firmly in the cobweb. Glance back, know Beibei's intention, the purpose is to enable oneself to take the opportunity to go, one hand to grasp the secret door to open. Just then, there was a sharp sound of breaking the air, and countless hidden weapons hit the secret door, all of which were hidden weapons scattered on the ground by Tang Ning's ineffective shooting of Meng Du. Meng Du's reaction was really keen. When he saw Beibei pull up his body, he knew what he meant. He immediately rolled back his body and grabbed the hidden weapon on the ground with both hands and shot it at the secret door. It seemed that he didn't use much force, but the momentum of those hidden weapons was more powerful than Downing's. Tang Ning glanced at it and saw that the hidden weapons flew like a ball of light and hit the secret door in an instant. It was not so much a fight as a collision, and when the secret door was hit, it was immediately "slammed shut." Of course,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, Meng Du's hidden weapon technique is far inferior to Tang Ning's, but the internal force is far more powerful than Tang Ning's. Those hidden weapons give him internal force in a super, which is undoubtedly like a big iron ball. If his internal force is pushed against the secret door, how can Tang Ning's internal force resist it. The secret door was hard enough not to be smashed, and she could have escaped through the hole, and now she was locked back in the secret room. Of course, she was surprised, this bump even her body was driven,Magnesium Oxide MgO, hit the secret door, although not injured, already know how Meng Du's internal force has been fierce, and then look at the hidden weapons hit on the door, and surprised. The hidden weapons changed their shape, stuck together, turned into a metal ball, and half of them sank into the secret door. The other half shone brightly, and none of them fell off. Thanks to this, the hidden weapon did not splash open, and Downing was not hurt by the hidden weapon. As soon as she recovered from her shock, she tried again to pull the secret door open. This time, the secret door did not move, but it was not the switch that damaged the hidden weapon just now, but one of Mengdu's hands was against the secret door. Tang Ning saw Meng Du coming, but it was beyond her expectation that he would come so soon. Her reaction was not slow either, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and a shuttle-shaped hidden weapon was immediately in her hand, cutting Mengdu's throat. Meng Du smiled again, waved his hand and grabbed the hidden weapon. With a casual wave, Tang Ning turned a somersault and landed in the place where he had just sat cross-legged in meditation. By this time Beibei had opened the cobweb and immediately stood in front of Downing, blurting out: "You can't hurt her." Meng Du's eyes fell on Beibei's face: "Good sister, if I intentionally hurt her, she still has life." As soon as Beibei thought about it, he said, "Then get out of the way and let her go." Meng Du said, "Isn't that going to let everyone in the martial arts world know what's going on and unite against me?" "As long as you don't go into the Central Plains," said Beibei, "they won't be able to find Miaojiang.." "If you knew I'd killed so many of them," said Meng Du, "you'd be surprised if you didn't come after me." Laughing, he said, "Even if they don't look for me, I will look for them. But in the end, I will take the initiative to take advantage of them. Only by taking them by surprise and attacking them when they are unprepared can I get the upper hand and get twice the result with half the effort." Surprised, Beibei said, "Do you really want to oppose the Central Plains Wulin?" "Master's behest, how can I, as a disciple, not carry it out for him? If not, how can he rest in peace?" "I don't think it's any good." "If you knew the benefits, you wouldn't connect outsiders to oppose me." Meng Du shook his head. But you're my sister, and I can't do anything to you. "Downing is a good friend of mine." Meng all smiled. In any case, there is no close relationship between you and Yunfeiyang. Beibei Zheng Zheng, eyes can not help but cast cloud flying, Tang Ning also at this time Hou shouted out. "Who asked you to intercede for me?" Beibei turned his eyes again, just in time to make eye contact with Downing. Downing did not wait to open his mouth and waved: "Don't mind my business." Meng Du answered with a smile, "She can't control it either." Move your feet and walk towards Downing, smiling. Seeing his smile, Downing had a feeling of chills and could not help taking a step back. Instead of getting out of the way, Beibei stood between Tang Ning and Meng Du and suddenly shouted, "Let her go." "I have my own opinions." Meng Du walked up to Beibei and asked, "Why don't you go and see your brother Yun?" Beibei turned his eyes. What happened to him? Meng Du said, "True Qi and internal force have all been transferred to me. I have become a basket case." Although Beibei was expected, he heard that he was still in a panic. Meng Du answered with a smile, "But you can rest assured that his life will never be in danger. Of course, he needs someone to take care of him after that. You can stay together in Miaojiang forever, and you don't have to worry about him leaving anymore." Beibei did not know how to speak for a moment. He looked at Mengdu in panic, and Tang Ning sneered again. Look at the good things you have done. How does a good cloud change? Beibei could not help but turn to look at the clouds flying, see the dead gray face, sad from it. Just then, Yun Feiyang suddenly sighed, opened his eyes and looked this way. Although his eyes had no magic color, they were not blank, they had emotions, and there was a kind of helpless sadness. "Meng Du turned his head, looked around and smiled." Now that the master is dead, the spirit mother he left in the body of Yunfeiyang is of course out of control. She will not stay in her original position and will become an ownerless thing. If you have a way to control the spirit mother in Yun Feiyang's body,Magnesium Oxide MgO, you can also make him live happily and never leave you. "Beibei shook his head." I don't do this kind of thing. "You can do whatever you like, but you have to be careful. If the spirit mother in his body is not properly placed, there will be endless trouble." 。
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