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"Ha ha, the boy is good, unexpectedly also has the wing, looks like you are not the demon world person, you are the protoss person?" Ershao burst out laughing and burst out of the whirlpool of explosion. At this time the summer wind is also very shocked, two less behind also appeared wings, is black "color", although not their own long, but looks very evil, that kind of power so that the summer wind is also a little timid, this is the power of the nether world? Standing elsewhere, San Shao was really upset. Looking at the two people in the air, he kept walking. Why didn't Xia Feng escape? Do you really want to compete with the second brother? He is definitely no match for the second brother now. But this boy is like this, whenever he meets an opponent, he is always deeply involved in it, and when he fights with his own team, is it not? If the unity of heaven and earth appears, the second brother may not win? Yeah, why did you forget this? And there should be a lot of skills on him, but if those skills that must be killed appear, can the second brother escape? God, I am so contradictory now. I don't want Xia Feng to have an accident, and I don't want my second brother to have an accident. Xia Feng stood in the air and looked at Er Shao on the opposite side. "In that case," he said, "I won't stand on ceremony. I'd like to see if you're all'sexual '." "Fly-dazzle-chop!" Whoosh whoosh The gear-like rotation, the speed of light and shadow, the blink of an eye has come to the top of Ershao's head. The latter is surprised, the speed of the secret passage is so fast, the power of rape is so violent! Boom A strong crash broke out in the air, and the place where the two people met suddenly formed a fireworks-like "color",hot tub wholesale, as if a firework flew into the sky, and then exploded that perfect moment, which is simply indescribable, how did the two people do it? Black wings hold the summer wind Yuhuang sword, two people look at each other at close range, the surprise in the heart of the summer wind don't mention how big, how is this possible? The flying chop was blocked unexpectedly? And it's still so easy to block? It's just incredible. Hey, hey, hey, didn't you think of that? Although your skill looks very gorgeous, it is full of flaws when facing the master, because its rotation speed is still too slow, I can see its trajectory clearly, what can you take to defeat me? That's the skill? Er Shao looked at Xia Feng with a smile, but he knew in his heart that Xia Feng's strength was completely beyond his imagination. He thought he could pinch himself to death, but now he didn't think he could fight with himself. It was incredible that he could meet this master on the first floor of the Magic Palace. He didn't know what else he would meet later. Black Wind! The wings suddenly opened, hot tub spa manufacturers ,indoor endless pool, the body of the summer wind was subjected to a strong impact, the whole person flew out, the light wings pulled hard to slow down. But this time, two little that strange smile actually appeared in the summer wind above, the summer wind's heart instantly cooled half! With an evil smile, the dagger in his hand turned into a sickle of death, which made people feel cold from the heart. This was the demon world, not the real world. If he died, he might never wake up. Xia Feng thought that he had completely lost his mind here, and his whole body burst out with powerful energy. He could not let the goddess of ice and snow continue to suffer in an inexplicable space. This is absolutely not allowed. Silence extinguishes the chop! Xia Feng's body immediately stood up, and the whole person collided with Ershao. He knew that when he was strong, he would be strong. If he only knew how to escape, this skill would be a bigger blow to himself, so Xia Feng used Silence Chop to fight against Ershao. Boom Er Shao was slightly stupefied. Then the whole person separated from Xia Feng. When he was in the air, Er Shao laughed and said, "I'll see how long you can hold on!" "Time and space transformation-displacement!" Whoosh Xia Feng's pupils shrank, and then he saw Ershao appear on his head, the whole dagger has come to his head less than a foot, so close distance, so fast speed, how can Xia Feng avoid it? "Nine kills and nine kills!" Right now! The mouth of the big array opened, two little daggers had entered, the whole person stared at this scene with incredible eyes, and in an instant he thought of what it was. Time and space conversion-flash! Whoosh whoosh Helplessly floating on the opposite side of the summer wind, the dagger in his hand has been taken away by the big array, and now it is estimated that it has been smashed into powder, but the summer wind is not happy, this [wonderful book net e-book download paradise-wWw. QiSuu. COm] nine kill nine absolutely big array seems to have not failed at all since it came out. After this battle, Xia Feng also knew the fatal shortcomings of the big array, that is, the speed is not enough, ah, if you can let the big array instantly wrap this two less still need to fight like this? If you can't use space magic, why can this fellow use it? Xia Feng secretly uses the transmission ring, but there is no reaction, which makes Xia Feng even more depressed, if there is a time ring, then he still uses such a mess ah? Send it directly and take it in. Master of the Array? Unexpectedly, you are still a array master, ha ha, cool! Not only was Ershao not surprised, but he also showed a very excited expression. This was absolutely not good for Xia Feng, because it meant that Ershao could not be afraid of his formation at all. On the contrary, he had fallen behind now. If he continued to fight, maybe he would lose. I really don't want to use it. I can only use it as a last resort. San Shao was not afraid without weapons, but he was still very excited. He put his hands together in the air again, and then silently recited the incantation. His whole body was surrounded by a thick black fog, and Ershao's body disappeared. Xia Feng looked at the opposite two less, the kind of power of the nether world is simply frightening,jacuzzi swim spa, the whole person is like an explosive'medicine 'brewing there, it seems that it can explode at any time, this feeling makes Xia Feng very uncomfortable. But it was too late. Rage! Rage! Wild crit! Buzz ~ ~.

Do Not Disturb Fei Sheng (Bu Fan) Author: Butterfly Shadow under the Moon

"I'll take it in for you." Huan Zong glanced at the tray in her hand. "Be careful not to upset the breakfast." "I prepared two meals for Huan Zongdao to share with you." Cheng Yi looked at the rare spirit fruits in Huan Zong's bowl and didn't want the disciples of Liu Guang Zong to feel that they were reluctant to have a breakfast at Yunhua Gate. It was a pity that he had planned to have breakfast with him, so he had to give this opportunity to Huan Zong. "Thank you, Taoist friend. I would rather be respectful than obedient." Huan Zong did not even refuse euphemistically and agreed directly. You are welcome Cheng Yi kept smiling without any fluctuation in his heart. Big brother, you're with me. "Here's some heart fruit and your breakfast, which is more than enough for the three of us," he said. Turn around and open the door, let Huan Zong and Cheng Yi enter the door. "Don't stand at the door. Those who don't know think there are flowers at my door." There are no flowers at the door, but there is a boundary. Cheng Yi went to the table and sat down, lifted the lid on the tray, which contained a can of porridge, a cage of steamed dumplings, and a few side dishes. Dividing the porridge into three portions, Cheng Yi asked, "Did you sleep well last night?" Nodding, he took a sip of the porridge. Cheng Yi and Huan Zong looked at each other. Huan Zong nodded to Cheng Yi. Cheng Yi smiled politely at Huan Zong. The two strange men sat face to face. There was a bit of embarrassment in the quiet atmosphere. Just now I saw a boundary outside your house, so I took it away. I'm sorry,whirlpool hot tub spa, I might be rude to do that. Huan Zong said apologetically, "I forgot that this is not the time we usually live here." "Boundary?" Wiping the corners of his mouth with a veil, he turned his head and asked Cheng Yi, "Elder Martial Brother, did you set it up?" "After all, this is not Yunhua Mountain, so I set up a few defensive boundaries outside the door." Cheng Yi had guessed before that the boundary was destroyed by Huan Zong,China spa factory, but he felt that the disciples of Liu Guangzong could not do such a thing, but he did not think that the other side could really do it. You can't have the intention to harm others, and you can't have the intention to prevent others. Even if this is our affiliated sect, it is not wrong to keep a little more vigilance. Cheng Yi thought about it and added, "If you don't like it, I won't set up a boundary tonight." "Elder Martial Brother is thoughtful." Hurriedly, "I don't dislike it." When the three of them had finished their meal, Cheng Yi saw that Huan Zong was sitting still. Thinking that what he had said was not a secret of the clan, he opened his mouth directly and said, "Recently, the realm of cultivation has not been peaceful enough. You have also made a breakthrough in cultivation. Why don't you wait for this to happen and go back to Yunhua Mountain with me?" She looked up at Huan Zong, jacuzzi bath spa ,hot tub manufacturers, who had no expression in his drooping eyelids. After you went out, Shifu and several Martial Uncles missed you very much. Even Martial Uncle Qingyuan asked me when you would go back. Cheng Yi didn't want to call him back so early, but he couldn't rest assured that the realm of cultivation was not peaceful recently. Elder Martial Brother, I know you are for my good, but I don't want to go back for the time being. Put down the spirit fruit, "also ask the elder brother to tell the elders, let them not worry about me." Cheng Yi looked at it worriedly. Didn't Younger Martial Sister read too many scripts and have the idea of saving the real world? She was ready to fight it out with the evil practitioners, so she didn't want to go back? Thinking of the contents of those messy scripts, Cheng Yi not only felt that her sister would not be so naive, but also worried that she was really affected by the scripts. On the premise of not endangering the clan, the elders of Yunhua Gate do not like to do things that embarrass the younger generation. Hearing the refusal, although Cheng Yi still had doubts and worries in his heart, he did not force her to go back. He just sighed: "It doesn't matter if you don't want to go back now. Just pay attention to safety outside.". Don't be impulsive when you meet a bad person. You must distinguish whether he has help or not and whether he can beat them. "Don't worry, Elder Martial Brother, I know." "Have you finished reading the travel guide?" Continue to nod: "Remember all, one will not forget." "It's useless to remember, but you have to learn and use it flexibly." Cheng Yi took out the symbols and instruments in the ring. "These were given to me by the elders and the peak lords before I went out. They told me that if I met you in Fengcheng, I would give them to you.". ” "So much?" While sweeping the things on the table into his own collection ring, he asked you about your recent situation. They are all very good, but Martial Uncle Qingyuan and Shifu are still quarreling. Before I went out, they made a gesture and destroyed several instruments of the Five Elements Hall. Uncle Heng Yan was so angry that he punished his uncle and master for their monthly salaries for decades. Cheng Yi knows how poor his master is and how bad his fortune is. Because Zhou Xing made trouble in Yongcheng before, Zhou Cang lost a lot of things in Yunhua Gate for his brother. Master also took this opportunity to pay back most of the debt. It was not easy for him to stop being short of money, and then he got into trouble again. It was clear that he was born without money. Master and Martial Uncle Qingyuan have been quarrelling for so many years, but haven't they stopped? After muttering a few words, he remembered that Huan Zong was still there. In order to save some face for the elders of the clan, he did not go on. Cheng Yi gave a dry cough and looked at his sister's casual appearance in front of Huan Zong, which showed that their friendship was really good. He turned to look at Huan Zong, who looked as usual, as if he had heard nothing. In fact, he had never seen his face change since he saw Huan Zong. I have checked the interior of Jixiang Pavilion with the Lord of the Pavilion, but I haven't found any doubts about the infiltration of evil practices yet. Younger martial sister came here, also want to let auspicious pavilion check this matter? Cheng Yi knows that he will not make trouble for nothing, but he will not let bad things happen. Uh Nodding, "along the way, I met several evil practitioners with sinister intentions.". Most of them are ordinary, and what they like to do most is to provoke the relationship between monks. "If you want a tall building to collapse, you have to let it rot from the inside. The evil world is very ambitious." Seeing that Younger Martial Sister looked dignified, Cheng Yi said with a smile,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "You don't have to worry too much. There are such big sects as the Liuguang Sect, the Zhaohe Sect, and the Jiufeng Sect. Nothing will happen to us in the realm of cultivation." 。

My powers and magic.

Leo felt something was wrong, too. His seventh sense was in full swing. There is no life around here except the endless trees! Something's wrong ! Something is really wrong. ! Leo felt like he was being watched. It feels like a hunter staring at his prey! I feel a little depressed! "Move on!"! Seven seven Don't be afraid, it's nothing! Qiqi was so frightened that she clasped Leo's hand. She slowly followed Leo through the Valley of Death. The more you walk, the more dark it is, the more obvious the gloomy feeling is, and the more you walk, the more you feel like being stared at by something. Leo's natural sense of crisis told him that there was danger! Leo bowed his head and said to Qiqi. : "Qiqi, get ready. There may be danger here." Qiqi has long felt the danger. She has already raised her fighting spirit to the limit. The silver-white armor is emitting a soft white light, which is a sign of Qiqi's full operation of fighting spirit. Seeing that Qiqi was ready, the dragon-shaped gold suit on Leo's body also sent out golden light. Gradually, the golden light became more and more prosperous. Qiqi knew that this was the result of Leo's golden fighting spirit. Slowly, from the place of Leo's arms, you can still hear the faint sound of dragon singing! "Come out!"! Come on out "The sound of fighting with gold penetrated the whole Valley of Death in an instant." No matter who you are, no matter how you hide,outdoor hot tub, I have felt your position! Come on out ! Stop being a coward. !” As Leo's voice shouted out, after a while, there was a sudden gust of wind in Death Valley. It makes people feel creepy. Although Qiqi was on full alert, he was still shocked into a cold sweat. "Here he is!" Said Leo coldly. " A very strong opponent! Qiqi also felt it. Qiqi, there may be a fierce battle later! Why don't you just sit back and watch me take care of the person you're afraid of? ! Pretend to scare you. Damn it! "Leo's body sent out a strong sense of war!"! Qiqi was about to tell Leo to be careful when suddenly a terrible idea flashed through her mind: darkness! Dark ! Dark ! Dark ! These words are repeatedly coiled in Qiqi's mind. An unspeakable inexplicable force began to burn rapidly in the heart of Qiqi! That force seems familiar. And it seems to be very opposite! What the hell is going on here? ? Qiqi,endless pool factory, she can't say. Suddenly Qiqi was not afraid again. Seeing Qiqi in a daze, Leo was a little worried. He thought Qiqi was too young to be frightened by the momentum. Leo said, "Qiqi, listen to me and hide quickly. The battle is coming soon!" Qiqi shook his head firmly: "Brother Leo, let me face this battle with you!" "No!"! Enemies on the horizon are not yours to deal with. 。 Be good, listen to me and hide away first! But didn't you say that? Must a person keep fighting if he wants to improve his strength? "I want to improve my strength, I want to fight!" Qiqi said firmly. " All right then! But you have to promise me ! Later, if we don't win. You have to use your speed advantage to run away first, do you understand? In the midst of battle, I may not be able to take care of you! "Leo began to prepare for the worst.". Because he can feel that the power that is about to appear is absolutely not under his own, endless swim pool ,whirlpool bathtub, so this is a hard battle! Qiqi nodded: "I know!" Two people waited for a while, suddenly a dragon Yin sounded, instantly shook the valley! This sound is no more than the sound that Leo made just now when he fought with gold. 。 Qiqi was startled by the sound of the dragon singing. Brother Leo, why do you sing for no reason? Qiqi knew that there was a sounding device on the arms of the golden warrior Leo's golden suit, and when the golden fighting gas flowed through the arms, the golden suit would emit a slight dragon chant. But when a large amount of gold fighting spirit passes through the arms in an instant, the momentum of dragon singing is enough to kill people! One time, when dealing with some super killers, Leo stunned those super killers with one move, Long Yin. At that time, Qiqi was present, and I was particularly impressed by the sound of the dragon singing Qiqi. This dragon song is simply a copy of that time. Leo frowned: "Qiqi, I didn't use Longyin!" Qiqi was stunned. "Then who is using Longyin?" As he spoke, suddenly the surrounding trees fell down in rows, the earth shook, followed by a burst of dragon singing! As the trees fall. A monster five times bigger than Leo has appeared! Leo and Qiqi can see it clearly. This huge monster is a huge black dragon! Leo exclaimed, "This is the legendary ten-level Warcraft Emperor Dark Dragon!"! Seven seven You hide quickly, quickly! Level 10 Warcraft Emperor Dark Dragon! This Leo has been seen in the information of Super Warcraft. 。 At that time, when they wanted to go to the Dome Mountain to look for the gods, Leo checked all kinds of Warcraft information, including all kinds of Warcraft emperors. And what impressed Leo most was the Dark Dragon, the king of dragons! Leo still remembers the information about the dark dragon. 。 In the information, there is a picture of a dark dragon, which is dark, dragon-shaped and about 10 meters high. Dark dragons are good at physical attacks and use dark magic unknown to humans. Dark dragons were recorded about 150 years ago in the plains of heroes. The Dark Dragon has taken possession of the Heroic Plains, and it runs to attack the City of Fariki every day. Had it not been for the natural barrier and the numerous magicians, it would not have been able to resist the attack of the Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon failed to attack the Manic several times, and it retreated to the Heroic Plains. Faliqi immediately turned to various countries for help. At that time, humans sent 300000 troops to conquer the dark dragon. But the dark dragon is the king of dragons. When only 300,000 Terran troops arrived at the hero plain, the dark dragon suddenly cast a powerful and large area of dark magic, making all 300,endless swimming pool,000 troops weak. The soldiers, too weak to bear the weight of their armor, fell to the ground.

Turn into a daughter

"I want you to know that at any time, you can't lose your vigilance in the face of a free mercenary, even if he looks like he's going to die soon." Although there was a morbid flush on Fang Qiuzhuo's face, his smile was very happy. But at this time of Bai Xiao, but even pull out the strength of a wry smile are not mentioned. It looks like another anesthetic, and it's a general anesthetic that's much more effective than the last local anesthetic. General anesthesia is a dangerous thing, the general hospital will not easily give patients general anesthesia. And even general anesthesia will not be as effective as Fang Qiuzhuo's anesthetic. It seems that there is no lack of good things beyond the current civilian technology in the hands of top international mercenaries. Haven't you learned to be good since you suffered a loss? The corners of Fang Qiuzhuo's mouth slanted like a proud fox. Is the poor little fellow mad with resentment that he has fallen twice in the same way? "Your experience is too far away, my little girl, don't you know?". Even if I can't move, I have dozens of ways to kill people who want to get close to me in an instant. Anesthesia? This is just the mildest and simplest way. Fang Qiuzhuo, smash your mouth. Smiling very proudly, "but you are still smart, just a little less experienced." So it would be a good idea to study with me for a while. Bai Xiao's eyelids began to fall, and her consciousness gradually dimmed. And a pool of bitter water in my heart is melting more and more. If you give her another chance. Will she fall a third time in the same way? Damn Fang Qiuzhuo. If you fall into my hands again next time, you are half disabled, I will beat you completely disabled! If you're totally paralyzed, I'll tie you up and soak you in water! It was a pity that the cruel words in Bai Xiao's heart could only be put in her heart for the time being. Her eyes could not bear the power of the medicine and were completely closed, while her consciousness was sinking and floating in chaos. In a trance,outdoor whirlpool tub, she seemed to be sleeping or waking up. I do not know how long, Bai Xiao seems to hear the sound of heavy objects moving, she guessed that it was Fang Qiuzhuo holding the sofa hard to get up, and then walked in the house. He seems to be looking for something. What is he looking for? Although Bai Xiaoren was paralyzed on the ground and unable to move, once her mind began to turn, it quickly became clear again. She heard the sound of Fang Qiuzhuo gently unscrewing the doorknob, and she felt that it was the inner room without a balcony,jacuzzi suppliers, that was her room! "What secret do I have that he covets like this?" Bai Xiao can't figure it out. After thinking about it, he can only smile bitterly in his heart. "It seems that he misunderstood something. He really thought I had the secret of not dying.". God knows how I got these adventures, and I'm still confused myself. Her heart sank sadly, and she said to herself, "Maybe that strange monk knows what's going on, but he won't tell me, and I.." I'm not interested in knowing. What if you know? Can you turn her back into a man? If you can't, you might as well live an ordinary life. This is Bai Xiao's most intuitive psychology, perhaps there is a bit of escape, but also contains great courage. But although the treasure of life is no different from Fang Qiuzhuo, in understanding, Bai Xiao and he are too far apart. Bai Xiao is not a mercenary soldier wandering on the edge of life and death, she will not understand, best whirlpool tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, can quickly recover the ability of physical trauma, for such a person, how important. If she understands, she should know how determined Fang Qiuzhuo is to win this! So when it comes to the other side of "us" who knows Bai Xiao's "secret", Fang Qiuzhuo is so shy. That's because, for people like him, not only do they want to get Bai Xiao's ability to recover quickly, but they also don't want others to get the same ability. If Bai Xiao can understand Fang Qiuzhuo's psychology, then she will be worried about the event at the moment, but I am afraid to add another one: will Fang Qiuzhuo kill her afterwards? How much can the so-called professional ethics restrain him? Unfortunately, after all, two worlds of people, Bai Xiao can not understand Fang Qiuzhuo. "If.." Shall I join them? Bai Xiao's heart beat faster for his bold idea. "Shen Cuo, I can ignore what they want to fight for, but if someone hits me with an idea, can I ignore it?"? Now the situation is that no matter how I explain that I don't know what happened to the ghost who came back from the dead, they will never believe it, so if we want to solve this problem, we have to go deep into them! Bai Xiao's eyes rolled under his closed eyelids, and the decision he had just made in his heart became more and more unshakable. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I'd like to see what they want! Volume 3: Que Dao Flowing Years Steal for Twenty-seven: Secret War "Bai Xiao?"? Bai Xiao. Fang Qiuzhuo carefully searched Bai Xiao's room, and after finding nothing, he slowly came to Bai Xiao's side with a weak step. Holding the injured right rib, he squatted carefully beside Bai Xiao and called her gently: "Bai Xiao.." Are you awake? Wake up, wake up.. However, Bai Xiao fell to the ground, breathing gently and looking serene, sleeping like a baby. Fang Qiuzhuo, of course, knew that Bai Xiao was not sleeping, that she had been knocked unconscious by his own hand with an anesthetic. But for Bai Xiao's constitution, Fang Qiuzhuo always felt special and mysterious, so he was not sure how long the effect of the anesthetic could last on her. The dosage of five men in the prime of life is enough for you to sleep for two hours. Fang Qiuzhuo spoke softly to himself, and then carefully observed Bai Xiao. The woman on the ground seemed to be sleeping in front of her eyes, her skin was as warm as jade, her facial features were delicate and delicate, and from Fang Qiuzhuo's point of view, with the soft light, he even felt that the whole girl was so delicate that it seemed to be carved from transparent water and jade. Fang Qiuzhuo's hand trembled forward. He took a deep breath, but his hand turned from the collar of Bai Xiao's shirt and moved to her cheek. Under the touch of the finger, is a little cold lubrication, soft and delicate,4 person jacuzzi, Fang Qiuzhuo with a thin cocoon hand trembled again, and then left his beautiful face, and gently in the pocket of the girl's pants up.

Prehistoric meaning

When Chen Rong saw these things, he knew and did not care, because Chen Rong was already on the edge of a big egg, and from the breath on it, he knew that this was Pangu, the character chosen by the Avenue, because it was denser and richer than the chaotic gas in other places, and he could clearly feel the breath of the treasure in the egg, and it was a treasure with strong attack. There is also a piece of jade with the smell of the road. From these aspects, we can see that this is undoubtedly Pangu. After confirming that this was Pangu, Chen Rong had nothing to do and took out the magic weapon found in this domain to watch, because it was really boring now. Chen Rong did not know how many sides of the magic weapon, and even took out some Hongmeng treasures to miss, finally really enough to see, he took out a lotus found in this domain 48 chaotic green lotus, which was obtained from the egg, but Chen Rong still obtained a green lotus seed from the green lotus, pregnant with a green lotus under the egg, although the grade is a little lower. But the effect is almost the same hey hey, make do with it, anyway, the day will be broken by this Pangu,jacuzzi manufacturers, it is better to give it to Chen Rong, think of this, Chen Rong greatly pleased to do a good thing ah, I am really good. Chen Rong took out the chaos green lotus to refine it, and then sat on the chaos green lotus, sitting like later Taoists, sitting really showed that he was really a master, Chen Rong was narcissistic for a while. In fact, Chen Rong is a master of Taoism,outdoor whirlpool, but also affected by some things in later generations, which can only be said that Chen Rong still has thoughts and memories. Chen Rong sat on the green lotus and learned from the Taoist priests of later generations to face the egg will be the road, suddenly the surrounding chaos gas wind and cloud surging, Hongmeng purple gas constantly generated, and then shuttled back and forth to the egg, which had no effect on Chen Rong, but was just the embodiment of the will of the road, and then Chen Rong was intoxicated in the explanation of the road. The axe of opening the sky and the jade butterfly of creation have also taken shape one after another, and Pangu has changed from vague to clear, and there is a vague sense of awakening. Chen Rong only talks about the road of chaos. After all, Hongmeng Tao can only be practiced with Hongmeng Qi, and it is meaningless to just talk about it, so I escaped directly. Chen Rong will be interrupted by a violent surge in the road again, and no longer talk about it, quietly watching Pangu's present life, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,endless swim spa, but the process is really long, Chen Rong's eyes are about to sour, have not yet come out, feel really bored, lie down on the green lotus to sleep, after all, Chen Rong is now practicing, almost forget what it is like to sleep. Anyway, Pan Gu still had a period of time to do the final brewing, so he planned to sleep, and then the chaos green lotus also slowly contained, like a bud in the egg to stay, the egg is still constantly absorbing a lot of chaos gas, there are twelve Hongmeng purple gas, Pan Gu Kaitian axe and creation jade butterfly also absorbed six Hongmeng purple gas, also doing the final brewing. The seventh chapter of the main text is Pan Guxian. Chaos is still a chaos. Chaos demons are still fighting each other in this domain. With the death of the demons one by one, chaos becomes more intense, and the flow of Pangu eggs is more rapid. I don't know how many yuan have passed, the number of demons in chaos has been reduced by more than half, but most of them are still new demons, and they are also involved in this struggle. One yuan is equal to twelve yuan, that is, 129800 years. Although there are also some clever demons who do not want to participate in it, they hide one after another, but the dispute will still affect them. It is meaningless to hide. Can you still avoid the will of the road? In Pangu's egg, a giant sitting in the egg is now clearly visible. Pangu's axe is placed on his legs, and the jade butterfly of creation is hovering above his head, waiting quietly. Chen Rong, who slept in the chaotic green lotus, finally got satisfaction after sleeping for many yuan. He woke up from a deep sleep, and the forty-eight grades of chaotic green lotus blossomed. Chen Rong stood on the top of the chaotic green lotus and stretched himself, then looked at the Pangu egg, which was about to be born, and watched from the side. By this time, Pangu was already standing in the egg, holding Pangu's axe, with a jade butterfly on his head, and was splitting Pangu's egg. Pangu eggs are indeed the eggs that gave birth to Pangu. They are very hard and almost have the defensive power of the second layer of the Chaos Sky Shield. Not bad. When Pangu is broken, it is also very dignified to collect those fragments to make some treasures for the younger generation. Chen Rong thought while staring at Pagu splitting eggs. Depressed how this Pangu split for such a long time ah, if Chen Rong his words casually a twist on the broken really, Chen Rong is still humming. (Who would have him? Pervert, extremely despise him.) Pangu's egg finally could not bear Pangu's constant splitting, and finally broke. At the same time, the new 48-grade chaotic green lotus below the egg also disappeared. Chen Rong was collecting the broken pieces. Pangu gave a loud cry. He was so frightened that Chen Rong almost fell out of the pieces he had received. He quickly put the pieces away. Then he rushed to Pangu angrily and beat him hard. He must let Pangu know who was the boss. In fact, Pangu was also very wronged. He was just a happy business, and he was not aware of the existence of Chen Rong. Although he knew deeply that there was a master preaching for him, it was impossible for Pangu to be aware of his cultivation now. As soon as Pangu came out, he had the strength of a mixed sage, not a chaotic sage. Oh, ha ha. Because it has not yet been tested by the Great Way,outdoor endless pool, it is only the strength of the mixed sage. Opening up the world is the ultimate way to become a chaotic sage. This is not the small world of later sages, but the real world, which is composed of thousands of laws.

Bad star

Looking at the maid has been scared pale, broken army also no longer haggle with her, after all, broken army just angry she is a woman but so indifferent to her life and death, justifiably said those words a little angry, then said it is just to frighten her. Okay, I'm just playing a joke on you, and by the way, let's experience the panic and helplessness of the girls who were sacrificed, and tell me again what fun you can have here besides food and sex? This is for your surprise! The broken army took one look at the maid, grabbed a God coin at her feet, and with a flick of his fingers, the God coin fell into the half-naked chest of the maid. The maid was a Yero. The most remarkable feature of the Yero was that all the men had a strong body and dark eyes, while the women of the Yero had fair and plump skin. Everyone had a very seductive devil figure with a pair of pink pupils. The Yelo clan maid half-naked white crisp chest with a dark God coin, against the background, let the broken army and Sun Fu see secretly swallowing saliva. However, the frightened maid did not notice their eyes. She tried to take a few deep breaths and then opened her mouth and said, "My Lord, in addition to food and sex, we also have gambling and fighting places here. But it is not entirely true to say that there are two places,whirlpool hot tub, because to some extent.". Fighting is just a branch of gambling. Said here the maid paused, until she saw the broken army there very interested in listening to their own words, the maid's mood is completely calm down, continue to continue to introduce. Casinos are relatively simple, that is, all kinds of gambling tools are gathered. Guests can choose to gamble with our casino, or they can choose to gamble with each other. Our casino here provides equipment, but it will draw a certain commission. There are five kinds of fighting skills. One is the Colosseum,Whirlpool bathtub, where some fierce beasts are fighting each other. The second is the men's arena, where two male gladiators fight each other, and the living one is the winner. The fourth is that the rules of female gladiators are the same as the previous one, but the contestants have changed from men to women. The fourth arena is the man and the beast, by the gladiator against the fierce beast, in fact, you have not changed all the dishes in our guest house, because there is a dish that can only be eaten in the fourth arena, as for the last one is the male gladiator against the female gladiator, this battlefield is the most cruel and bloody one, and it is also the one with the largest audience. As for what the game is like, adults had better go there by themselves. It's no fun to listen to me all the time. Although the maid still had a deep fear of the broken army in her heart, there was a trace of confusion on her face when she told about the last arena. Oh, after hearing what you said, american hot tub ,Chinese spa manufacturer, I suddenly became a little interested in your yuanke Building. I also know why you say that the arena is a branch of the gambling venue. Gambling on gladiatorial fights and the life and death of fierce beasts is indeed the most exciting gambling. Anyway, I have nothing to do. Let's go to that arena for a walk! You lead the way, and these are my payments to you! The broken army grabbed a handful from the pile of divine coins at his feet and handed it to the maid. Looked at the broken army handed to the eyes of a God coin, at least twenty pieces, the value of these coins has been enough to buy two of their Hierro clan slave girls, and now the other party was just as a reward to her with the fare, so big to the guest this maid in the edge of the guest building service for ten years has not seen, spend thousands of guests is not without, However, the guest was the only one who took the God coin to do it. Although more than twenty God coins were only equivalent to six or seven hundred thousand balance coins, the God coin was the economic reserve of every country. It was more surprising to smash more than twenty God coins than to smash millions of coins. The maid had become more and more confused about the identity of the broken army. She had a storage ring and a large number of God coins. Is he the prince of a certain country? But there is no country where the gale clan is in charge, but the maid has never guessed the identity of the broken army to God, after all, if a God would go to this place of entertainment and pornography, no one would believe it. However, despite the doubts in her heart, the maid had to press all the things in her heart. When she first led the broken army to the arena, the broken army did not even look at the underground God coins when they got up. Sun Fu, who had been standing behind him, came to the God coins at the moment when the broken army got up and left. With a gentle wave of her hand, all the God coins had been received by him. In the process of marching all the way, the broken army has asked the name of the maid, the maid's name is only one word called "color", just like Sun Fu, color is also a very dutiful explanation, along the way she explained in detail with the broken army the function of each object encountered, the origin of each scenic spot, look at her quotation, the broken army has only one idea. It's a pity that the girl named "Se" has no one to teach her to read, otherwise she will definitely become a talented woman. If you want to go to the arena, you have to go through the casino in the yuanke Building first. Thinking that it was on the way anyway, the broken army went into the casino to have a look. It turned out that the gambling tools inside were completely different from those in the space where the broken army used to be. But the broken army want to be relieved, two different plane space, not the same is normal, if the same that is really strange, for these strange gambling tools, the broken army is not interested in understanding their usage, because when the ability to break the army today, the general gambling does not exist in the possibility of losing, even if he does not use energy to cheat, The idea he sent out to win alone was so huge that it could control the gambling game, so the broken army left after a simple circle here. Under the guidance of color, they came to the broken army before a rockery in the edge guest building, color hand on the rockery two times, rockery immediately like sliding on both sides,outdoor spa manufacturers, a deep hole appeared in front of the broken army. The color took a look at the broken army and then said, "come with me," and then jumped down first.

The Great Demon King [Finished Version] Author: Inverse Heaven

He will never be able to rely on a necromancer again. He brought the six men to his side. However,endless swimming pool,endless pool swim spa,5 person hot tub, massage bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, he did not know the six little ones who left him today. What a shock it will bring to the land of the gods in the near future. Many bloody storms in the land of the gods were actually created by these six little guys. Years later. When the six little guys all become the overlords of one side. Only then did he realize what today's separation meant to the land of the gods. When we returned to Dark Studios. Han Shuo has not yet recovered from the lonely state. Before entering the city, Han Shuo handed up his God card and an amethyst coin. The arrogant Shenwei took Han Shuo's card and checked it. Suddenly there was a strange color on his face. Are you Brian? The arrogant Shenwei suddenly became polite. Ask Han Shuo kindly. Nodding his head. "What's the matter?" Asked Han Shuo inexplicably. The last time Han Shuo and Carmelita did not enter the Dark Studios through this gate. Shen Wei doesn't know Han Shuo. Uh. That one. Miss Carmelita is looking for you. If you're that Brian. Better go and see Miss Carmelita soon! Shen Wei presented Han Shuo's card with both hands. And that amethyst coin is also on the top of the God card, he dare not accept! He said so. Han Shuo's face was bitter. Then I remembered what Carmelita had said to him. Let him visit her every once in a while. It seems that the time of two months is indeed up. And at this time. Han Shuo also realized how powerful Carmelita was in the dark movie city. An order is given. Even the gatekeeper here has received the message. I see He nodded with a bitter face. Han Shuo took the God card and the amethyst coin on it. And he journeyed into the city.

The belly black national teacher dotes on the demon wife

A woman who is about seven months pregnant has a big belly. Xiao Jiu's eyes were fixed on his stomach. "No snow, no snow, how did it become like this?" Wuxue took a look at Lian Muxiu and then said, "Don't worry about the little lady. Your Highness is all right. It's just that when the little lady turns into a body, she absorbs too much spiritual power from the cloud world. Your Highness can't absorb it now. You can only endure it first and wait for your Highness to absorb it." It seems that in order to appease the uneasiness in Xiao Jiu's heart, the nine tails behind Xiao Jiu came up. The soft tail covered Xiao Jiu's stomach, telling Xiao Jiu not to worry. No snow is very moved, looking at even Mu Xiu did not have a good look at him, "you look at the little lady's tail all know to hurt her, you look at you, really disappointing." Lian Mu Xiu is still light, but if you look closely, you can still see from the depths of Lian Mu Xiu's eyes that Lian Muxiu is worried about Xiao Jiu. No snow continued, "Mu Xiu, you always want to protect the little lady, regardless of the consequences, do you know how sad the little lady will be when she sees you?" Lian Muxiu pursed his lips, and there was a trace of fluctuation in his eyes. Wuxue continued, "If the little lady is too worried, she will be depressed. If the little lady is uncomfortable, your Highness will be uncomfortable, and the growth will not be good. Mu Xiu, do you want to see such a scene?" Lian Mu Xiu holds his forehead. No snow,Walking measuring wheel, what do you want? Wuxue laughed and said, "I just want you to get out the half of Junshen Jue that has been fused in." "You know that's impossible. Half of Junshen Jue has already melted into my body. How can you just take it out?" "Now that you know it, you dare to melt into it?" "I" Lian Muxiu suddenly lost the idea of arguing with Wuxue. Xiao Jiu's eyes have been staring at him, he can not say anything to let Xiao Jiu continue to be sad. Lian Muxiu sighed helplessly. No snow, you go back first, I want to talk to Jiu Er alone. No snow nodded and walked in the direction of the courtyard without any hesitation. Lian Mu Xiu has been watching the figure of no snow disappeared before he went to Xiao Jiu. When Lian Muxiu was two steps away from Xiao Jiu, Xiao Jiu retreated. Every time Lian Muxiu takes a step forward, Xiao Jiu will take a step back. Even Mu Xiu no longer moved, "nine son, don't want to retreat." Xiao Jiu Wen Yan raised his eyes and looked at Lian Muxiu. The man standing in front of her was the one she liked most, the one she loved most, Pi tape measure ,tape measure clip, and he was the father of her child. But now he was going to abandon her and the child. Xiao Jiu was in a mess. Jiu'er "Don't call me!" Xiao Jiu shouted at Lian Muxiu, "What are you calling me for?"? Why do you call me? You go to fuse your Junshen Jue, you go to forget us, why do you come to me now after half of the fusion of Junshen Jue? What do you want to do? Do you want me to forgive you? "I" Lian Muxiu is at a loss for words. Xiao Jiu continued, "Lian Ziqing, I don't know anything, but you can't lie to me." Even Mu Xiu's heart suddenly stagnated, "I didn't lie to you." "You're talking nonsense!" Xiao Jiu's eyes were red and he stared at Lian Muxiu. "You want to fuse Jun Shenjue, but you didn't tell me. You're lying to me!" Lian Muxiu was silent. It was his fault that he hid the matter of Junshen Jue from Xiao Jiu. But can he say? When Lian Qing merged into Jun Shen Jue, he told him that if the seal of the last seal was unlocked, it was very likely that he would forget Xiao Jiu. However, it turned out that he really forgot Xiao Jiu for a short time. This time he wanted to merge the whole of Junshen Jue into his body and turn it into a part of himself. How dare he tell Xiao Jiu? The last time has made Xiao Jiu look like that, even Mu Xiu does not want to let Xiao Jiu experience again. Lian Muxiu always thinks of the good side in his heart. Small nine belly has a child, even if he really forgot her, there is the existence of the child, small nine will not die. He entrusted Wuxue to take care of Xiao Jiu. How could he imagine that Wuxue was standing on the same line with Xiao Jiu. Both Wu Xue and Xiao Jiu wanted him to give up this method. Even Mu Xiu thought that if there was any other way, he would not want to do so. Although Mu Yun's body relies on Yin Chu's spiritual power to have a chance of survival, it is not a good way to support Mu Yun after all. Mu Yun will surely still want him or the body without snow. The body without snow must not be able to bear the clouds. So, as long as there is a chance, Muyun will want to kill him, and then take his body and spiritual power. Mu Yun that person, how vicious, even Mu Xiu is very clear. So he couldn't risk no snow. And just now, Mu Yun saw the appearance of Xiao Jiu's body, which made Lian Mu Xiu really determined to merge with Jun Shenjue as soon as possible. Muyun stared at Xiao Jiu's eyes, clearly finding a new prey. Even Mu Xiu's intuition told him that Mu Yun must have stared at the baby in Xiao Jiu's belly. As the heir of the God and the monster, the child's body must be very strong, which is in line with Muyun's goal. The child's body is also the most pure, if Mu Yun got a child, can let the child with his idea to practice, so that in a few years, Mu Yun will be able to get a pair of his best to build, the most suitable for his own body. Even Mu Xiu would not let this happen in any case. If he could, he would rather sacrifice himself and die with Muyun. Jiu'er. Lian Muxiu called her. Xiao Jiu covered his ears. "If you can't tell the truth, don't talk to me!" Lian Muxiu can't help laughing. Lian Muxiu took two steps forward, raised his hand and took Xiao Jiu's hands off his ears, then put her hand on his heart. The "thump" of his heart came into Xiao Jiu's heart through Xiao Jiu's hand. Xiao Jiu was stunned. She put her eyes on Lian Muxiu's heart and never moved away. Lian Muxiu raised Xiao Jiu's jaw with one hand, "look at me." Xiao Jiu's wet eyes looked at him,Horse weight lbs, and Lian Muxiu's heart was very soft. Lian Mu Xiu said, "Jiu'er, you know the last thing I want is to hurt you." 。

Wulin Inn · Xinglian Volume-Bu Feiyan _ txt Novel Paradise

In the squeak, I saw three apes more than one person high falling in the air and standing in the cottage. Six eyes flashed, looking at Li Qingchou, his face full of wariness. Master Xinqing said with a smile, "These are the three evils I conquered when I first came to Emei. I never saw anyone, so I was a little petty.". Almsgiver, don't be weird. "No, no," said Li Ching-chou with a smile. The three apes, still wary of Li Ching-chou, squeaked for a while and walked over to Abbess Xinqing. Abbess Xinqing frowned and said, "What are you naughty about?"? Gollum, come on, let me see, what's wrong with your stomach? The belly of the black and white ape named Gollum was bulging, and I don't know whether it was some disease or something to eat. Master Xinqing and the three apes had been together for a long time and loved each other very much, so he pulled them over in a hurry. Xiao Mi with yellow and white patterns and Xiao Hei with a dark body followed, grabbing Master Xinqing's arm and shouting. Suddenly, in a trance, Li Qingchou saw a flash of very pale green gas on Abbess Xinqing's face. With a shock in his heart, he shouted,Surveyors tape measure, "Master, be careful!" The body suddenly flew up and hit the two apes with one hand. Abbess Xinqing was slightly angry. "What are you doing?" She asked. The two sleeves of the robe flew up and rolled up to Li Qingchou. Immediately, two undercurrents, like flying dragons, rose from the cottage and blocked Li Qingchou. Although this strength is not as fierce as Master Xinming, it is more old and vigorous, as if there is no ultimate. In a flash of lightning,Diameter tape measure, Li Qingchou caught a glimpse of a star of green fire in the palms of Abbess Xinqing's palms. He dared not resist and jumped back. The monkey named Gollum suddenly screamed and a string of white foam came out of his mouth. Frightened, Abbess Xinqing grabbed Gollum and shouted, "What's the matter with you?"? What's the matter? Just then, Gollum's bulging stomach suddenly exploded, and a cold light like lightning, like thunder, crashed into the chest of Abbess Xinqing. The object was so powerful and close that it ran through the back of Abbess Xinqing, cracked the cottage, and fell down the cliff. Abbess Xinqing let out a sharp roar. She grabbed Gollum's hands and had a spasm. The blood of Dapeng splashed from her chest, but as soon as it sprayed into the air, it turned into a dense blue. At the same time, Xiao Mi and Xiao Hei roared at the same time, and their hair turned green rapidly. The green was like a steel needle, piercing their bodies. In an instant, the two apes had turned green. Their mouths were wide open, cattle weight tape ,Adhesive fish ruler, but there was no sound. They became two jasper-like statues. With a sharp roar of grief and indignation, Abbess Xinming staggered up to catch Master Xinqing. Li Ching-chou tugged at her and shouted, "No!" The speed at which the blood spurted out was not as fast as the speed at which it turned green, so it looked as if a little green had flashed out of the end of the blood and rushed into the chest of Abbess Xinqing. Immediately, all her movements stopped, and she stood there as if she were meditating, and did not move any more. Only a line of green slowly expanded and filled her whole body. The desolate cry of Abbess Xinming spread out. Not long after, people were flying, and they saw Xuanqing and Xuanbi leading the disciples of Emei to this side. As soon as they saw Abbess Xinqing in such a shape, they couldn't help exclaiming. But just as the shadows were rushing in and the mountain wind was blowing up, Abbess Xinqing, together with the three apes, were blown by the wind and immediately turned into a cloud of green dust and scattered without a trace. With a shrill roar of anger, Xuan Qing suddenly grabbed Xin Ming and shouted, "Who killed the Master?"? Who is it? Abbess Xinming's face was full of indignation, and her fingers suddenly stood out, pointing to Li Qingchou! Frightened, Li Ching-chou said, "Abbess Xinming, are you crazy?"? It was these three monkeys who killed Master Xinqing. You should have seen it with your own eyes! Xin Ming gave out a desolate angry laugh: "Can a monkey kill Master Xin Qing?"? Who in the world would believe such a thing? Down here is the Sacrifice Cliff, and in front of it is the important place of Emei. Who else can be in the thatched cottage besides you and me? Li Qingchou, you went to Emei today, but Master Xinqing didn't see you, so you used force. It turned out that you were so ambitious! "If I let you go of Emei today, what justice will there be in the world?" "If you want to go, step over my body first," she snapped, brushing out the sleeves of her robe and smashing the only table in the cottage. With a sigh, Li Qingchou looked back at the disciples of Emei and said, "Li Qingchou has never done anything evil in his life. How could he kill Abbess Xinqing for no reason?"? Emei is a famous family in the world. Is there no place to be reasonable? The disciples were silent for a moment. Xinming turned around slowly, and his eyes passed over the disciples. He said in a deep voice, "I saw him kill Abbess Xinqing with my own eyes. If anyone doubts my eyes and doesn't want to avenge Abbess, stand up!" The Jade Hand Miraculous Doctor is famous in Jianghu. Half of the female disciples of the Emei Sect are very fond of him. Although Abbess Xinqing died strangely, and it is unlikely that there are other murderers, the Jade Hand Miraculous Doctor has always been chivalrous and righteous, but he has not done anything to lose his reputation. So quite a few disciples refused to believe it. When they were stared at by Abbess Xinqing, they could not help but lower their heads. Seeing this, Abbess Xinming burst into a long, mournful laugh and shouted, "Good!"! OK! I can't imagine that you would rather believe an outsider who has never met me than doubt my eyes. What's the use of it? What's the use of my old woman? Two fingers in the middle of her right forefinger suddenly pierced out and plunged into her own eye socket. Immediately two eyeballs popped out. How profound is the skill of Abbess Xinming? Under this stab, two fingers went deep into the skull. With a long and miserable roar, she jumped up madly and suddenly jumped straight down from the cliff of sacrifice! The scene was extremely tragic, and the two bloodstained eyes were rolling on the ground, like the deepest nightmare, which stimulated the hearts of the disciples of Emei. No one doubts the words of Abbess Xinming any more, because only death is the truest thing. The fact that Abbess Xinming killed Master Xinqing with her own death is firmly planted in the hearts of the entire Emei Sect. When they raised their eyes again,Fiberglass tape measure, they were bloodshot. Either you die or I die brazenly, which has made all their efforts rush to their minds. They had only one thought, to kill Li Ching-chou and avenge the two Abbesses!.

The golden sword startled the clouds

Gong Yanqiu took out an ingot of five taels of silver and handed it to the waiter, saying, "Brother, I'll pay for the food and wine first. You can take the extra money." The waiter was surprised and said, "Sir, it's too much." Gong Yanqiu put the silver ingot in the food box and said, "It's not much. Don't mention it." Waiter bent down with a smile, "Thank you, sir!"! If you have been here for three or five years, The little one will make a fortune and can change his profession! "Then he bowed and left again.". Gong Yanqiu and crape myrtle began to eat and drink, for the first time, two people eat and drink together. The crape myrtle is very generous, without any attitude, and has the style of a man. Unexpectedly, Gong Yanqiu thought of the mysterious patient's family again. When he found the patient's chest stabbing the red dragon, the housekeeper suddenly revealed his murder and made a surprise attack. He was imprisoned for three days. The second time, the servant Xiaoling sent a note, which made the housekeeper change his attitude. The key was the note. What was written on the note? Who sent it ? Pick-up and delivery are kept at the highest level of secrecy. The intention, of course, is to hide his identity, and for what? "Ziwei, has the second gentleman been here?" "Oh, I forgot to say. He came and wrote a note here for the bartender to send out, and told me not to worry,fish measuring tape, you would be back soon. Gong Yanqiu's heart moved. The note was actually written by the second gentleman. When the maid Xiaoling was adding tea, she said without thinking that everything was fine. What on earth is this? "What is written on the note?" "I don't know. I didn't read it." "Did you ever hear that he wanted the bartender to send him somewhere?" "No, he gave the order in a low voice outside the room." He rolled his big eyes and said, "Why, if you ask like this, does that note have anything to do with you?" "The person who sent the note is the waiter who waited on me." Gong Yanqiu still asked reluctantly. Once a person has a knot in his heart, it will probably be like this. " Yeah, it's.. There he is. The bartender brought a pot of wine into the room. "Sir,Walking tape measure, this is a pot of good wine that the little one went to the East Street specially to show filial piety to you and show his heart." Then he put the flagon on the table. Thank you, second brother, I have something to ask you. "What do you want, sir?" "Is it true that the two gentlemen want you to send a note today?" "It is true." "Where to?" "Here …" The bartender immediately changed color and looked very embarrassed. After a while, he hesitated and said, "This.." The second gentleman exhorts not to say casually, since is the gentleman asks, small. It has to be said that it was sent to the owner of a southern goods store on the street. "On the street.." South goods store? "Gong Yanqiu muttered to herself, thinking," Could that mysterious big house be the South goods store, right on the street? Impossible ! The sedan chair has been tossed about for so long. At least ten miles away, it seems to have passed through the wilderness. Could it be that the other party deliberately circled around? "Is the South Goods Store very big?" Gong Yanqiu asked again. A small shop. "Oh!"! This ……" Gong Yanqiu thought deeply, "The note is not sealed. You must have seen it. What is written on it?" "Why do you ask these questions?" "Just curious!" The crape myrtle frowned. She realized that there was a reason. " Sir, the little one.. Look is to see, is to peep, this matter if let two gentlemen know, small don't want to live in Xiangyang. "Never mind, horse weight tape ,Wheel tape measure, if we don't say, who will know?" "Mmm!"! This ……" Waiter lowered his head and thought about it again and again. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, "Actually, it's a very simple word. I don't know what it means. What it says is that the relationship may be reversed..". The next word is too small to understand. The last four words are not suitable for leaving difficulties, just a few simple words. Gong Yanqiu blurted out, "Pushing yuan to fight back!" Waiter stared! The crape myrtle also stares! Gong Yanqiu immediately thought of the strange thing that happened in Puci Nunnery. First, someone was killed, seemingly committing suicide. The woman guarding the nunnery disappeared, and then the Wulin judge came to complete the unfinished killing business. At daggers drawn, the "Tietouweng", one of the three wengs in Penglai, who had always been a rumor, suddenly appeared, pointing out that the man who seemed to have committed suicide had died in Tuiyuan. In the mind Waving to the waiter, he said, "Brother, you can help yourself. It's all right." Waiter backed out hesitantly. Prodigal son, what ghost are you doing? "The crape myrtle asks loudly.". Gong Yanqiu did not answer, but thought hard in his heart: The second gentleman was not present at that time, how did he know about the matter of pushing the yuan Dynasty against the yuan Dynasty? Superficially explain according to the note He suspected that he had something to do with Tuiyuan, the disciple of the lost kungfu, so it was not appropriate to leave a difficult remark.. Prodigal son, what's wrong with you? "The crape myrtle seems to be on fire." I Nothing! "" You don't want to say forget it, anyway, there is no friendship between us, from the back to go their own way! "The crape myrtle like a glass of wine poured in a fit of pique, his mouth turned up high." No, crape myrtle, don't be angry first, I tell you. Gong Yanqiu accompanied a smiling face, "I made a house call this time. The patient's family was very strange. They confined me to the guest room and did not allow me to move around. Today, the last time acupuncture was performed, the other party suddenly received a note and immediately sent me back to the shop. So as soon as you mentioned that the second gentleman sent a note, I thought there was an article in this, because it was the second gentleman who invited me to go." "Be such, why not say early!" The crape myrtle facial expression eases down. I didn't think of that. "Didn't you go to Gu's house?" "God knows, the sedan chair was a covered black sedan chair. It was carried for a long time, and when it stopped, it was in the inner courtyard. I don't know where it was." "Forget it, anyway, people have come back safely, drink!" The crape myrtle on behalf of the palace Yanqiu poured the so-called good wine that the bartender had just sent, and poured a cup herself. Gong Yanqiu took a sip and nodded that it was really good wine. Although the crape myrtle did not mention, but his heart did not relax, the whole incident is too strange, he told the crape myrtle, not all the facts. At the beginning of the second watch, the two of them were eight points drunk. People who are eight points drunk are a little complacent. Light, wine, crape myrtle look more colorful and more wild. As the saying goes, wine can be disorderly. Gong Yanqiu is not a person who will be disorderly after drinking,Fish measuring board, but when anyone is drunk, it is more or less different from when he is sober. In terms of emotional expression, he will not have too many scruples.

Tang Shuanglong Biography-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

Xu Ziling heard the two men's answers clearly, and an idea floated in his mind. Since Jiancheng and yuanji were bold enough to set a trap to kill them, of course they refused to let Li Shimin go. He inserted: "We want to say hello to the King of Qin at the Hongyi Palace. General Lao Chang has arranged it." Chang He looked shocked and hesitated to speak. Finally, he pretended to be embarrassed and said, "The Hongyi Palace is about ten miles west of the city. Can the young marshal wait until tomorrow so that the young man can have time to make proper arrangements?" At this time, Kou Zhong was sure that there were people from Jiancheng and yuanji among the guards escorting the carriage. Therefore, he often pretended to speak to those people, so that he could make indirect explanations to Jiancheng and others. The reason why Chang He showed a look of shock was that he saw through their relationship with Li Shimin and inferred from his hints that Li Shimin was in danger, so he provided protection. Chang He suddenly showed a firm look. He first winked at him and then said, "The young marshal has a destiny. How dare he not obey the last general? But it involves the opening of the city gate. The young marshal must report to Grandfather Wei.". And because of the long distance, it is quite inconvenient. Young Marshal, please board the bus first. Kou Zhong, who was used to cooperating with him, said with a smile, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Of course, everything must be done according to the rules.". But frankly, I'm not used to riding in a carriage, and I always feel stuffy. How can I compare with the pleasure of riding a horse. Why don't we wait here for news from Lord Chang? After Chang He took the order and left, Ba Feng said in a deep voice, "Will you hurt Chang He like this?" "Don't worry," said Kou Zhong! But the Dazhi side will not reveal today that I am not of one mind, so that Li Jiancheng knows that the Turkic side has deceived him. Since there is no such clue, Chang He is supported by Li Jiancheng to sit in the commanding position, so tonight's trick fails, Li Jiancheng will only blame God for not cooperating, and will not punish Chang He. Hou Xibai said, "Ziling's mind is really quick. Today's King of Qin must be another target of attack besides us, Jiancheng and yuanji. It's really ruthless!" Kou Zhongxi said, "So it seems that Li yuan is still hesitant about how to deal with Li Shimin. Otherwise, how could Li Jiancheng take the risk of Li yuan's heavy responsibility?" Ba Feng Han shook his head and said, "As long as the people who killed us are Turks,mirror stainless steel sheet, Li yuan can't take Jiancheng and yuanji.". As for dealing with Li Shimin, with Yang Xuyan's experience as an assassin and the skill of combining the "Zhi Jing" and the "Immortal Seal", it is not that there is no chance of success to attack him unprepared. Kou Zhong sighed, "This boy is really a first-class bastard. Alas!"! I hope I can get to Hongyi Palace in time. I really didn't sleep well tonight. Damn it! After waiting for nearly a quarter of an hour, Chang He finally came back and sent his men to bring him four horses. "Young Marshal," he said cheerfully, "everything is as the young marshal said. Please get on the horse." After galloping out of the imperial city, surrounded by Chang He and more than ten guards, the four of them turned right and galloped toward the Golden Light Gate. The sound of hoofbeats broke the silence of the night, and the sound of drums came from a distance, reminding them that it was the third watch. After crossing the long bridge across the canal, they arrived at the Golden Light Gate. The suspension bridge of the Golden Light Gate had already been put down. In addition to the hundred Tang troops guarding the gate, there was a cavalry of nearly eighty men waiting in line inside and outside the gate. They had an unexpected big battle. A military general rode over and saluted, saying, "Liu Hongji, the commander of the city guards, see the young marshal, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Mr. Xu, Mr. Ba and Mr. Xibai." Kou Zhong, Xu Ziling and Ba Feng Hanshang met him for the first time. Knowing that he and Yin Kaishan were the two commanding generals of the city guard system and Li yuan's trusted followers, they could not help paying special attention to him. Liu Hongji is tall and thin, with a black moustache, cold eyes, and the calm expression of a typical professional soldier, so that people will not suspect that when he receives the order to kill the enemy, he can carry it out without hesitation, and his belief can not be easily shaken. The most special is the thick black long eyebrow straight to the two sideburns, in the bridge of the nose on the seal hall where the eyebrows are connected, adding to its fierce spirit. Hou Xibai said with a smile, "I'm going to bother General Liu again." Liu Hongji said lightly, "Mr. Xi Bai is really polite. It's Hongji's duty." Turning to Chang He, he said, "Your Majesty has ordered the young marshal to be received by Hongji. Lord Chang, please return to the palace immediately." Chang He Wei was stunned and did not dare to speak. After apologizing to Kou Zhong and others, he turned his horse's head and went back to the palace with his relatives. Four people have long guessed that this matter will move Li yuan, now only confirmed by Liu Hongji. Because Kou Zhong wants to go out of the city to see Li Shimin, this matter can be big or small, who dares to make up his mind. Even if Li yuan had gone to bed, Grandfather Wei would offend Tianwei to wake him up and let him decide. It is also very likely that Li yuan has not yet gone to bed at the moment because he is preoccupied. Now that Li yuan had been released from the city, it was obvious that Li yuan still did not want to fall out with them, because strictly speaking, the two sides had not formally formed an alliance for a day, and the Shaoshuai Army and the Tang Army were still at war. If Li yuan does not let Kou Zhong out of the city, Kou Zhong will suspect that he is under house arrest in the city, and the consequences will be disastrous. Li yuan, of course, will not be happy because of this matter, but can not take Kou Zhong. Even if he made it clear that he was interfering in Li yuan's family affairs, unless Li yuan gave up the alliance, he could only be allowed to be presumptuous. "Young Marshal, please set out," said Liu Hongji. At the same time play hand number, in the gate of the cavalry waiting for more than 30 people, leading out of the city. Kou Zhong rode up to Liu Hongji, who was waiting for him, and said with a smile, "General Liu, don't stand on ceremony. How about we ride together and chat?" Liu Hongji's eyes shot out a complicated look. He hung his head and said helplessly, "Young Marshal has a destiny. How dare Hongji not obey!" Surrounded by nearly seventy soldiers, the four of them galloped out of the city gate and entered the westward official road in the fields west of the city. The beautiful moonlight covered the earth, and the night wind came, which gave them a special taste. Kou Zhongce rode slowly and said to Liu Hongji in a deep voice, "General Liu, do you know why I didn't have the patience to wait until dawn and was eager to see the King of Qin?"? To bother General Liu? There was a distance between the cavalry guards and them, so Liu Hongji's men could not hear their conversation. With a bitter smile, Liu Hongji hung his head and said, "Hongji dare not speculate." Kou Zhong said lightly, "The reason is very simple, because I am afraid that there will be a sudden change in Chang'an and that people in Guanzhong will be plunged into misery. If I,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, Kou Zhong, sit back and do nothing, I will become a sinner in history." Liu Hongji's long body shook and looked at him.

Xiuzhen God Thief

Xu Qian exclaimed, "So that company was opened by Ah Yang. Didn't I hear that a very famous drug company was newly opened in Beijing a few days ago? It specializes in selling drugs for the treatment of cancer. It should be said that the effect of the drugs is very good, and this company has now launched a new drug. Ah Yang, so this company is opened by you. Then you must be very busy. No wonder you don't have time to come back." Wanqian said, "How did I hear that the boss of that company is a woman named Kong Yuling? Ah Yang, who is that woman? She is not your woman like us, is she?" I smiled and said, "I'll bring her here to let you know each other when I have a chance." Wanqian laughed and scolded, "Well, it's really your woman. Tell me quickly, how many women have you provoked in Beijing?" How many women? Besides Yu Ling, Xia Sier and Yu Mengru, there is another Bai Xin. But does Bai Xin count? When I was thinking about this question, Wen Xue winked at Wan Qian, meaning not to ask any more questions. Wen Xue said, "Let's not talk about this. We haven't eaten yet. Let's eat first and then talk about it." Xu Qian two women repeatedly echoed, in this case, then I also do not have to answer, of course, it is important to eat, originally after dinner,brushed stainless steel sheet, I want to talk with the women, left for so long and did not talk to them. But Mayor Yu came to the hotel with several people. As soon as he saw me, he said, "Brother Hua, let me introduce you to two people. They came to see you specially." Pointing to the first person sitting beside him, he said, "This is the secretary of the chairman, Liu Dingguo and Liu Li. He came from Beijing specially. This is Hao Dayi,stainless steel welded pipe, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. I believe you also know him." I hurried to say hello to them. Mayor Yu saw that besides Wen Xue, there were two women beside me. He couldn't help asking, "Brother Hua, who are these two girls?" I quickly said, "They are both my good friends. I heard something happened to my family today, so they came to see me." "Oh." After they sat down, Secretary Liu said, "Hua Aoyang, the death of your parents was a big shock. Hey, your father was a great man. He was in the prime of life but was killed by a villain. Hua Aoyang, don't be too sad. You have to inherit the business left by your father. I came here to tell you one thing, that is, the Central Committee has issued instructions." We will fully support you and find the real murderer for your parents. "Thank you for your concern," I said. Secretary Liu said: "This is what our country should do. Your father has made a great contribution to the country. I hope you can take over the property left by your father as soon as possible. Now Zhenyu Group is leaderless and tottering. If you don't lead it well, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, it will soon be eaten by others. I believe you don't want your father's hard work to be eaten by others." In this way, not only Zhenyu Group will go bankrupt, but also our country will suffer great losses. I said, "I'm afraid I can't manage such a big company." Secretary Liu said, "I don't think so. I heard that you also opened a company in Beijing, and it's quite good. It shows that you are very economically minded. I believe you can manage Zhenyu Group well." Originally, he wanted me to take over the company, but what he said was that if I didn't handle it well, it would be cheap for Fuji Group and Space Group. Hua Zhenyu treated me well these days. I believe he would not want his company to end like this. Even for Yu Xiaoya, I would manage the company well. However, Secretary Liu was well informed and knew that I was the real boss of Shenying Company. I said, "Even if you don't say it, I will try my best to do it well." Secretary Liu said with a smile, "That's good. And if you need any talents or encounter any difficulties, you can come to me. I will try my best to help you. This is my contact method. You can find me as long as you call this number." Then he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote down a contact method and handed it to me. After that, I asked: "Secretary Liu, how is Zhang doing now?" Secretary Liu sighed and said, "Now there is only Mr. Zhang and a little granddaughter left in the Zhang family. When Mr. Zhang heard that Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Chengxian and his two grandchildren were killed, the hair on his head turned white overnight. Fortunately, Mr. Zhang is usually in good health, otherwise.." "What about the Zhang Group now?" I asked. Secretary Liu said, "When I came here, I heard that Mr. Zhang was going to manage Zhang's group in person. Alas, he is so old now. I don't know if he can hold on." Hao Dayi, secretary of the municipal party committee, who had not opened his mouth at this time, said: "Now that Mr. Zhang is so old, I'm afraid he can't manage it for a few years. What should Zhang's group do in the future? If it collapses, it will be a great blow to our country's economy." Secretary Liu said: "Now the Central Committee has set up a special task force for these two major cases, hoping to solve the case as soon as possible. Ah, four, on the land of our country, they are allowed to run amuck here and do such a tragic thing!" Secretary Hao said, "I am also responsible for this. It is because I did not manage the public order in Shanghai well that this kind of thing happened." Secretary Liu said: "Old Hao, now is not the time to investigate the responsibility. Let's talk about it later." Then he said to me, "Hua Aoyang, if you have nothing to do, we will leave." "Nothing," I said. "Well, remember to stabilize your father's company as soon as possible. The sooner the better. Call me if you need anything in the future. I'll solve it for you." "I know, I will go as soon as possible, thank you for your concern." Secretary Liu said: "Yes, Hua Aoyang, you should also be careful and pay attention to your safety, in case those people come to kill you again." Mayor Yu hurriedly said, "Secretary Liu, you can rest assured. I have arranged people to protect his safety. I believe there will be no more accidents." I said,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, "Yes, I'm protected now. Nothing will happen. Secretary Liu, you can rest assured." I was afraid he would send someone to protect me again. Good. Then take care of yourself. I'll let you know if we find any clues to the killers. 。

A thousand pieces of gold to buy bones by Miss Xi

"The empress's face is not very good, but the disease should not be serious." The old Chamberlain glanced at the flickering lights in the bedroom. "Your Highness, today is the birthday of the empress. The empress has prepared a table of dishes, which are cold to hot, hot to cold, and repeated several times, waiting for you." "Birthday?" Tang Xiao had never been interested in Zhou Yueer, and naturally did not know her birthday. He vaguely remembered that his mother had mentioned it to him, but he had forgotten it. "The birthday of the concubines is recorded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. What should we do? How can there be no movement on the birthday of the Crown Princess?" The old Chamberlain bowed and said, "Your Highness, Concubine Xiao is in a coma. The Crown Princess knows the general situation. She specifically told the Ministry of Internal Affairs not to organize her birthday in a big way. She just wants to go there quietly at the Gyeongbokgung Palace. No, she will prepare a table of side dishes for you, Your Highness." "Well." Tang Xiao nodded, "so the Crown Princess is also very sensible." Zhou Yue son this let Tang Xiaosheng some satisfaction, it seems that the daughter of the Zhou family is not too stupid, by their own hard and soft also began to know how to do this Crown Princess. If she is soft, she should use both kindness and threat. Tang Xiao untied his fur coat and handed it to the old Chamberlain, waving his hand to him to take the palace man down. When the door of the room was pushed open, Zhou Yueer at the round table raised her eyes and smiled charmingly at Tang Xiao, who had entered the room. Tonight, she was particularly dressed up, wearing the colorful cloud bun of the big wedding day. The bun was covered with beautiful ornaments,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and the lights in the room were bright. She painted thin curved eyebrows, using the best snail Dai, dark as the ups and downs of distant mountains, with smiling star eyes, more moving. She was already white, the rosy Rouge on her cheekbones covered her bad breath these days, and her lips, with the color as fresh as blood,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, opened slightly to meet Tang Xiao, affectionately. There was a charcoal fire in the inner room, which was so warm that the people who went out felt inexplicably comfortable. Zhou Yueer only wore a rose-red satin skirt wrapped around her body, which made her figure more enchanting, and every smile hooked the soul of the man. Tang Xiao remembered that on the day of the heavy snow, Mu Linglong was also dressed in a rose-red dress, which was extremely lovely. Zhou Yueer is much more beautiful than Mu Linglong, but in Tang Xiao's eyes, no matter how carefully she dresses up, she is just the most ordinary woman among all living beings. And Mu Linglong, she is the only special in her heart. Tang Xiao firmly sat down, "the palace has forgotten that today is your birthday, mother and concubine are seriously ill, can not give you a good care, you are wronged." "I don't feel wronged." Zhou Yueer smiled shyly and got up to fill Tang Xiao with wine. "Your Highness is very happy to be able to accompany me so late." It is indeed somewhat pitiful. Tang Xiao smiled at her and motioned her to sit down and speak. Zhou Yueer picked up the wine bowl, took a deep sniff, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and said, "This is the daughter red that I dug out of my yard on the day I married into the palace. Does Your Highness know that my daughter is red?" Tang Xiao laughed, "The folk custom is that when a family gives birth to a daughter, they will bury a jar of daughter's red in their own house, dig it out when the daughter gets married, and drink at the wedding banquet, right?" "No." Zhou Yueer was angry. "This altar of daughter red was hidden by my concubine.". Your Highness, do you know why I hid this jar of wine? Tang Xiao turned the wine bowl lightly, "I don't know." Zhou Yueer raised her glass and drank it. She blushed and said shyly, "That year, Dad saw that I had some talent for the Eight Diagrams of the Book of Changes. It happened that Si Tianjian chose his disciples to practice the Eight Diagrams. Dad took me to have a try. Your Highness, that was the first time I saw you with my own eyes. Si Tianjian picked the Star Tower. You followed the emperor there.". Do you remember? Tang Xiao hooked his lips. "Where can I remember what happened many years ago?" "I fell in love with you the first time I saw you." Zhou Yueer covered her lips and smiled shyly. "When I went back that day, I hid a jar of daughter's red, thinking that one day I could marry your Highness, so I took it out and drank with you.". Your Highness, won't you drink it? Tang Xiao picked up the wine bowl and drank it on his back. He turned the bowl upside down to Zhou Yueer and exclaimed, "Good wine." Zhou Yueer added it to him, and her eyes were flowing. "I have treasured it for many years, and I can really see the sun and the moon.". Drink as much as your Highness likes. Tang Xiao sipped a little. "Are you going to get me drunk?" Zhou Yueer bit her lips and said shyly, "I'm impatient, but I also know that some things have to be done with your wishes. How dare I get you drunk?". It was only because he was happy to see his Highness on his birthday that he was persuaded to drink a few more cups. ” After drinking a few glasses of wine, Tang Xiao was also a little hungry. Seeing that the side dishes on the table looked delicious, he picked up some chopsticks and frowned at the entrance. "What a strong ginger flavor?" Zhou Yueer smiled and said calmly, "It's freezing cold. This is the coldest year in Yueyang. Your Highness went out and came back. This ginger foam was specially added by my concubine. Ginger warms the body. Your Highness, you told me." "Good medicine can't be abused, and it's not good to go too far." Tang Xiao put down his chopsticks. Zhou Yueer gazed at Tang Xiao's unhappy face and said with an angry smile, "Too much?"? When your Highness asked me to stew bird's nest for my mother and concubine, I didn't say that good medicine should not be abused. On the contrary, the more the better? Tang Xiao raised his eyebrows and looked meaningfully at his tipsy wife. "You're drunk." My concubine is not drunk in a thousand cups. Your Highness, you and I grew up together. Don't you know my capacity for liquor at the palace banquet? Just a few cups, like clear water, how can you get drunk? Zhou Yueer's voice changed and her eyes burned. What are you trying to say? Tang Xiaoduan looked at his wife opposite, "It's rare for husband and wife to sit together, and I'm curious about what you want to say to me." Zhou Yueer picked up a spicy dish with chopsticks, put it into her mouth and chewed it patiently and slowly. She said, "a person with a miserable fate will get sympathy and pity from others. Especially, when people around him are deeply ashamed of him, they will tolerate his mistakes, even if they are big mistakes.". Is that the truth, Your Highness? "If you owe something, you have to pay it back, and you have to pay it back twice." Tang Xiao firmly said, "isn't that the truth?" "They owe you, but I don't owe you." Zhou Yueer shed tears, but her eyes were still firm and decisive, without a trace of fear. Tang Xiao is silent, he seems to have seen through this painstaking woman, just waiting for her to show the last card. Zhou Yueer rolled up her sleeves, revealing the shocking scars on her arms,304 Stainless Steel Bar, one knife at a time, showing her deep affection for Mu Ling until death. Tang Xiao glanced at her, but still did not make a sound.

Prince Wildfire

"Yes, he and his uncle'Ghost Face Heavenly King ', that is, the head of the Red Shura Sect elders, I found that their uncle and nephew had been to Hongbao's private residence in the Western Hills. Although they went in secretly, I think they have nothing to do with'Tiansun' Zhong." Wu You waved to his younger brother and said, "Ah Tan, let's go!" When the Wuyou brothers walked out several miles, there were two old men staring at them. One of them was dressed as a Miao. You could guess without asking that the old Miao was Wu Tuogu, the King of Miao. He said to the old man beside him, "Brother Jiang, your'Hungry Tiger of Sword Valley 'is single and weak. In total, you only have a few disciples. I advise you to give up the dream of capturing the'Nine Days Milky Way Dan' and the'Tiansun 'Zhong!" "Hey, hey!" The old man laughed in a sullen voice. "Hey," he said, "Old Miaozi, would you advise me? Why don't you take a piss and look at yourself? You should go back to Batu Caves to live on wild boars. Treasures won't fall from the sky. Even if they fall in front of you, when you bend down and someone kicks you, you can only roll! "Gujibala!" Old Miaozi, who had cursed the Miao language, turned sideways and said ferociously,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "Jiang Dahong, let you make three moves." "Come on, come on!"! Wu Tuogu, don't you want to stare at those two Liaodong guys? If you swear tonight, I'll tear off your earrings. What do you think is so great about your golden silkworm? Old Miaozi looked at the Wu brothers in front of him and said, "You stare, I won't stare!" Jiang Dahong called out, "They're going to look for the wild fire. There are five jade boxes on the wild fire." Old Miaozi heard the five jade boxes,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and his anger disappeared. "What should I do if I see a wildfire?" He asked. "Don't worry!"! Take it by force? You and I can't work together. Poison? That boy is not afraid, hit the wild boar! As soon as we get a chance, we'll think of something else to do to him! "Hey, hey!"! Hey, hey! Jiang Dahong glared at Lao Miaozi angrily and shouted, "I'm calm with you. What the *** are you sneering at?" Old Miaozi was stunned when he heard the scolding. It turned out that the two sneers were not from him at all. After a meal, he said angrily, "Hungry worm, Gujibala!"! You're crazy. Who sneers? Jiang Dahong seemed to know that he had made a mistake. His expression was embarrassed and shocked. He whispered! Wild boar, the terrain here is open, there is nothing, but the laughter is on your side! "Hungry Worm, it's a bit evil!" It was night, but in front of people like Lao Miaozi and Jiang Dahong, who were skilled in martial arts, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, ants could not be seen within five or six feet, but mice could not escape. As soon as Jiang Dahong heard Lao Miaozi say "evil door", his hair stood up all over his body. He was not afraid of ghosts, but knew that there was a man with unfathomable martial arts skills within a few feet! "Jiang Dahong, Wu Tuogu, you don't have to show your heart. My wife won't harm you." The voice seems to be in the ear, where is the person? Empty, no shadow at all! "Wow!"! Where the hell are you? Lao Miaozi asked rudely. All of a sudden, an old woman appeared beside them. "You met me forty years ago," she said without expression. "Have you forgotten now?" "Frightened!"! Grandmother Badan! The two men called out in unison. You have a good memory, remember the old body! Ooh! You're not young either. Jiang Dahong was less than forty at that time, and Wu Tuogu was almost the same. Now you're more than seventy! Jiang Dahong thought to himself, "The crow's mouth is still the same as it was forty years ago. It's really evil!" "Hello!"! Grandmother of Badan, I wonder if Aunt Badan is still alive? Old Miaozi seemed to think of what had happened in those days. Ha-ha Although carline laughs, but the chicken skin on the face pulls at most, see she stares at old seedling only: "You still do not forget that one slap?"? She's fine, too! "Shit!"! "If my aunt sees Lao Miaozi again, I'm afraid she'll slap him again!" Jiang Dahong glanced at Lao Miaozi. Old Miaozi's face was livid at this time. What could he say? In his heart, like Jiang Dahong, he hoped not to meet. The crow's mouth appeared in front of us at this time. Why? I'm afraid it's not a good thing! Jiang Dahong is still murmuring in his heart. The old woman suddenly asked Jiang Dahong, "Dahong!"! Have you seen the eunuch Hongbao? Before Jiang Dahong could answer, he suddenly saw the old boy. "There are two!" He asked. "Really," said the old woman in a cold voice. "Grandmother Badan, to tell you the truth, I also understand that there can't be two." "Does that mean you don't know which one is real?" Asked the old woman. Jiang Dahong shook his head and said, "Actually, it's very easy to find out the real Hongbao eunuch. None of the high officials in the capital don't know it." "Nonsense, if the fake Hongbao doesn't have two sets, can he become exactly the same as the real Hongbao and ask those dog officials what to do?" "We saw him at different times and in different places," said Lao Miaozi. "I don't know if it was the same person. He was wearing purple and a vermilion shawl, but I don't know if it was exactly the same." The old woman said, "It's said that Zhen Hongbao's martial arts are not weak, but my wife doesn't believe that he can defeat the Evil Phoenix. I want to ask you if Zhen Hongbao has any slightly different characteristics."? Then you didn't run away for nothing by sneaking into Hongbao's private residence! Jiang Dahong said, "There are too many masters in Hongbao's private residence. We can't see Hongbao at all!" After a meal, he said in a frightened voice, "Chi Jiao was defeated by Hong Bao!" Old woman ignored, a shake of the body, people have gone more than ten Zhangs! As soon as Laomiaozi saw the old woman leaving without saying goodbye, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Veteran, it's terrible!"! Hongbao's martial arts can defeat the evil phoenix! "The question is," said Jiang Dahong, "why did Hongbao fight with the evil Phoenix?" "Are you deaf?" Said Lao Miaozi? Everyone has heard that the evil phoenix and the trampling singer have made a scene in Hongbao's private residence! Jiang Dahong said, "For this reason, I dare say that the old eunuch will not go out on his own. The problem is that the evil Phoenix and the trampling singer must know Hongbao's big secret. Hongbao is afraid that they will leak the news and send someone who is no match, so he has to go out on his own." "Ah, Tiansun Zhong!" "What shall we do to hunt wild boars?" "Hey, Chiang Kai-shek,304 Stainless Steel Coil, if you can't stand it, no one will stop you from going back to Sword Valley. The Lord of this cave will not die until he reaches the Yellow River!" Jiang Dahong laughed and said, "Miaofeng Mountain is not far away. You can see the big scene anytime and anywhere." "噫 ! The back of the two young men in front is so familiar! Old Miao pointed to the mountain road.
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