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Turn into a daughter

"I want you to know that at any time, you can't lose your vigilance in the face of a free mercenary, even if he looks like he's going to die soon." Although there was a morbid flush on Fang Qiuzhuo's face, his smile was very happy. But at this time of Bai Xiao, but even pull out the strength of a wry smile are not mentioned. It looks like another anesthetic, and it's a general anesthetic that's much more effective than the last local anesthetic. General anesthesia is a dangerous thing, the general hospital will not easily give patients general anesthesia. And even general anesthesia will not be as effective as Fang Qiuzhuo's anesthetic. It seems that there is no lack of good things beyond the current civilian technology in the hands of top international mercenaries. Haven't you learned to be good since you suffered a loss? The corners of Fang Qiuzhuo's mouth slanted like a proud fox. Is the poor little fellow mad with resentment that he has fallen twice in the same way? "Your experience is too far away, my little girl, don't you know?". Even if I can't move, I have dozens of ways to kill people who want to get close to me in an instant. Anesthesia? This is just the mildest and simplest way. Fang Qiuzhuo, smash your mouth. Smiling very proudly, "but you are still smart, just a little less experienced." So it would be a good idea to study with me for a while. Bai Xiao's eyelids began to fall, and her consciousness gradually dimmed. And a pool of bitter water in my heart is melting more and more. If you give her another chance. Will she fall a third time in the same way? Damn Fang Qiuzhuo. If you fall into my hands again next time, you are half disabled, I will beat you completely disabled! If you're totally paralyzed, I'll tie you up and soak you in water! It was a pity that the cruel words in Bai Xiao's heart could only be put in her heart for the time being. Her eyes could not bear the power of the medicine and were completely closed, while her consciousness was sinking and floating in chaos. In a trance,outdoor whirlpool tub, she seemed to be sleeping or waking up. I do not know how long, Bai Xiao seems to hear the sound of heavy objects moving, she guessed that it was Fang Qiuzhuo holding the sofa hard to get up, and then walked in the house. He seems to be looking for something. What is he looking for? Although Bai Xiaoren was paralyzed on the ground and unable to move, once her mind began to turn, it quickly became clear again. She heard the sound of Fang Qiuzhuo gently unscrewing the doorknob, and she felt that it was the inner room without a balcony,jacuzzi suppliers, that was her room! "What secret do I have that he covets like this?" Bai Xiao can't figure it out. After thinking about it, he can only smile bitterly in his heart. "It seems that he misunderstood something. He really thought I had the secret of not dying.". God knows how I got these adventures, and I'm still confused myself. Her heart sank sadly, and she said to herself, "Maybe that strange monk knows what's going on, but he won't tell me, and I.." I'm not interested in knowing. What if you know? Can you turn her back into a man? If you can't, you might as well live an ordinary life. This is Bai Xiao's most intuitive psychology, perhaps there is a bit of escape, but also contains great courage. But although the treasure of life is no different from Fang Qiuzhuo, in understanding, Bai Xiao and he are too far apart. Bai Xiao is not a mercenary soldier wandering on the edge of life and death, she will not understand, best whirlpool tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, can quickly recover the ability of physical trauma, for such a person, how important. If she understands, she should know how determined Fang Qiuzhuo is to win this! So when it comes to the other side of "us" who knows Bai Xiao's "secret", Fang Qiuzhuo is so shy. That's because, for people like him, not only do they want to get Bai Xiao's ability to recover quickly, but they also don't want others to get the same ability. If Bai Xiao can understand Fang Qiuzhuo's psychology, then she will be worried about the event at the moment, but I am afraid to add another one: will Fang Qiuzhuo kill her afterwards? How much can the so-called professional ethics restrain him? Unfortunately, after all, two worlds of people, Bai Xiao can not understand Fang Qiuzhuo. "If.." Shall I join them? Bai Xiao's heart beat faster for his bold idea. "Shen Cuo, I can ignore what they want to fight for, but if someone hits me with an idea, can I ignore it?"? Now the situation is that no matter how I explain that I don't know what happened to the ghost who came back from the dead, they will never believe it, so if we want to solve this problem, we have to go deep into them! Bai Xiao's eyes rolled under his closed eyelids, and the decision he had just made in his heart became more and more unshakable. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I'd like to see what they want! Volume 3: Que Dao Flowing Years Steal for Twenty-seven: Secret War "Bai Xiao?"? Bai Xiao. Fang Qiuzhuo carefully searched Bai Xiao's room, and after finding nothing, he slowly came to Bai Xiao's side with a weak step. Holding the injured right rib, he squatted carefully beside Bai Xiao and called her gently: "Bai Xiao.." Are you awake? Wake up, wake up.. However, Bai Xiao fell to the ground, breathing gently and looking serene, sleeping like a baby. Fang Qiuzhuo, of course, knew that Bai Xiao was not sleeping, that she had been knocked unconscious by his own hand with an anesthetic. But for Bai Xiao's constitution, Fang Qiuzhuo always felt special and mysterious, so he was not sure how long the effect of the anesthetic could last on her. The dosage of five men in the prime of life is enough for you to sleep for two hours. Fang Qiuzhuo spoke softly to himself, and then carefully observed Bai Xiao. The woman on the ground seemed to be sleeping in front of her eyes, her skin was as warm as jade, her facial features were delicate and delicate, and from Fang Qiuzhuo's point of view, with the soft light, he even felt that the whole girl was so delicate that it seemed to be carved from transparent water and jade. Fang Qiuzhuo's hand trembled forward. He took a deep breath, but his hand turned from the collar of Bai Xiao's shirt and moved to her cheek. Under the touch of the finger, is a little cold lubrication, soft and delicate,4 person jacuzzi, Fang Qiuzhuo with a thin cocoon hand trembled again, and then left his beautiful face, and gently in the pocket of the girl's pants up.
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