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Do Not Disturb Fei Sheng (Bu Fan) Author: Butterfly Shadow under the Moon

"I'll take it in for you." Huan Zong glanced at the tray in her hand. "Be careful not to upset the breakfast." "I prepared two meals for Huan Zongdao to share with you." Cheng Yi looked at the rare spirit fruits in Huan Zong's bowl and didn't want the disciples of Liu Guang Zong to feel that they were reluctant to have a breakfast at Yunhua Gate. It was a pity that he had planned to have breakfast with him, so he had to give this opportunity to Huan Zong. "Thank you, Taoist friend. I would rather be respectful than obedient." Huan Zong did not even refuse euphemistically and agreed directly. You are welcome Cheng Yi kept smiling without any fluctuation in his heart. Big brother, you're with me. "Here's some heart fruit and your breakfast, which is more than enough for the three of us," he said. Turn around and open the door, let Huan Zong and Cheng Yi enter the door. "Don't stand at the door. Those who don't know think there are flowers at my door." There are no flowers at the door, but there is a boundary. Cheng Yi went to the table and sat down, lifted the lid on the tray, which contained a can of porridge, a cage of steamed dumplings, and a few side dishes. Dividing the porridge into three portions, Cheng Yi asked, "Did you sleep well last night?" Nodding, he took a sip of the porridge. Cheng Yi and Huan Zong looked at each other. Huan Zong nodded to Cheng Yi. Cheng Yi smiled politely at Huan Zong. The two strange men sat face to face. There was a bit of embarrassment in the quiet atmosphere. Just now I saw a boundary outside your house, so I took it away. I'm sorry,whirlpool hot tub spa, I might be rude to do that. Huan Zong said apologetically, "I forgot that this is not the time we usually live here." "Boundary?" Wiping the corners of his mouth with a veil, he turned his head and asked Cheng Yi, "Elder Martial Brother, did you set it up?" "After all, this is not Yunhua Mountain, so I set up a few defensive boundaries outside the door." Cheng Yi had guessed before that the boundary was destroyed by Huan Zong,China spa factory, but he felt that the disciples of Liu Guangzong could not do such a thing, but he did not think that the other side could really do it. You can't have the intention to harm others, and you can't have the intention to prevent others. Even if this is our affiliated sect, it is not wrong to keep a little more vigilance. Cheng Yi thought about it and added, "If you don't like it, I won't set up a boundary tonight." "Elder Martial Brother is thoughtful." Hurriedly, "I don't dislike it." When the three of them had finished their meal, Cheng Yi saw that Huan Zong was sitting still. Thinking that what he had said was not a secret of the clan, he opened his mouth directly and said, "Recently, the realm of cultivation has not been peaceful enough. You have also made a breakthrough in cultivation. Why don't you wait for this to happen and go back to Yunhua Mountain with me?" She looked up at Huan Zong, jacuzzi bath spa ,hot tub manufacturers, who had no expression in his drooping eyelids. After you went out, Shifu and several Martial Uncles missed you very much. Even Martial Uncle Qingyuan asked me when you would go back. Cheng Yi didn't want to call him back so early, but he couldn't rest assured that the realm of cultivation was not peaceful recently. Elder Martial Brother, I know you are for my good, but I don't want to go back for the time being. Put down the spirit fruit, "also ask the elder brother to tell the elders, let them not worry about me." Cheng Yi looked at it worriedly. Didn't Younger Martial Sister read too many scripts and have the idea of saving the real world? She was ready to fight it out with the evil practitioners, so she didn't want to go back? Thinking of the contents of those messy scripts, Cheng Yi not only felt that her sister would not be so naive, but also worried that she was really affected by the scripts. On the premise of not endangering the clan, the elders of Yunhua Gate do not like to do things that embarrass the younger generation. Hearing the refusal, although Cheng Yi still had doubts and worries in his heart, he did not force her to go back. He just sighed: "It doesn't matter if you don't want to go back now. Just pay attention to safety outside.". Don't be impulsive when you meet a bad person. You must distinguish whether he has help or not and whether he can beat them. "Don't worry, Elder Martial Brother, I know." "Have you finished reading the travel guide?" Continue to nod: "Remember all, one will not forget." "It's useless to remember, but you have to learn and use it flexibly." Cheng Yi took out the symbols and instruments in the ring. "These were given to me by the elders and the peak lords before I went out. They told me that if I met you in Fengcheng, I would give them to you.". ” "So much?" While sweeping the things on the table into his own collection ring, he asked you about your recent situation. They are all very good, but Martial Uncle Qingyuan and Shifu are still quarreling. Before I went out, they made a gesture and destroyed several instruments of the Five Elements Hall. Uncle Heng Yan was so angry that he punished his uncle and master for their monthly salaries for decades. Cheng Yi knows how poor his master is and how bad his fortune is. Because Zhou Xing made trouble in Yongcheng before, Zhou Cang lost a lot of things in Yunhua Gate for his brother. Master also took this opportunity to pay back most of the debt. It was not easy for him to stop being short of money, and then he got into trouble again. It was clear that he was born without money. Master and Martial Uncle Qingyuan have been quarrelling for so many years, but haven't they stopped? After muttering a few words, he remembered that Huan Zong was still there. In order to save some face for the elders of the clan, he did not go on. Cheng Yi gave a dry cough and looked at his sister's casual appearance in front of Huan Zong, which showed that their friendship was really good. He turned to look at Huan Zong, who looked as usual, as if he had heard nothing. In fact, he had never seen his face change since he saw Huan Zong. I have checked the interior of Jixiang Pavilion with the Lord of the Pavilion, but I haven't found any doubts about the infiltration of evil practices yet. Younger martial sister came here, also want to let auspicious pavilion check this matter? Cheng Yi knows that he will not make trouble for nothing, but he will not let bad things happen. Uh Nodding, "along the way, I met several evil practitioners with sinister intentions.". Most of them are ordinary, and what they like to do most is to provoke the relationship between monks. "If you want a tall building to collapse, you have to let it rot from the inside. The evil world is very ambitious." Seeing that Younger Martial Sister looked dignified, Cheng Yi said with a smile,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "You don't have to worry too much. There are such big sects as the Liuguang Sect, the Zhaohe Sect, and the Jiufeng Sect. Nothing will happen to us in the realm of cultivation." 。
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