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Demon Blood Emperor

Several guards, though confused in their hearts. The tone became much better, and the fierce light on his face was gone, with a little respect. An ancient relic! Xie Zifeng was speechless for a while, not by a white eye next to the thunder, visible several guards that appearance, he had to shake his head, eyes a congealed, suddenly. His robe stirred, and a towering evil spirit burst out of him. Evil spirit, with a supreme domineering, the air will be set off a ripple, several men guarding the city gate, frowning, the heart is suddenly a jump. The blood of the demon clan in the body began to throb, and the soul felt a tremor, which was captured by the demon spirit burst out of the youth. The momentum in the middle is really only a relic of ancient times! Several guards looked at each other, eyes surprised for a long time did not open their mouths, was shocked in place, their eyes turned. Can not help but take a look at the evil young man in front of him,Calacatta Nano Glass, "is he really a genius son of a royal family, now come out, is to attend the princess's banquet?" The demon clan has the strongest response to the power of blood, and once faced with those stronger than their own blood, they will give birth to palpitations and uneasiness. As for some ordinary demons. When facing the royal family, they will tremble and crawl on the ground and dare not look directly at each other. This is the king! As soon as Wang Wei came out, all bowed their heads! Xie Zifeng condensed the blood of the dragon beast. This is extraordinary,Pietra Gray Marble, with a strong momentum, coupled with the later condensed blood beast, it is a real ancient relic, once grown up, I am afraid that even the world's demon emperor can not compete with it! It is a pity that such existence has fallen before it has grown up in ancient times. This boy's evil spirit is really fierce! Xie Zifeng showed a strong momentum, not only shocked several guards, but also the elders and young girls of the Purple Wing Lei Diao clan jumped in the corner of their eyes and felt an inexplicable uneasiness and fear. Although these people are descendants of divine birds, their blood is thin, and they are afraid of the momentum displayed by Xie Zifeng. However, Lei Fang seems to be much better. As the son of the head of the Purple Wing Lei Diao clan, his ancestral blood is extremely rich. Few people in the whole Purple Wing Lei Diao clan can compare with him. He has the potential to become a king. Unfortunately, his character is too deceptive, which leads to the name of genius being completely covered by the reputation of entrapment. In the past, few people remembered that he was a young genius. I didn't lie to you, Carrara Marble Slab ,pietra gray marble, did I? Lei Fang was only a little surprised, and then he raised his eyebrows and looked at the guards and said with a serious face, "This kind of momentum is common to the royal family."? My brother still kept a low profile and did not show all the power of blood. Otherwise, you would have knelt down. This is a king, and it will be the power of my demon clan in the future. "Not all of them have shown the power of blood?" Several guards can not help but shiver, this young man's momentum just now can be comparable to some of the children of the demon emperor, once all show the power of blood, can not be compared with the children of the demon clan? Think of here all hit a shiver, this kind of character once grow up is really the king ah! "Yes.." Yes It's our eyes that are clumsy. Several guards nodded repeatedly, as if the chicken pecked the rice without any ferocity. Remember to be more careful in the future. Lei Fang straightened his chest, solemnly and quite'loyal 'said, "My brother is very vindictive, but for my sake, he won't care about you, so you don't have to worry about it." Xie Zifeng was speechless, "when did I become a very vindictive person?" This guy is a real pain in the ass. Thank you, Lei Fang Childe. Thank you, Lei Fang Childe. Several guards guarding the city were grateful. If a king wants to deal with a few of them guarding the city is simply effortless ah! "You don't have to thank me. I always like to help others." Ray let go and touched his nose. "Apologize to my brother." "Yes, yes!" Several people nodded, hurriedly to Xie Zifeng way, "this childe, just now we offended your adult regardless of the small people to forgive us." Several people stared at Xie Zifeng, as if they knew that the demon clan was very vindictive and dared not neglect him. Just remember it next time. With a straight face, Xie Zifeng waved his hand and strode forward. Several men guarding the city hurriedly got out of the way. Several clansmen of the Purple Wing Thunder Eagle were slightly stunned. "Is that how things are settled?" "This Lei Fang Childe is really a pit God!" Several teenagers could not help sighing, but they looked admiring to Lei Fang. That's all. Several people swaggered into the city, and Lei Fang hardly pressed people with his identity. Solved this matter also let several guarding the city of the demon clan men, he as a good man, a face of gratitude, such means even purple wing thunder carving clan people feel suddenly. Is this really the Lei Fang Childe of the Purple Wing Lei Diao Clan? Why is it not like the legends of those young people of the demon clan? "Yes, if he hadn't reminded us, we would have offended the descendants of the'legacy 'and caused a lot of trouble, such a young talent.". How can it be cheating? It must have been misunderstood by others. It's a pity. What a good young man! "We must publicize him in the future." Several guards witnessed the departure of the Purple Wing Lei Diao and his party, and they could not help feeling sad. They regarded Lei Fang as a'good man 'and began to be indignant for him. They wanted to rectify the name of the teenager in the future. Pit people also let others regard him as a good person, this kind of realm is beyond our generation's reach! After entering the city, several young people of the Purple Wing Lei Diao clan all showed strange smiles. When he looked at Lei Fang, his face was full of admiration, but the smile was also somewhat teasing. Yes, brother Lei Fang, you are really awesome, and you are our role model! Several young girls of the same trade also gave a quaint smile. Hee hee, when will you teach us how to cheat people? "Who cheated people?"? Didn't you hear them all praise me? "I am a good young man," Lei Fang frowned and said with a straight face. "I said that people have to talk about talent, not ordinary people can learn. You are still a little short, such as brother Zifeng. He's very talented,Stone Honeycomb Panel, but I've only been here for half a month, and I've learned a lot. You can ask him for advice in the future. "Brother Zifeng, teach us." Several young girls grinned and looked at Xie Zifeng.

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Lake Palanka is always so peaceful. The tranquility here is due not only to the oval lake, surrounded by rolling mountains, which isolates all the noise, but also to a stone tablet standing at the entrance of the only highway. Inscription on the stele: exclusive area of Longxing Club, see the stele and look back. The granite monument, more than three meters high, stands there quietly with clear handwriting. Behind the stone tablet is an iron gate and a sentry box. On the side of the road behind, there is a mecha apron, a small transport ship landing pad and a row of barracks. No one dares to step here except those who are determined to die. As a result, Palanka Lake in Bering Harbor is the only ecological area on Mars that is located in a city but maintains the most primitive appearance. Many people think that this is the base of Longxing Association, but in fact, Longxing Association has designated this freshwater lake with a total area of six square kilometers as a restricted area, just because there is a villa on the lakeside here. And Su Kezhou likes to live here. The villa is located on the western hillside of the Palanka freshwater lake. Built according to the mountain situation, it is divided into three floors, totaling 2,800 square meters. Simple and bright lines, herringbone blue roofs,Artificial Marble Slabs, white brick walls, hidden in the shade, and clear lake water and undulating green mountains echo each other, beautiful and charming. Down the stone steps of the garden of the small building, you can reach the lake directly. On the wharf paved with anticorrosive wood, there is a wooden fishing gear storage warehouse. In the cabin beside the warehouse, a professional fishing yacht with beautiful lines is slightly rippling in the lake. From time to time,white marble mosaic, gray-and-white Mars Red-billed Freshwater Gulls rest on the yacht's guardrail. Here, you can usually hear only the wind, the rustling of leaves and the crisp call of red-billed freshwater gulls. Other than that. There can be no other sound. Because Su Kezhou likes quiet. Sunlight, through the French window, sprinkled into the study on the second floor. Su Kezhou looked out of the window at the lake and rubbed his fist-sized Yangxian purple clay pot with his hand. Because of years of playing, this antique Zisha teapot has been raised like glaze but not glaze, like porcelain but not porcelain wrapped slurry. Warm and smooth. Just like Su Kezhou's typical Chakna old man's calm and restrained temperament. After taking a sip of tea, the old man turned around and glanced faintly at the commanders of the armed forces of the Longxing Society on the sofa with a pair of narrow and restrained eyes. He said in a deep voice, "Tell me about it.." "This is our good chance!" Su Kezhou's voice just fell, a middle-aged man who had already been unable to hold back immediately stood up and shouted. The natural loud voice made several people nearby look at each other with a wry smile. The high command of the allied forces has given us a clear order, and the army headquarters also means this. Mars Freeport. It must be in our hands! Now, the Northern Commercial Alliance attacked the town of Proh in a big way, Marble Granite Price ,Grey Marble Slab, and its forces were tied down. This is the best chance for me to go out! The middle-aged man with a loud voice blushed with excitement. All right, all right. Su Kezhou smiled, waved his hand and said, "Cage, I know you've been very angry all this time.". If you want to fight, you have a chance. What we are discussing now is the tactical details of the bandit army and the North Alliance in this battle. To seize this opportunity, we must have an accurate judgment of the direction of the war situation. Putting down the purple clay teapot in his hand, Su Kezhou, with his hands behind his back, walked a few steps to the huge electronic map screen on the wall under the gaze of a group of commanders. He frowned and said, "Judging from the information we have so far.". The town of Proh of the bandit army is surrounded by six routes of the North League. Before that, they were able to annihilate a Sousse Panzer Regiment at Pinchling, which was beyond my expectation. Unexpectedly, they had just received news that they had wiped out the 6th and 7th armored battalions of the North Union's Bloodshadow Mecha Regiment at Breslau Farm. Su Kezhou's words. There was an uproar. When ordered to come here for a meeting. Commanders are also concerned about the battle and the deployment of forces on both sides. The line of attack was still being deliberated, and the news that a newly formed armored regiment of the bandit army had defeated the regular armored forces of Sousse and annihilated a regiment was still being digested. In the eyes of the commanders, it was inconceivable that the bandit army could defeat the Sousse Panzer Regiment. This is like a rabbit fighting with a dog, the first news is that the dog was bitten by a rabbit, which is really beyond everyone's expectation. Therefore, for the bandit army's Pingqiling battle, we are also repeatedly deliberating, trying to find out the factors of their victory. Unexpectedly, the first battle has not yet come to an accurate answer, the bandit army has completely annihilated the two battalions of the absolute main force of the North Alliance Blood Shadow Mecha Regiment! All of a sudden, the commanders got up one after another and gathered around Su Kezhou, discussing one after another while carefully examining the terrain of the fighting area marked on the electronic map. The impetuous Cage, however, was very careful. He only glanced at the map and grasped the most crucial part. He immediately asked, "Chairman, which unit of the bandit army was responsible for annihilating the Blood Shadow Armored Battalion?" "Three regiments!" Su Kezhou said in a deep voice, "It's the one that defeated the Sousse Panzer Regiment!" "Three regiments?!" There was a gasp of cold air in the room. This answer is both expected and unexpected. According to the surveillance intelligence of the Longxing Society on the town of Proh, this regiment was the only armored combat unit that the bandit army could form! This has been repeatedly confirmed. Whether it is the defense deployment of the bandit army, or the material in and out of the base, production capacity, can support this intelligence. In the assessment report on the combat capability of the bandit army by the Longxing Intelligence Agency, it was pointed out that the bandit army, which relies entirely on its own production of armed forces, will not have one more battalion of military mecha that can form combat capability before the North Alliance launches an attack, even if it works around the clock. The number can be determined, but the only thing that can not be determined is the performance of this new type of mecha and the combat effectiveness of the troops composed of former civilian mecha. This,Slate Wall Panel, in the eyes of the commanders, do not say that they do not understand, I am afraid that.

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The secretary nodded and went out. After a while, a young man appeared in front of Chen Shuo. Chen Shuo handed the script to Xue Qian: "Take a look at the new script with your eyes. Is it worth investing?" "All right, president." Xue Qian took the script and walked out of Chen Shuo's office. This Xue Qian was introduced by Ji Yu from China. He just came to Korea for a month. He studied film production and investment. According to Ji Yu's words, as long as he was given ten years, he would be able to stand at the Cannes Film Festival to accept the award. Chen Shuo chose to believe the young man's vision. After all, this is the biggest list that Star International has received so far. Chen Shuo doesn't want to mess him up. Ladies and gentlemen, can you submit six thousand words if you urge me to do more? I can occasionally be satisfied with nine thousand words, but twelve thousand is really hard to do. I didn't save the manuscript, and I don't like to save the manuscript. I like to share the hot articles with you immediately. Please. Thanks for the reward of Ghost Dragon 111. [Chapter 65 of the main text comes out for a meal] ; As the saying goes, when I don't see you, I miss you very much. Chen Shuo does not remember how long he has not seen Kim Tae-yeon, which makes Chen Shuo a little dissatisfied,Granite Slab Supplier, I do not go to you, you can not come to me? What? You said there was no reason to come to me, no reason not to make it up? It's possible that she didn't even want to come to you. Chen Shuo uncle is absolutely do not believe the above cranky, how is it possible, such an excellent young man,Agate Slabs Countertops, she Kim Tae-yeon has never been moved? Uncle Chen Shuo absolutely does not believe, in order to verify the heart, but also to prove that he is a flower see flower, car see car flat tire of the best, he decided to personally find Kim Tae-yeon. Who says that if the two love each other for a long time, how can it be in the morning and evening? That must be an asshole who stands and talks without pain. So Chen Shuo got through to Kim Tae-yeon. Hello, who is it? Kim Tae-yeon's voice soon came over. She didn't give herself a note? And ask who you are? Chen Shuo suddenly felt ten thousand little sheep in his heart and calmed down. "It's me, Chen Shuo," he said. "Oh." Kim Tae-yeon promised: "What's the matter?" Such a calm reaction? Chen Shuo was very unhappy. "Aren't you surprised why I'm calling you now?" "Why be surprised?" Kim Tae-yeon chuckled, white marble slabs ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, "You're not the president." She really didn't care about me, and Chen Shuo was sad. All right, I'm just kidding. What's going on? Kim Tae-yeon saw that Chen Shuo had not spoken for a long time and no longer teased him, thinking to herself that the method on the Internet really worked. It's all right. Chen Shuo's voice collapsed a little: "I'm going to jump into the Han River and call you to say goodbye." "Really?" Kim Tae-yeon said pleasantly surprised, "I've never seen a real person jump into the river. When will you jump? I'll go to the scene to have a look." The ten thousand little sheep in Chen Shuo's heart came back and galloped by again. Ha ha, Chen Shuo, it seems that you can't talk about me now. Kim Tae-yeon laughed. "Well, did you lose this time?" When Chen Shuo heard this, he wanted to slaughter all the ten thousand little sheep in his heart with a kitchen knife. Are you very free now? Chen Shuo asked cautiously. You could say that. "I have no announcement today," said Kim Tae-yeon. "Is it?" Chen Shuo surprised: "Do you have time to come out?" "What for?" "Can I come out and tell you?" Kim Tae-yeon was decisive: "No." "Okay." Chen Shuo took a deep breath and brewed for a long time before he said, "Can you have dinner with me?" "That's it?" Kim Tae-yeon smiled. You said yes? Chen Shuo is delighted. It seems that it's still very simple to ask a girl out. No Kim Tae-yeon immediately poured cold water on Chen Shuo's head: "It's too cold. I don't want to go out." "No." Chen Shuo hurriedly exhorted, "You can eat hot pot in cold weather. How nice it is! It warms the body and tastes delicious." "You invited me?" "Yes." Chen Shuo has called his secretary to the hotpot restaurant to make a reservation. All right. "Miss Kim Tae-yeon finally agreed reluctantly under Chen Shuo's pursuit:" But I have to go back to the dormitory before ten o'clock. " "No problem!" Chen Shuo has begun to wear a coat. Kim Tae-yeon put down the phone, Xiao Ao Jiao shook the bangs, she knows that Chen Shuo is now the general manager of "We Got Married", also knows that he is now the investor of the program, but also knows that he is very busy recently. But every time Chen Shuo met her by chance, the smile in his heart still made Kim Tae-yeon very happy, but recently Chen Shuo was like missing, and they hadn't even met for half a month. Miss Kim Tae-yeon also has a temper. So when Chen Shuo calls, Kim Tae-yeon has the idea of spoofing, and sure enough, Chen Shuo, who wants to make an appointment with Kim Tae-yeon, is playing round and round. Chen Shuo was relieved when he saw Kim Tae-yeon coming in from the private room of the hotpot restaurant. It seemed that he had not been stood up. But when he saw the two big tails behind Kim Tae-yeon, Chen Shuo's face stepped down in an instant. Why are they following us? Chen Shuo pointed discontentedly at Lin yuner and Jessica and complained, "I only ordered something for two." "Then order two more." The Jessica sat down cross-legged directly and gave Chen Shuo a white look: "a big man is so calculating. I really don't know how you became the chief executive." The little sheep that had not been slaughtered in Chen Shuo's heart began to gallop again. Kim Tae-yeon looked at Chen Shuo sheepishly and sat carefully in the corner, without any swagger on the phone just now: "I didn't plan to bring them here, but.." ..” "As a result, you brought two foodies here." Chen Shuo looked at Lin Yuner and Jessica,grey marble slab, who had already started, and said to Kim Tae-yeon, "You said you were the captain anyway. Why are you not dignified at all?" 。

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"That's what you're talking about, Xiaolou?" Lu Xiaofeng asked doubtfully. You just wait and see, I will let this battle has not been fought to consume part of their combat power. The sprinters had to slow down and stop attacking temporarily because of the trap ahead. Volume 4 Chapter 9 The Difficulty of Guilds (Part Two) (Words in this chapter: 2162) "It's almost time to rest. I think they're going to start the second attack." Xiaoyao thought, the first trap set by Hua Manlou was just a little unexpected, after this incident, I believe they will be more careful. The men of the Wild Dragon Society began to charge again, and this time they learned their lesson. When they approached the wall, they poked the weapons in their hands on the ground for fear of falling into some trap. This is the time, archers, to strike. Hua Manlou shouted loudly, tens of millions of arrows poured down like a torrential rain, and the people below were in a hurry. All the people who had not died were drinking blood. Hua Manlou calculated everything. When the enemy attacked for the second time, it would be the best time for the archers to play their role. Watching the attackers retreat, Tianxiao laughed happily, "Xiaolou, I am convinced of you now, I see that these things you set up can destroy them all." "Oh, it's impossible to destroy them. At most, I can only suppress their vitality. And my methods can only be aimed at the people who attack the city. If it's a monster attacking the city, there's no way. They are animals. They attack without fear. They won't be as timid as people when they encounter danger." This side is talking and laughing, while the other side of the Dragon Club is uncomfortable. The Dragon looks at the people who are talking and laughing on the wall, and the sound of teeth grinding comes out. "Qingfeng, what can you do to capture this guild as quickly as possible?" The dragon asked the breeze and feather fan next to him. Although he had lost two attacks on his side, his face was still leisurely and contented. Hehe ~ I'll take care of the following. The breeze smiled, whispered a few words in the ear of a man next to him, and then continued to shake the feather fan in his hand, while the man led a group of people to one side of the forest. Qingfeng, what are you doing? "Boss,Vending Machine Motor, you can wait here with peace of mind. It won't take much time for us to capture the chivalrous residence. Hehe ~!" Looking at the expression of the breeze, the dragon can not help but believe that, quietly waiting on one side. "Look, they're all motionless there. Some of them are sitting on the ground to rest. Don't they fight?" Tianxiao pointed to a group of people sitting on the ground in the distance, and his eyes were full of doubts. I don't know, but the battle should not be over yet. We have wounded so many people without a single soldier. They will not give up so easily. Hua Manlou is also very confused, do not know what they are up to. Time is so deadlocked, both sides have no intention to start, each rest, Xiaoyao also stay a little tired, then someone rushed over, "not good, there are a lot of people who are not guilds appear in the back hill there." The crowd did not react to what the back hill, only Huamanlou and Fengying immediately stunned there, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, Huamanlou looked at Qingfeng Feather Fan, hurriedly said, "Fengying, you watch here first, Xiaoyao you hurry to come with me, Mo Yan you stay here to help first!" Words just finished, Hua Manlou is not in a hurry to go down the stairs from the city wall, directly jumped down, Xiaoyao and so on can only be silly to jump the second floor. Under the rapid movement of the crowd, Huamanlou took everyone to a secret place behind the guild, surrounded by miscellaneous trees, where people could lose their way if they were not careful. Xiaolou, where is this place? Asked Simon. Let's not worry about this. Let's hurry up and deal with the crazy dragon who came here. Hua Manlou said he was about to rush into the woods. What's your hurry? Didn't you set a lot of traps? Besides, the woods are so big that it's not easy for them to walk in. Lu Xiaofeng smiled. He believed in Huamanlou very much. "You're wrong. This is a secret road. I didn't set any traps here at all. And there are certain rules in the woods here. I think the people of the Dragon Society must know how to get in. Well, don't ask anything now. Get rid of all the people who come in first. Then I'm telling you what happened. Now follow me closely." Following closely behind Huamanlou, circling left and right for a while, it felt like walking in a maze, and people could not see clearly in front of them in the grass. There are people in front of us, and we'd better kill all of them. Hua Manlou is in a state of anxiety, words are not much to say, holding the sword without hesitation rushed out. Ximen four people plus Xiaoyao and Tianxiao, although six people have cooperated together before, but then it's just Daguai practice, this time it's a real fight with people, because the words of Huamanlou, all of them are killed, everyone has used their unique skills, and people's shouts continue in the battle. It is estimated that the most killed is Xiaoyao, who is either killed or injured by his swordsmanship, coupled with the unpredictable speed of ghosts and gods, killing people invisibly. The situation of the battle showed an arrow sign, Xiaoyao was in the center, while the others were scattered around, which made everyone feel that the speed of killing could reach its highest point. The enemy is constantly decreasing, relative to everyone's internal force, physical strength is not constantly consumed, in this melee, there is no hurry to drink medicine, careless death may be their own. One last time, let me do it. The sky laughed and shouted, and the sword in his hand suddenly flew into the air, turning into a brilliant shadow of the sword. With a whoosh, it was like a fireworks explosion rising into the air, and the sparks produced by the explosion spread around, but the sword produced no more than sparks,gear reduction motor, but sword gas. As for the people of the Wild Dragon Society, they were killed and wounded under the attack of Tianxiao. Whew ~ I'm tired, I'm tired. The day laughed and fell to the ground with a thump.


I braced myself up from the sofa. My heart rate isn't tachycardic. On the contrary, it seems to have stopped beating. Why don't you take away some boxes of tea? He gave me a lot at that time! I can't finish it this year. No, thank you. I I'm not used to drinking black tea. I couldn't get far from his house, and my legs were weak. I sat slowly on the edge of the road, feeling as if I were not in my home city, but in a hazy and ominous dream. The last snow in the north mixed with the first rain and began to fall quietly. At that time, it was like a whole set of broken cotton wool full of holes coming down, and it was cold, stuffy and wet between heaven and earth. A car sped past me, splashing a wet mixture of rain and snow all over my face. It was as if a cold-blooded living thing had been crushed to death, and brains and cold blood had been splashed at me. The nightmare seemed to have a powerful sucking power to suck me into a colder, more suffocating and darker place. And the only way to avoid it is for me to sit there. Ruan Sang was the reporter whom Zhai Ziqing had invited to dinner. He asked me to meet him at a cabaret. The last time I saw him was right here. That time he earned hundreds of thousands of yuan in a clever way. Throw out ten thousand to invite friends to play and have a good time. He also took the opportunity to relax himself. In fact, what kind of friends are he and I! In this prosperous era,Small Geared Motors, people who can be called friends have no time and no mood to get together. Those who often get together, to put it bluntly, are all relationships that need to be used by each other. It can also be called "helping each other". Today, the phrase "one for all, all for one" has another layer of annotation. But I'm grateful to him. Through him, I went deep into his circle. None of the people you met at his last dinner are really qualified to be in his circle. They are all people on the edge of his circle. His circle is his real spiritual kingdom. It is our city and a special circle in a special class of our current Chinese society. The reporter's tone seems to be more authoritative than the doctor's. But one thing is the same-talking about Zhai Ziqing is like a medical professor talking about an organ of an animal or a human being. They don't hold him in contempt. I didn't feel the slightest hint of contempt for him. There was no lack of interest in talking about him,micro gear motor, nor of any feeling for a familiar person. And they all seem to want someone to listen to them talking about him. It seems that talking about him is the most well-prepared, confident and proud defense they can make in this era and society. "They are all so-called'money masters'.". Of course, there are no people who can really be said to be'big money '. He is the richest of them all. The rest are five or six hundred thousand, four or five hundred thousand, three or four hundred thousand. He is not the oldest of them. Some of them are a few years older than him. Because he has the most money, they all call him'Big Brother '. Be respectful in front of him. No matter what, even if you plan to divorce, plan to raise a concubine, plan to bribe which powerful person, Gear Reduction Motor ,brushless gear motor, plan to hook up with which woman, it seems that you are willing to listen to Zhai Ziqing's views. He, the'Big Brother, 'was recognized as the most intelligent, thoughtful, and unemotional of them all. In fact, it is true. Zhai Ziqing's brain is no worse than yours and mine. Maybe a person who is much higher than you and me in terms of talent and IQ. The ability to understand the times and society and the depth of thought are obviously higher than your and my level. From an educated youth returning to the city with almost nothing to a person who once owned about two million yuan, would that be a fool? As long as he expressed his opinion, they would attach great importance to it. But they never asked him how to make money. Nor is he under any obligation to provide experience in this regard. This is a rule among them. One of them can tell you how someone seduced his wife, or how his wife committed herself to someone else, but he will never tell you how he made a lot of money.. At this time, someone strolled up to the singing platform to sing. I quickly turned my head to the singing platform. Lest the other party find me blushing. The singer is a fashionable girl. She was singing "Xiao Fang" with one chant and three sighs. Fashion girls also sing "Xiaofang", and sing so emotionally, so that men, at least a man like me, feel like living in an era of gender inversion. Xiaofang reminds me of her. My heart is crying.. Zhai Ziqing is also the godfather of some of their children. In a word, I think he is a king in his spiritual kingdom. Or at least a godfather to all of them. His godfather, standing on the altar built with his money, I think he must be very tired in his heart. He must have felt from time to time that he was standing unsteadily. Every time I know which person in his circle has made a lot of money, I think he will be nervous and have a serious sense of crisis. Lest any one of them should one day suddenly announce that he has far more money than he has. In that case, his godfather position among them would have to be given to someone else. In that circle, who should have more status, who should be more respected, regardless of other aspects, depends on whether you are the one with the most money. If you're not, you don't deserve it. There's nothing to discuss. In other circles, among other people, he could not really gain the respect he had gained. He is not qualified to be a godfather figure. Money alone is not enough. For example, you, or I, may have secretly envied him, may have envied him to death,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, but have you ever respected him? Although he was your best friend in your early years, did you respect him more because he was rich? I'm silent. The only option. I must listen to him talking about Zhai Ziqing. If I don't try to be a basic audience to make him feel good, I'm afraid he may not really be willing to tell me where Zhai Ziqing is. Then I can't know whether the old man and her are dead or alive. Only Zhai Ziqing himself confirmed that I would finally believe.

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Rou Rou cried out. "Childe," he said. Zhaoxia woke up with a shock all over her body. She pressed Han Bo's chest feebly with her slender hand. She gave him a symbolic push and groaned as if begging for mercy: "Your Excellency!" Han Bai endured the feeling of burning like an explosion. Holding Zhaoxia's plump and greasy arm in his hand, he held her up and said modestly, "It's my fault. I just wanted to knock on the door." You just.. "Hey!" Facing the window, she stood up straight, gently earned, and motioned to Han Bo to let go of his big hand. Han Bo reluctantly let go and took a small step back. The morning glow raised her beautiful face, which was burning with a red edge and a jade neck. The cherry blossoms opened lightly. She gasped slightly and said, "It's nothing to do with the special envoy. It's the morning glow that's not good. She rushed out of the door without seeing clearly." By this time she had forgotten that Han Bo should not have gone to her room for any reason. Also forgot to Han Bo's skill, how can not avoid to one side in time. The two men's eyes touched again, and they were so frightened that they looked away. Behind Zhaoxia, Rourou glanced at Han Bo and said, "Are you looking for a slave?" "Oh, yes, yes," said Han Bo. Zhaoxia took the opportunity to get away and went to the cabin. "Let me get some snacks for the envoy and his wife," she said. It was not until her sultry figure disappeared at the corner of the corridor that Han Bo's soul returned,Planetary Gear Motor, dragged Rourou, called him to his room, and closed the door from the inside. When Fan Liangji stepped into the room, he looked out of the window and drank from the clear stream that had not entered his throat for a long time. When he saw him come in, he said with a smile, "Brother Fan, please sit down. I really want to talk to you." Fan Liangji took the wine from Lang Fanyun and drank it up in one gulp. "There is such a good wine in the world,small geared motors," he said. "It makes me feel like I have sucked up the spirit of all her clear springs in one mouthful." The waves turned over the clouds and said with a smile, "This is a sprinkle brewed by the female wine fairy, Miss Zuo Shi. It uses the spring water from Nu Jiao Island." It's called Qingxi Liuquan. Fan Bao knew what was on my mind, so he specially brought me two jars. I saw that the trip to Shuangxiu Mansion was imminent. How could I enjoy myself without wine? So I reluctantly opened a jar to drink. Brother Fan came just in time. "No matter how reluctant Brother Lang is," said Fan Liangji Zhengrong, "I can tell you frankly that when you come back from Shuangxiu Mansion, you won't have half a drop of wine left, because if you hide the remaining jar under that bed, I'll steal it and drink it." "Aren't you forcing me to drink it up at once?" He asked with a smile. "Don't say anything," said Fan Liangji with a smile. The two of them laughed in unison, and both had the pleasure of drinking a thousand cups less than a bosom friend. Waves and clouds suddenly returned to the distant past of Shangguan Fei, Zuo Boyan, Micro Gear Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Ling Zhantian and others singing to the wine, feeling the true feelings in the wine glass again. Fan Liangji let the waves turn over the clouds and fill the clear stream and flowing spring. After clinking glasses with each other, he drank a cup and sighed with emotion: "No wonder you can get along so well with Zuo Shi.". Because one is a female wine fairy. One is a male alcoholic. Damn: It's really good wine. It makes my whole body relax and have no worries at all. Damn it: Qingxi is already fierce, and there will be another flowing spring in it. I really want to *** his grandmother's eighteen generations of ancestors. After listening with a smile to this world-shaking bandit God and his profound and intelligent rude words, he was silent for a long time and then said, "Brother Fan, I don't know if he feels the same way as me. Only the clear stream and flowing spring can make people really realize the wonderful state of" drunkenness. "Nothing else is good, including her father Zuo Boyan's red sun and fire. He still dislikes half of the evil." Fan Liangji leaned against the back of the chair and pulled out the stolen life. The tobacco was burning, and he puffed away in puffs. He kicked off his shoes without spinning and squatted on the chair. Waves over the clouds to see the cup to go, thinking: What is there in the world more wonderful than wine? Only in the blurred world of wine, he can love him to miss Ji Xixi. Fan Liangji smirked and said, "Will Brother Lang fall in love with the clear stream and flowing spring, and therefore fall in love with the hostess who brewed it?" Lang Fanyun smiled and said, "The tobacco you're smoking smells good. Give me a taste." Fan Liangji saw that someone appreciated his coming to the west, and that it was even more like a "sword of rain." He was so happy that he laughed. He specially added a handful of tobacco and handed it over to Langfanyun, saying, "Apart from the clear stream and flowing spring, there is no rival. ” Waves and clouds took a deep breath, and then pulled the breath into their lungs. After a few turns, the breath spurted out from their ears and nostrils. "This is Wu Fu's Tianxiangcao," they said. Return the stolen life to Fan Liangji. Fan Liangji took the cigarette. He looked lovingly at the vanilla on the tube and sighed, "I'm regretting that I stole vanilla too much with conscience last time." Remembering the clear stream and flowing spring, the waves and clouds felt the same and sighed with him. Then Zuo Shi pushed the door and came in. See two people chatting, smile and sit on the edge of the bed. Waves over the clouds gentle tunnel: "Poem son: mention why so high-spirited." Zuo Shi was startled and thought to himself that he was happy to have Han Bo as his adopted brother. It was too hard for her to accept. "It's nothing," he said hurriedly. "It's just that I had a good talk with Rou Rou and Mrs. Xia just now." With a smile on his lips, he looked at Fan Liangji and said, "I don't know if Brother Fan has ever thought about a problem, that is, when Shurangama's men come to save people, as long as you and Han Bo make a move.". I will know the details immediately. Because they're looking for you. So pay special attention to sensitivity. Fan Liangji smirked and said, "How could I not have thought about this?" And think of a good way to deal with, to ensure that the other side can not see through us. "Alas, it is a pity that without you, I can only rely on Sister Shi's adopted brother, Brother Bo." Zuo Shiben listened with relish, and in the last few days, as if waking up in a dream, he cried out "oh" and immediately blushed. Only then did he realize that not a word of what he had just said to Han Bo had missed the ears of the two top masters. Can't help secretly hate Han Bo. Or really want to Shao Cao this harmful guy. Think of here, a moment of heart shock, realize that he really can't help but like Han Bo,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, but the waves are in the side like a relative to encourage her, tell her this is a good home. Think of here, can not help but have a look at the waves and clouds.

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Many of the assassins were hired, and the commander was dead, so he spontaneously covered up the black knife. Black knife bent his body in the crowd desperately, because all around are skeletons and assassins, but also all the enemies of the Griffin knight, so the Griffin in the air simply can not effectively hurt him, but with the assassins to fight together, let him two or three times out of the crowd, ran into the distance. By this time, without saying a word, the black knife spread his legs and ran desperately. The Griffin knights also did not continue to fight, took off to chase the black knife, flying in the air, their speed was obviously faster than the black knife, and the assassins then chased in their direction, not only slower, but also caught up with the Griffin knights flying in the air can not stop at all, not far behind them, and a large group of soldiers rushed to come. The middle-aged man was riding a Griffin with the most gorgeous feathers, the longest, and the fastest flight. Soon, he was the first to approach the black knife running in front of him. He patted the Griffin on the head. The Griffin stretched out its two claws and swooped down at a high speed. The target was the black knife running wildly. Running black knife gasping for breath, suddenly felt the back of the strong wind hit,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, at the same time came the cry of the brothers, suddenly feel bad, hurriedly want to Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste on the spot, but still late, the body just slanted, only to avoid a claw. As soon as he lowered his body, he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder. Blood gushed out, and a blood-red -50 HP appeared. He had been caught by one claw of the Griffin,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and the Griffin, who had lost the other claw, did not hesitate to stretch out its claws again. Almost at the same time, twelve long arrows rushed at the Griffin! Griffin is not simple, seems to have found the arrow, raised his head, two wings of the rapid fan, unexpectedly let the speed of the arrow slowed down, and the middle-aged man on the back, also hurriedly waving his sword to cut the arrow. But there were as many as twelve arrows flying in, but the middle-aged man felt a pain in his calf, and the top of his head came out-155hp. He had already been hit by the arrow, and almost at the same time, the Griffin stepped down and let out a neigh. It seemed that he had also been hit by the arrow. The Griffin in pain was hit by an arrow and ran into the air with a neigh. The middle-aged man on his back was waving a huge sword in both hands to resist the arrow. Thinking that the mount did not give face, one of them did not sit down, but turned down from the back of the Griffin, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,24v Gear Motor, landed heavily on his head and had a close contact with the ground, fell dizzy, and even the great sword flew. This time, the assassins who caught up with them were overjoyed, and before the rest of the Griffin knights could come to rescue them, they rushed up and cut the dazed middle-aged man with random knives. Chapter 82 run for your life The Griffin knights watched as the boss was cut into mud, immediately one by one furious, and then did not hesitate to aggressively command the Griffin to catch the assassins, and the assassins naturally brandished their weapons to meet them. Go after the assassin first and get back the mace! All this was seen by the troops coming here from behind. One of the leaders was the man who had just stood on the wall with the leader of the Griffin Knight. Although the situation changed so fast that he was very angry, he kept awake. At this time, he hurriedly shouted after the troops, "Now, the powerful mace can't be lost any more." Give me a shout! The man shouted twice, but unfortunately his voice was covered by the noisy battle. He had a brainwave and hurriedly said, "Suddenly, the troops running around together shouted at the same time.". This time, the Griffin knights naturally heard, and in a twinkling of an eye, the Griffin holding the black knife had already flown to the distance, and immediately one by one hurriedly directed the griffins to fly after them. Judging from their unskilled movements, it was not a long time for them to become Griffin knights, otherwise the unlucky ghost would not have carried them down. At this time, the black knife was so pitiful that it hurt so much behind his shoulder that he was lifted into the sky by the mad Griffin. His two claws were deeply inserted into his flesh, so that he could not turn around at all. He could only look higher and higher from the ground and farther and farther away from the people, but he still saw his brothers chasing him below. The Griffin in pain grabbed the black knife and flew frantically into the distance. His injuries were not serious. After a while, he gradually quieted down. Then he flew around in the sky and flew to the distant mountains with the black knife. Enduring the pain, the black knife saw the brothers chasing below farther and farther, smaller and smaller, and soon disappeared. He knew that he could only rely on himself. He could not help thinking of the plot in the novel and tried to twist his body in order to catch the Griffin's claws. As soon as his body moved, he pulled the claw deeply inserted in his shoulder, and immediately the blood flowed and the pain was so painful that he could not twist his body at all. But his movement reminded the Griffin that the prey under his claws was still alive, and he immediately lowered his head and chiseled at the black knife. Accompanied by a scream, the black knife head appeared-50 HP of blood red characters. As soon as the black knife screamed, the Griffin became more energetic and went down again without hesitation. Once again, he was cut down by the Griffin, as if he had been stabbed again, but this also made the black knife sober, and immediately endured the pain without shouting or shaking. Sure enough, the beast was a beast after all. The Griffin cut two more bites and stopped. It flew rapidly into the distance. The black knife did not know that the Griffin was so fast, just because the Griffin knights came after it. There was a sharp pain on the back of the black knife he was carrying, and the blood was falling down. He kept motionless and tried his best to think of an idea, but he didn't come up with a way for a long time. Instead, he saw that the plain below had turned into a primeval forest, with towering ancient trees, and he didn't know where he had been taken. Damn, I just got that powerful weapon, so I am too unwilling to die, the half-dead black knife is so distressed, the mind came up with the huge silver mace like a tree. This made his eyes light up and reminded him of the scene when he had just picked up this huge mace. It was so heavy! I'm afraid the Griffin can't be lifted. Thinking that the black knife had no other good idea, he immediately reached out and touched his arms without hesitation. Although he was moving,12v High Torque Motor, the flying Griffin did not care about him for the time being, after all, the more than twenty Griffin knights chasing behind him were not easy to mess with.

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"Oh?"? As you wish. Qin Fang is also slightly surprised, but also did not care, laughed in response to a sentence, did not put the fist that has been close at hand in the eye. He suddenly lifted his foot and kicked, just as Junhao's fist was about to fall on the bridge of Qin Fang's nose, Junhao's whole person was directly kicked by Qin Fang and lay heavily on the ground. roa。 Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 689 Hit the small, come the old. Brother Junhao was quite disdainful of Qin Fang, and felt that with the strength of his black belt, cleaning up such an ordinary person who had no strength, it was simply a matter that could be done with one punch. As a warrior, another Korean [search for the latest updates in aoye] Son, brother Junhao has a sense of superiority that others can't imagine. He feels that he is the noblest existence, and others are not qualified to compare with him at all. But today, when Lee Eun-hye appeared with Qin Fang, Lee Eun-hye's intimate gesture to Qin Fang made him furious and hostile to Qin Fang. And Qin Fang's sentence "You don't deserve it" instantly ignited the anger that Junhao brother was about to spray, and he made a move without hesitation. Especially when Lee Eun-hye shouted out the phrase "don't", in Junhao brother's view, it was Lee Eun-hye who was concerned about Qin Fang, which made him very angry and more ruthless. But when he heard the words behind Lee Eun-hye, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, but it was too late for him to stop, because his fist had reached the tip of Qin Fang's nose. The capital is the capital of the Dragon Kingdom. There are many famous officials here, and there are many officials and childs. Some people can offend his brother Junhao. After all, he is a foreigner, and his family background is also very good. As long as it is not too bad, he can stay out of it. At most, he will be deported. Of course, some childe elder brother he also dare not offend, such as Qiao Zhenfei, Tang Cheng these, offend too hard, it is estimated that he can not live out of the dragon country, so when he heard Li Enhui that sentence, he vaguely felt that Qin Fang may be a powerful family childe, this heart is a little regret under such a heavy hand. But go.. , He was obviously wrong in thinking and did not think of the right way to go. And just as his fist was about to touch Qin Fang, he finally realized the true meaning of Li Enhui's words. Qin Fang just put his foot in his abdomen with a light foot. The force generated at that moment seemed to shatter all his internal organs. There was a strong and incomparable churning in his stomach, as if he was going to spit out the overnight meal. Master Jun-ho.. Brother Junhao's tragic end immediately stunned the coaches in the boxing hall, and immediately gave a cry of surprise. ***ing dragon people, I want.. Ah There were even a few boxing coaches who had even less vision than brother Junhao, who immediately attacked Qin Fang with a very fierce attack, and the tui of the volley looked very lethal. Hum I don't know whether to live or die! Qin Fang's eyebrows and eyes are horizontal, although he is against Korea. The son was not very interested, but if someone took the initiative to stir up trouble, face recognition identification , Qin Fang would not be polite. For example, in front of Junhao brother, that arrogant posture, tone and hand ruthless, so that Qin Fang quite uncomfortable will give him a little lesson, let him know that there are people outside the sky. But Qin Fang shot is still very measured, he is passive counterattack, not to kick the hall, so his foot seems to be very heavy, in fact, has been out of the hand very light, otherwise Junhao brother would have fainted now. But I didn't expect these South Koreans. The son was so unreasonable that when he saw that he was defeated, he had to use the way of group attack, and even more ruthless than brother Junhao, which made Qin Fang a little angry in his heart. The attack of the extremely fierce whip tui brought up a burst of strong strength. This boy is also a ruthless man in the moves of the boxing. As far as the moves are concerned, he has won the most important one. It is a pity that after all, the boxing is a fight between a foreign husband and an internal master who can use his breath to fight against the enemy. If the two people who lost at the starting line from the very beginning have a clear gap in rank, then this fierce attack is not to kill the enemy, but to kill him. As soon as Qin Fang stepped back slightly, he saw the whip tui crossing in front of Qin Fang, not even touching the slightest bit of Qin Fang. But Qin Fang naturally could not be beaten passively, stretched out a hand, to be exact, two fingers, and tapped gently on the small tui of the man who had just crossed 1. The strength does not seem to be very big, the movement is also so casual, but that obvious crisp sound is very clear in many people's ears. Ah heart immediately, is a shrill scream, the fierce boxing coach immediately fell to the ground in pain, both hands tightly hugged his little tui, out of a heart-rending howl! Such a change, all appeared in a flash, really out of the expectation of many people, originally there are a few people to start on Qin Fang, but the fist of the hand all abruptly stopped, one by one you look at me, I look at you, but no one continues to be the first bird. Qin Fang is not the kind of person who likes to add insult to injury, and when he sees that these people have been shocked, he returns to his previous appearance, with a faint smile on his face, as if all this has nothing to do with him. You Who the hell is it? By this time, Junhao brother has been helped to stand up, the expression on his face is also quite shocked, at the same time the abdominal pain is severe, so that he seems to speak a little hard. But just now Qin Fang knocked off a tui action of the boxing coach, but he saw it more clearly than others, and at the same time he understood that his skill was absolutely no match for Qin Fang. Who am I? It's just a friend of Miss Li Yihui, as I said just now. For these South Koreans.

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"As soon as Gao Xingdeng's expression froze, he shook his hand and knocked out a locust stone, but instead of flying into the air, he went straight to the current tall and long lamp." Bo! With a sound, the paper lamp went out. At that time, the eyes were dark, and the dawn of the eastern sky, the fish belly white, looked particularly conspicuous. Zhu Yunyu was so frightened that he shrank back. "What is that?" As he spoke, Gao He-hsing was already flying out. His flying skills were so good that he had risen and fallen several times in a row and was already more than ten feet away. It's too late to say, but it's too soon. That is to say, at the same time when he was standing still, "Oh!" In the sound, the sky once again came to hear the sharp sound. Dawn before dawn, very dark, can not see what is in the sky in the end, silver gray flash, "Ding!" " A sound, shot to the mountain wall, rebound and fall. The tall crane walked forward, rushed to the front, bent down to pick it up and looked at it. A small, ringing arrow bent like a snake. This toy is exquisitely made, and it is definitely not used by ordinary Jianghu people. Gao Hexing was born in a big house, and he knew at a glance that it was the toy that the Royal Guards used to use in the past. It goes without saying that someone on the enemy's side has discovered this place and is sending a signal to inform his colleagues. If that's the case, it's not good. Gao Hexing was startled, but he was not disorderly in surprise. He turned over his right hand at the moment and used the momentum of "throwing the handle", "swish!" With a sound, the arrow rang in the handle and was thrown with all its strength. The technique was particularly vigorous,temperature screening kiosk, and he was an expert. This is the cleverness of the tall crane. In front of the display, so set up a suspicious array, in order to get from the enemy's arrows, to the enemy with the wrong guide, brilliant. The arrow shot, sent out a very sharp whistle, but it was a detour, flying in the opposite direction to the left. On the enemy's side, in the unknown situation, it is difficult to distinguish,digital whiteboard price, and it is bound to make a wrong judgment. High crane line sound arrow shot, people have been flying vertical up and down, between the rise and fall, like a swallow, landed dozens of feet away. The place where Gao Hexing landed was the place where the arrow had come from. He thought that the enemy who had fired the arrow was the most important thing. He should do his best to annihilate it, so that he could live in peace for the time being. This judgment is very correct. Little did they know that the enemy in the dark had the same idea as him, that is, he hated him so much that he was determined to take his life. In this way, it happens to coincide. As soon as Gao Hexing's body approached, a branch clattered in front of him on the left, and a shadow arrow spear seemed to fly in front of him. The bearer was dressed in a black tights, with a net scarf tied around his head. At first glance, he knew that he was born in a big family. This kind of dress was often worn by Gao Hexing in those days. Speaking of it, the two sides were originally one family. Unexpectedly, once the environment changed, they became enemies who could not tolerate each other. What a hateful thing! The man in black shouted in his mouth and raised his right hand, "Ka!" With a bang, a sleeve arrow was sent out. Relying on the strength of the royal family, these royal guards have repeatedly brought forth new ideas even on the side of weapons and hidden weapons. That is to say, the small sleeve arrow in front of us is very ingenious. Although the arrow body is small and exquisite, facial recognization camera ,temperature check kiosk, its weight is not light. In addition, there is a special mechanism in the arrow part. Once the force is exerted, two barbs will be ejected from both sides of the arrow head. In this way, if you want to pull it out, you have to dig it out together with a large piece of meat. Since Gao Ho-hsing was born in Ochi, he was naturally saved. With the sudden display of an arc sword behind him, "When!" With a cry, he rolled up the small sleeve arrow in front of him for a long time. Followed by an angry shout from the man in black, the two sides had gathered together. The bearer had a soft weapon in his hand, and with the eagerness of his body, "Crash!" As soon as it rang, he shook a twelve-section bright silver soft whip straight, and suddenly pricked it in front of his opponent's heart. With a "hum", the arc sword suddenly turned outward, and with a "choke" sound, it opened the body of the opponent's whip, but it was the tip of a sword, dramatically inserted into the loop of the soft whip. As soon as Gao Hexing suddenly earned his strength, his strength was so fierce that he shouted, "Let go!" As soon as the bearer stumbled, it was difficult to control him because of the haste of the matter. As soon as his hand was hot, a twelve-section bright silver whip "whoosh!" Get out of the way. Man in Black "Ah!" With a cry, he could hardly make any reaction, followed by a step forward by Gao Hexing, with his right hand protruding, "Poof!" A slap hit him on the chest. This palm is full of power, Gao Hexing is determined to take the other side's life, the palm is extremely powerful, internal force spit, the whole body of the man in black suddenly flew out, only to hear "touch!" He crashed into a big tree and fell to the ground. Gao He-hsing was determined to take the man's life. Naturally, he was extremely ruthless. With a flash of his body, he flew forward and swung his arc-shaped sword. When he was about to hit his opponent on the head, there was a loud clatter in the bushes behind him. One of them shouted angrily, "Be bold!" With this shout, two small arrows, through the wind. Gao Hexing was so cruel that his sword in the palm of his hand kept going, "Ka Chir!" With a sound, he struck the man in black on the ground at the top of the door, and immediately took the account with a sword. At the same time, with a quick turn of the body, the sword in the palm has been flying out, "cough up!" With a sound, a hidden weapon flying behind him on the left fell to the ground, but it was the one on the right, unable to get out of the way. Poof! Right in the shoulder. The opponent is surprisingly strong, and the hidden weapon itself is specially designed, and the weight is far heavier than the general. Once the flesh, deep into the inch, is deeply embedded in the scapular seam. Gao Hexing shivered in pain. He is known as a tough guy, and he will not make a sound even if he is in pain. But it was the arrow in front of him that went deep into the bone seam, and the pain was so severe that he couldn't help "talking", and with a sharp turn of his body, "whoosh!" Jumping up, without looking at the enemy, he grabbed the hidden weapon on his shoulder with his backhand and started with a snow-white goose feather. Only then did I know that the hidden weapon was a "snake-headed white arrow". This thing is extremely vicious in the hidden weapon, because the center of gravity of the hidden weapon itself is all on the snake-shaped head, and the tail of the arrow is extremely light and ineffective. As soon as the tall crane was eager to pull it out, it broke away from the head and tail, and sank a snake-shaped arrow deep into the flesh. This movement affected his muscles and bones, and the pain made him tremble all over his body and almost fell down. In front of the wind hit the face, the enemy has dodged forward. It turned out to be a thin man in brocade clothes like a monkey,outdoor digital signage displays, with rabbit ears, eagle cheeks, and a pointed chin. He was really ugly.

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Kim Sook was a little embarrassed to joke at Gao Enya, "Sister should help you, isn't it a little useless?" Yi Neng is her home court. Well, so, my sister will try to add oil and vinegar to make me more angry. Ko Eun-ah'teaches' Kim Sook as if she had a thing to do. Make each other laugh. The girls discussed the details again, and soon the production team suggested that the recording should start. After the relatives with evil intentions on both sides met, the atmosphere was warmer than before. They announced the rules of grabbing stools and the dinner menu after the dance meeting. The first set meal of roast pork belly, the second set meal of hot pot for troops, followed by curry set meal, ramen set meal, bread + jam, rice + chili sauce. Of course, these are all lies, only the winning side can eat all. After listening to Liu Haozhen's string of food names, Gao Enya sighed in a low voice, "That is, except for the first place, the rest have no meaning of the future." Zheng Junying looked down at her, a little surprised, Gao Enya did not seem to be dissatisfied because of such a trivial matter, thinking that she did not eat much at noon, thinking that she was hungry. "This is too unfair," he protested. "Don't we have a chance to replace it? If you can replace the second or third place, you really don't have to replace the first place! "You have to follow the rules. There are not so many requirements." Jin Zhu was frightened to stand up and put on his brother's identity and teach Zheng Junying a lesson. Gao Enya immediately came out to apologize. "Sorry, it's my fault." He patted Zheng Junying secretly and whispered, "It doesn't matter to me." 'ah. Nothing. Jin Zhu,digital signage kiosk, who still wanted to seize the opportunity to get started, stammered and stood back. He couldn't get angry with Gao Enya. Wen Gen Yingzhan looked at him strangely beside him. "Brother, what happened to you suddenly?" "Just change it. The food of the second and third place is not bad. You can change it. You can change it." Cha Tae-hyun, who was afraid that his brother would say the wrong thing, interrupted their interaction and looked at him in consultation. From the perspective of God, Liu Haozhen casually agreed that the top three foods could be changed at will. Song and dance contest outpost battle, grab the stool game, officially began. No, it should be two days and one night,touch screen digital signage, the official opening of the hidden camera of breaking foreign friendship. Chapter 159 Hi song sounded on the grass, a group of over-age children around a plastic stool, happy circle, standing behind Gao Enya Jin Junhao depressed opening, "Why are you so tall? What did you eat to grow up?" "So I am a relative of Junying brother." Gao Enya stood on tiptoe and looked back at him. Zheng Junying on the opposite side nodded, "Brother's height is really a little short." "Ah!" X3, a heart-to-heart roar, from the height of half a catty, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jun-ho, Kim Jong-ming three people. Park Bo-young, who also suffered losses on the issue of height, looked at Cha Tae-hyun doubtfully, "Do you still care about this?" "Men are very concerned about length." Jin Junhao bared his teeth and opened a yellow cavity. Cha Tae-hyun hit him. "Do you want to die? There are so many girls here." "What's wrong with girls?" Moon Geun-young, the younger sister of the nation, who has stepped into the thirtieth generation but has a twenty-generation face, asks questions. Jin Junhao, who found that the timing was really wrong, touch screen kiosk ,interactive kiosk price, jumped forward and said, "The girl is very beautiful." At the end of several rounds of games, there are only seven players left on the court, namely, Ko Eun-ah, Park Bo-young, Kim Jun-ho, Min-ah, Kim Jong-myung, Moon Geun-young and Def. There are only four chairs, and three players will be eliminated at a time in this game. And near the end of the game, the first few times want to emerge the flames of dispute, because of the strange reaction of the girls around, did not succeed. MCs are getting impatient. When the whistle sounded, Gao Enya stepped forward, picked up Park Bo-young, who had just sat on the stool, and grabbed a stool to sit down in the posture of holding her sister in her arms. Park Bo-young, who was hugged by the princess, did not react at all, and even Liu Hao-jin's voice announcing victory paused for a second. Hey, this is a foul! Def, who did not grab the stool, pointed at the two men in front of him and shouted. Gao Enya is still holding her sister's posture to get up, "should the parties have the final say?" He lowered his head and asked the man in his arms, "Did I foul?" "You put me down first!" Park Bo-young called in a low voice, holding her neck in surprise and not daring to move, fearing that her sister would drop her on the ground. Gao Enya, who was not worried about throwing Park Bo-young, bumped the man in his arms and asked repeatedly, "Am I a foul?" You put her down first! Be careful! Cha Tae-hyun quickly walked to Gao Enya's side and asked her to release the hostage. Zheng Junying came forward to block in front of his partner, "first say no foul!" "Ah!"! Don't you have any idea? Put the man down first! What if I fall? Jin Zhu frightened Zheng Junying loudly. It's all right, brother. Don't worry. I'm strong enough not to hurt my sister. Gao Enya bent down to put Park Bo-young on the ground, waited for her to take off the hand around her neck, shook her head, and asked in a low voice, "Are you all right?" Really surprised Park Bo-young, shaking his head and looking at her in surprise, "You are so strong!"! I feel like you picked me up without any effort. Turning to Cha Tae-hyun, he said, "I'm all right, brother." Kim Sook looked at the atmosphere is not right, came forward to insert a sentence, "it's all right, it's all right, Enya should have confidence in themselves, to do so, not a child without gratitude." "It's a foul. It's not a foul this time. Let's do it again." Jin Junhao saw that Jin Zhu was scared to go back as he had done several times before, so he could only start again. Zheng Junying, who rarely seized the opportunity, was immediately dissatisfied and said, "Why not? The rules don't say it can't be like this." "Of course it's a foul!" Jin Zhongming played dumb beside him. "Isn't it a foul for a woman to have so much strength?"? You see, no one else can do it. Def pointed to Gao Enya and joined the battlefield. "If this was not a foul, you would have been thrown out by me long ago. Is there any need for the game?" "I don't understand more and more." Zheng Junying folded his arms, raised his chin and looked at him provocatively. "If you can't do it, it's a foul. What kind of reason is that? And who do you want to hug?"? The most you can do is throw Junhao out. Do you dare to hug Minya? Minya,Interactive digital signage, who had been looking at her eyes, grabbed Def and said, "Didn't I grab the stool? We still have a chance. Don't be angry. What's wrong with this?" 。
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