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Desert Ballad

I took a deep breath and pulled my mind back. Things have come to this step, between me and Li Yan has been unable to be good, and I have also withdrawn from Chang'an nine Ye once again into the big quagmire of Chang'an, and is the biggest whirlpool in the big quagmire-the prince to seize the throne, no matter for whom, I must cheer up. Seeing that I was listening, I nodded approvingly. "The Ninth Master has been busy saving you these days, ignoring a lot of things. We asked the Ninth Master who poisoned you, but the Ninth Master didn't answer, but I guess it should be Mrs. Li.". The emperor must have known about your poisoning, the palace doctor and rare medicinal materials continuously sent over, although did not say who and what, everyone is just pretending to be confused! Looking at the emperor's actions, he was afraid that he was also worried, and. The day slightly paused, "very worried." If there is really something, a corpse two lives, the emperor here again blocked the news, nine Ye will certainly let Huo Qubing know, with Huo Qubing's temper, and now heavily armed, the emperor should really worry about. Think of here, the body suddenly a shock, Li Yan she is not for personal grievances, her ultimate goal is the big fellow of the world. Although Huo Qubing and Wei ch'ing discord, but after all, the same root even gas, a loss, this time if really like Li Yan's meaning, the big fellow court must be chaos, Liu Che even if finally can set things right, also will be injured, no time to take into account the western regions. Vicky twisted the veil in a hurry to wipe my sweat. "Let's talk about these things later."! Now take good care of your body. I said, "I am more nervous to save my life.". Talking doesn't matter. If I make things clear,ultrasonic extraction cbd, I can rest at ease if I have a dispute in my heart. Otherwise, they are always worried about what will happen next time, and they will not have a good rest. "The key is that you and Mrs. Li have always been good friends," he said. "Many people still think you are as close as sisters. And general Huo and Wei in politics is not very intimate, even with general Wei in the army, even if the lady Li want to fight for the crown prince for his son, also didn't put you to death, anger general Huo reason and motive. In addition, Mrs. Li is now favored, there is no irrefutable evidence, the emperor will not believe, but will suspect that it is because of Wei's fear of Li's division of their rights in the court and the ghost framed, so even if the matter of poisoning is certainly not investigated. I sighed, "Since Li Yan dares to do it, she must have arranged a way out and a person to take the blame. Even if she is not careful, she doesn't know which innocent person has been sacrificed.". I don't want to pay attention to these things that have happened. It was the matter of smashing the jade pagoda and hurting the prince. How did the Ninth Master make Li Yan regress? The sun shook his head to show that he was not clear. "I only know that the Ninth Master had a secret talk with the emperor once.". Only the Ninth Master and the Emperor knew exactly what they had talked about. After the talk, the emperor actually decreed that the Ninth Master should be responsible for reviewing the matter. Perhaps it was Mrs. Li who thought that a queen of Wei was already hard to shake, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, coupled with the unknown power of the Ninth Master, instead of doing useless entanglement, it would be better to sacrifice a pawn to defeat another enemy who was becoming more and more dangerous. I "hum", "where is she to give up entanglement? There is simply after the move, and a more vicious than a move, so pretend to let go to paralyze the people, also let queen Wei to help her punish Yin Jieyu, the emperor later even occasionally think of the benefits of Yin Jieyu, in the heart of resentment, also all directed at queen Wei. Day and Vicky showed a look of fear, Vicky murmured: "From the beginning is a set of links, good meticulous and terrible scheming." "I'm really sorry," I said to Japan. "You could have had a quiet life in the Han Dynasty, but I dragged you into this court dispute." Holding Vicky's hand, he said with a smile, "You know people's hearts when you are in danger. You can make a few friends who are entrusted with life and death all your life. It's worth everything to live happily.". Had it not been for you, I wouldn't have gotten to know General Huo in the Han Dynasty and nine Ye such characters, such a friend of loyalty as Tianzhao and Xiaofeng, this kind of thing, you drag a few more times, I am also willing. Vicky smiled too. "I'm willing too.". I used to listen to stories about life and death, and I always felt that it was not credible, but after knowing you and the future, I believed it. You don't need a ring at all. One ring is enough. Xiao Feng muttered, "I don't want to. I just want to do business and make money. You'd better not bother me in the future." Vicky wrinkled her nose and looked puzzled. She tilted her head and asked coquettishly, "Who stayed here for a few days and nights without doing business at first, and clamored to assassinate Mrs. Li to avenge Sister Yu?"? Who saw Xiaoyu wake up and wipe her tears with her back? Xiao Feng jumped out of the house and said, "It's because of the Ninth Master and my grandfather." The three of us looked at Xiao Feng's back and smiled at each other. My heart is warm, and some of the haze that was born because of Li Yan has all dissipated. If you have friends like this, what more can you regret? The Ninth Master wanted me to live in the Stone Mansion. Amaterasu, Hikari, and Honggu also begged me to stay in the Stone Mansion. Uncle Chen was quite critical, but when the Ninth Master asked, "Can you make sure that all the people in the Huo Mansion are reliable?" Uncle Chen had a complicated expression. After being stunned for a while, he sighed and made a big salute to the Ninth Master, saying, "It's all the old slave's negligence. When the general comes back, he will come to thank the Ninth Master for helping him take care of Miss Yu." Ninth Master's hand on the wheelchair suddenly tightened, then slowly loosened, and returned to Uncle Chen with a slight smile. Tianzhao was so angry that he snorted, "Xiaoyu lived in Shifu as soon as she entered Chang'an City. We are old friends, so we don't need to thank General Huo." Uncle Chen's goal had been achieved, and he pretended not to hear the cold words of Amaterasu. He told me a few words in detail and then turned away. Day is funny and wry smile, looking at me shaking his head, Vicky is with a bit of indignation, I can only respond with a wry smile. Regardless of the ninth master or the disease, if a woman can meet one of them and get his heart, it is absolutely a great blessing in her life, but when two great blessings are added together, it is absolutely not one plus one equals two, happiness doubles, but three people will be crushed if they are not careful. Living in the bamboo house again, the bamboo is still green, the dove is still flying,sonicator homogenizer, but the face has changed completely. I hid all my feelings in my heart, and the Ninth Master tried his best to hide all his feelings, with only that indifferent smile on his face.

Wesley 102 (Code Two)

The yellow cicada answered, Yes! A man sneaked into the country's absolutely secret reference room, and what you two saw was a corridor. To enter this corridor, you had to go through seven heavily guarded checkpoints, which were classified as first-level security. I continued to scoff: "It seems that the level of your defense needs to be adjusted!" "Naturally, for a capable person like Mr. Wei, the first level of security is the same as the ninth level." I immediately pointed out: What are you implying? And you thought it would be me? "Now," said the Yellow Cicada, "it's just that they look like each other, and they have great powers. It's like going into no man's land. Only you, Mr. Wei, can do that!" I can't help but laugh and cry, "You are too flattering, this person is not me!" But Bai Su said to one side, "Now that Miss Huang has decided it's you, there must be a reason. Let's go on and see." I was so angry that I snorted. "I'm not sure it's Mr. Wei," Huang said hurriedly. "But some people think it's him. In order not to cause him unnecessary trouble, I came to ask Mr. Wei to confirm it!" Speaking of, she came here, unexpectedly all for my good, is a good intention! However, although I don't think so, I have to admit that there is some truth in her words. The "someone" in her mouth is naturally a member of the security system among the powerful forces. That is a huge force. If you want to make trouble for me, my trouble is big enough. There is absolutely no reason to talk about this kind of trouble. Naturally, it can be avoided. Therefore, I have not said anything. Bai Su is very calm: "This process alone is not enough to judge who this person is,ultrasonic dispersing machine, you must have more advanced equipment, you can judge it!" The yellow cicada's mouth was very sweet. "Sister Bai is right. Please look!" As he spoke, he stopped playing, and then he continued, only to see the man, after some operation, open a door. I noticed that there were five circles on the door, probably a combination lock, and the man opened the door after operating on the five circles for only about two minutes. "I don't think that's one of Mr. Wei's main reasons,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine," sighed Huang before explaining. "It's in this place!" I said coldly, "You don't think I can open this door." "You have the ability, but you can't be that fast," Huang said. I think someone on the inside must have let the cat out of the bag for this person to be able to get through so smoothly. During our internal exercises, our own people opened the door, and it was a first-class achievement to be able to reach this time! After she had said all this, she paused for a moment and then said, "a wise man would not do such an act as buying an inside man. Mr. Wei disdains to do it." This high hat was very comfortable, and my complexion, unconsciously, also eased a lot. "Come down again," said the yellow cicada. "The picture is a little scary. Please pay attention." Bai Su and I knew that she would not send warnings indiscriminately, so we paid attention to each other, but when the strange picture appeared on the screen, Bai Su and I could not help holding each other's hands. The same man on the screen opened the door and entered a small space that looked a bit like an elevator. There was nothing special about this. What was special was that as soon as he entered that small space, he became a complete skeleton. A living, complete skeleton! Bai Su and I both made meaningless noises, and Huang said, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic generator driver, "The effect of X-rays is, to put it bluntly, very ordinary, but the effect is very frightening." The effect was indeed amazing. Under the X-ray, all the bones of the man appeared, and all the soft tissues of the human body disappeared. Only a dry bone was in action. It could be seen that he was groping for a flat surface in front of him, but his hands were still dark, only five fingers, but no phalanges. I said, "The gloves he wears." Huang Chan said, "There's a lead X-ray shield, and it's also radiation-proof. This man came completely prepared, but he didn't expect us to have this set of equipment. This equipment is unparalleled in the world, and it's even more advanced than the top-secret room of the US Department of Defense. Please take a look." With his introduction, a series of numbers suddenly appeared on the screen. The numbers are: weight, height, internal health of the body, and then there are more closely related numbers-this man's size of every bone, that man is still groping, not knowing what he is looking for, the screen shows a close-up of his head, all the moving skulls, you can see that he is also very nervous, he is constantly swallowing saliva, all kinds of moving bones. Like a machine in motion, strange and inexplicable. "Let's take a look at further computer analysis," Huang said. "The shape of a human skull determines too many things." I held my breath. Yes, the shape of the human skull determines too many things. Even just a bone of the head can be used to spell out the shape of the skull, and with the shape of the skull, musculofacial tissue can be added to spell out the face of the person. Furthermore, according to the shape and size of the person's skull, the person's voice can also be imitated. All this is very common technology. Now, with the size and shape of the person's entire skull, these goals can naturally be achieved. I could not help saying, "If you had known who it was, why did you come to amuse me?" The yellow cicada said in a deep voice, "Please take it easy." By this time, I had noticed something strange-the man's skull, in several places, was very abnormal. On the left side of the frontal bone, there is an oblique depression, not only that, but also a closer look at the parietal bone, nasal bone, maxilla, mandible, zygomatic bone, temporal bone, occipital bone, the main parts of the eight skulls, each part has different degrees of deformation! As soon as I noticed this, my most natural reaction was to blurt out, "This man is not an earthling!" Bai Su said, "He is an earthman, but he has suffered a very serious injury to his head!" I could not help but shudder-for it was unthinkable that a man's head, which had been so injured,ultrasonic welding transducer, should have survived. But the yellow cicada answered, "I've been hurt. That's one of the possibilities.". The second possibility is that it was deliberate, radical plastic surgery. 。

My groom is the King of Hell.

Su ran quietly lying in a large pool of blood, her body, can not see the slightest scar, her little face, looks quiet and beautiful, if not for such a large pool of blood, if not for her chest without the slightest rise and fall, she does not look like a dead person at all. Turning my face, I saw Su Ran who was with me just now. Her face was still interlaced with many kinds of complex emotions. She looked at me and then at the body lying on the ground. Suddenly, she took a big step back. She looked at me warily and asked, "Who are you?!" Su ran asked me, who am I? I glanced at Su Ran, who was lying in a pool of blood, and looked at her warily and asked, "Who are you?!"! Why did you pretend to be Xiaoran? What on earth is your purpose?! What did you say?! I'm pretending to be Su Ran?! I was originally Su Ran, okay! You don't know what the monster is! Shishi is lying on the ground. Why do you pretend to be Shishi? Hearing what I said, Su ran's little face became very ugly by the way. She put her hands on her hips and shouted at me angrily. What She said I was lying on the ground?! Hearing Su ran say so, I couldn't help looking at the ground, lying in a pool of blood, it was clearly Su ran! Could it be that the man lying in a pool of blood, what I saw was Su Ran, and what Su Ran saw was me?! Instead of answering Su Ran's words, I tried to calm down and not let my mind be suppressed by the ghost hidden in the dark. That ghost wanted me and Su Ran to suspect each other. He wanted us to kill each other. Su Ran and I couldn't be fooled by him! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her,ultrasonic cutting machine, kill her! Immersed in my own thoughts, the air, suddenly sounded like a bewitching voice, I looked around blankly, but how can not see the owner of the voice. Kill her! Kill her! Kill her, kill her! The voice continued. Listening to the voice, I could not help reciting the incantation. When several silver needles soaked in cinnabar appeared in my hand, I held the silver needle and stabbed Su Ran's heart without hesitation. Su ran obviously heard the sound,ultrasonic dispersion machine, she was also bewitched by the sound, her hand, quickly appeared a dagger, she clenched the dagger, fiercely stabbed me in the chest. The ghost in the dark wanted me and Su Ran to kill each other, but Su Ran and I could not be fooled by him. At the moment when we were about to touch each other's heart, we turned around at the same time, almost with the strength of sucking milk, and stabbed the corpse lying in a pool of blood. Su Ran and I looked at each other as we stabbed the corpse together, and the tacit understanding over the years was self-evident. That ghost can't bewitch me and Su Ran. Ah ah ah!!! The shrill screams almost broke my eardrums. The corpse lying in the pool of blood quickly dissipated. I felt that the ghost should be scared out of its wits. Su ran and I looked at each other and smiled, intending to find a way out quickly and leave this ghost place, but before we could raise our feet, countless sharp knives, like meteors, rushed to me and Su ran. At the moment when they were about to stab me and Su Ran in the chest, the sharp knives suddenly stopped. Resentful, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, cold girl, faint in the air sounded, "kill her, as long as kill her, I let you live!" " Obviously, the meaning of that ghost is that I and Su ran, who killed each other, she let that person live, otherwise, I and Su ran, can only die together! I bit my index finger, drew a magic amulet in the air, and shouted, "broken." The magic amulet rushed fiercely toward the sharp knives, but the magic amulets could not shake the sharp knives. As soon as I touched the sharp knives, my amulet fell to the ground like a wilting flower. That ghost, far more powerful than I imagined, I and Su ran, it is impossible to be her opponent, if I do not kill Su ran, I will only die! But I am dead, I can not, hurt Su ran. Looking at the sharp knives that almost stuck to our chest, Su ran's little face quickly turned pale, and as soon as she bit her lips, her face slowly emerged a little blood with the ruddy lips. She put the dagger in her hand solemnly in my palm, "Shishi, kill me!" "Xiaoran, what are you talking about? How could I kill you?" I hurriedly put the dagger back in Su Ran's hand, "Xiao Ran, if you want to die, it should be me!" When I said this, I couldn't help but take a look at Su Ran's stomach, "Xiao Ran, you are not alone now, you must live well.". Xiaoran, kill me! "Shishi, if only one of us can live, I hope that person is you." Su ran looked at me and raised his lips gently. "Ah Nian is gone. I'm alive, but I'm just a walking corpse.". As for this child, if he follows me, it's because his life is not good! With these words, Su ran forced his hand, and the knife in his hand stabbed him hard in the chest. Xiao Ran! I never thought Su ran would suddenly make such a move, immediately under a big jump, hurriedly started to grab Su ran hand knife. My hand had not yet caught the knife in Su Ran's hand, and an invisible force knocked the knife in Su Ran's hand to the ground. I'm talking about killing each other. Suicide doesn't count! If you want to die together, I don't have such good patience to continue to dawdle! After a slight pause, the ghost in the dark went on to say, "I count to three. If you don't do it,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I'll have to send you to hell myself!" "One!" "Two!" "Shishi, do it quickly and kill me!" "Xiaoran, kill me!" Su Ran and I said almost at the same time.

Love Story of Fantasy World

Gently let go of Yan Qing, I made up my mind. Yan Qing gave me courage, but also gave me an unparalleled opportunity. Now he has declared his love for me in front of the whole world regardless of everything, even without telling his father. I will never fail him. At the same time, I accepted Yan Qing as a demon queen in front of the whole world. Imaging spar must have spread this information around the world. My eyes quickly swept over the people I loved in the audience, and my heart ached slightly. Formal courtship ceremony, if only completed with Yan Qing. I just did what I owed them, which was unfair to them. Fingers stroked the bracelet on his left wrist, in which lay quietly the soul core that had been removed yesterday. Secretly determined, I took a deep breath and looked up at the teenager beside me, "Yan Qing, wait for me here." I smiled at him and walked step by step to the stage in the blank eyes of the crowd. Standing in front of Ako without hesitation, I took out a delicate wooden dressing box from the storage spar and handed it to him. There was a flash of surprise in Ako's eyes. He trembled and reached out to lift the lid. A retro wooden comb lay quietly on the velvet. Ako, let me comb your hair.. Ok I picked up the wooden comb and looked at him firmly. A Ke's delicate body swayed gently, and I saw a flood of surprise on his delicate face. "Good." He gazed at me quietly, watching the comb in my hand comb his silky purple hair one by one. In the crowd, whether stunned, angry or laughing, everyone quieted down in an instant, with some doubts,ultrasonic cutting machine, some touches, everyone silently gazed at the pair of figures on the image spar, what a tender picture it was.. Is the red dress a dancer's wedding dress? The joy between his eyebrows, and the affectionate eyes when the girl gazed. All of them make people almost forget the original purpose of coming here. After combing the last strand of hair, I took Ake's hand and brought him to Yan Qing. Turning around again, I had taken out a cloak embroidered with cherry blossoms from the storage spar and put it on my body. I opened the snow clan form. With my silver hair flying, I silently recited incantations and walked lightly in the air on my toes. Stepping firmly into the void step by step,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I stopped in the air a few meters away from the brown-haired and blue-eyed magic teacher, the wind blowing the cloak, and the gorgeous cherry blossoms on it seemed to be in full bloom. I looked at Master. His ice-blue eyes looked back at me quietly, and the corners of his lips curved with charm. Marry me, Master. I smiled, unbuttoned the collar of my cloak with my fingers, and threw my backhand forward. Cherry blossoms spread pink mist in the air, tall and straight, with an evil but handsome face, the magic teacher stood up and reached out his right hand to catch the cloak thrown by the girl. Then, as if extremely reluctant, he carefully hugged the cloak in his arms, and when he raised his head again, he put on a casual, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic metal welding, domineering smile, "the teacher reluctantly agreed." Come here The magician stretched out his right hand, opened his palm, and gazed deeply at the woman floating a few steps in front of him. With a slight smile, I took a few steps forward, with my little hand cleverly lying flat in Master's broad palm. My palm was wrapped tightly around my little hand, and Master took me into her arms. "Propose in front of the whole world?"? My little baby really has the guts. I like it as a teacher. He gently pecked my ears, some reluctant to let go of me, ice-blue eyes flowing with warmth, "I'm waiting for you there, go.." They're all waiting. Master rubbed my hair, cast a levitation spell, and walked slowly to the place where the demons and the flames were in the incredible eyes of the crowd. I grinned, turned to the left, jumped and flew to the front of Xiaoya, stretched out my hand in the puzzled eyes of the crowd, and looked straight at the amber eyes. The moment Xiaoya's little hand touched my palm, the silvery light like mist enveloped his body in an instant, and his body rose little by little, standing in the void in front of me. Little Yaluo looked at me a little confused, "Little Fish, what are you." I winked at him, the corners of my mouth turning up. "I came to woo you.". ” At the moment when the teenager suddenly opened his eyes wide, the silver-haired woman opposite had slowly approached him, her body was close to him, and then retreated, her lips brushed his face, easily igniting his almost irrepressible desire, but in the next second she quickly withdrew, her silver hair floating across his cheeks. Her hand moved gently on his body, stroked ambiguously on his waist, drew a complicated track on his back, and her breath spurted on his cheeks, his neck, his collarbone. She breathed hot on his hair, and her silvery voice whispered in his ear. There was a flash of sadness in the teenager's eyes. This is the courtship ritual of the spirit orcs. Did she go to look it up and train it specially? Usually so can not let go of a person, for him to make such a bold act in front of so many people. He glimpsed the unconcealed blush and embarrassment on her face, which pretended to be calm, and he felt the stiffness and trembling of her palms as she touched him. Idiot The boy hugged her body tightly as she approached her again. He covered her silver hair with his golden hair and said a spell at a speed that no one could detect. A wisp of golden hair and silver hair were intertwined in a faint warm light, and then disappeared into the boy's magic seal. Knot hair. This is a Protoss courtship ritual. The moment I was held in Xiaoya's arms, the crowd burst into screams. His face was a little hot, and although Angel had been scolding him for a long time, it was really difficult for me to flirt in public. Xiaoya, did you promise? I hugged my wife and rubbed my face against his tender little face. With a bad smile,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, Xiaoya opened his mouth and nibbled on my face. Then he held my face in both hands. His expression was still cool. "Naturally.". But remember, if you don't satisfy me, I can kick you out at any time. 。

The villain is helping me with my homework again.

Gu Yanfeng leaned indifferently against a tree about two meters away from the actress, a bit irrelevant. Jiang Mi suddenly believed what Zhuo Jun often said, that Teacher Gu was not good to everyone. However, Mr. Gu is still very serious and responsible for his work. If he can make this attitude, the actress's performance may be really a bit bad. Jiang Mi turned around and planned to buy a cold drink for Gu Yanfeng. He is not as gentle as he appears, and he can be angry, but he usually doesn't show it. In this weather, drinking some cold drinks can reduce the internal heat. But before she could take a step, she heard someone secretly talking about Gu Yanfeng. Teacher Gu is really handsome, and she is sexy and sultry just leaning against the tree. Look at his cold expression, it makes people want to strip him naked and see if he has a wild side when he's in bed. Jiang Mi: ".." She has only been in the group for a few days, but Teacher Gu has a good reputation, and she has heard a lot of people secretly gossip about Teacher Gu. But so.. It's the first time to be bold and unrestrained. Turned around and saw two staff members. The other said, "Teacher Gu must look better. He has a good figure. He has broad shoulders, thin waist, long legs and big chest.." Jiang Mi: "..!!!" This is really the whole world bullying her. She coughed twice, and the two staff members were startled and immediately shut up,Inflatable outdoor park, not daring to talk any more. Jiang Mi still went to the drink shop, unexpectedly someone was already in front. It was two girls, having a heated discussion about something. Jiang Mi was absent-minded in the back and didn't hear what they said until one of the girls said, "." It really works. I've gone from an A to a D. Jiang Mi suddenly raised his head. The girl just turned around after buying the drink and was stared at by Jiang Mi. "What's wrong?" Jiang Mi in the end or embarrassed, opened his mouth, did not make a sound. The girl thought she was finding fault, so she gave the drink to her companion and said,Inflatable indoor park, "What are you looking at?" Jiang Mi:.. So, can I ask your method? "What?" The girl didn't understand. Just what you just said. The way A becomes D. Jiang Mi blushed and whispered. Oh, this. The girl changed her smiling face in an instant, "just add strategy all the time, don't care about other forces, ranks and so on, add strategy first.." "Wait." Her companion looked at Jiang Mi with a blank face and interrupted her, "I think what she asked may not be the game method." Jiang Mi:.. Game method? Hot-tempered girl: … What did you ask? Jiang Mi:.. I'm sorry to disturb you. She quickly turned around: "Boss, two cups of green bean paste, no, three cups." When she finished paying, she looked back and found that the two girls were still there. Do you have anything else? Jiang Mi took a step back. Don't be afraid. We won't hit anyone. We'll just tell you a little secret. Just now the girl leaned close to Jiang Mi and whispered, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable meltdown, "It's useful to eat pig's feet." The two men finished and left. When Jiang Mi returned to the set, her cheeks were still burning. Cheng Shuangshuang took the cold drink in her hand, very strange: "This is only a few points, you are so hot?"? Turn on the fan? "No." Jiang Mi closed his eyes and finished a cup of mung bean paste in one breath, and the red on his face finally faded. Cheng Shuangshuang is not at ease, but also reached out to explore, found that she did not have a fever to rest assured. But Gu Yanfeng just came over, saw this little action, immediately asked: "What's wrong?" "Mimi was very hot early in the morning." Cheng Shuangshuang said honestly, "I thought she was suffering from heatstroke and should be all right." Jiang Mi: ".." Without waiting for Gu Yanfeng's concern, she immediately changed the subject: "Teacher Gu, let me invite you to dinner at noon." "Hm?" Gu Yanfeng wondered, "Why do you suddenly want to invite me to dinner?" "Even if you eat the box lunch of the crew for a long time, you have to change your taste occasionally." Jiang Mi said. Gu Yanfeng: ".." I only ate two box lunches in total. Jiang Mi looked up at him and found that the two staff members had not exaggerated before. Gu Yanfeng really has a chest, and his broad gown is propped up. I want to eat outside. Jiang Mi insisted. Ok Gu Yanfeng is very easy to talk to, "you can order whatever you want to eat." At noon, Gu Yanfeng came back and saw a full table. Pettitoes. Braised pig feet, stewed pig feet, pig feet soup, braised pig feet.. Oh, and a stir-fried vegetable. What is this Gu Yanfeng was puzzled, "pig's feet feast?" He knew that Jiang Mi liked meat and did not like vegetables. But you don't have to exaggerate, do you? Is it really not boring to eat only one kind of food? Jiang Mi coughed lightly and explained, "Isn't this just a tonic?" "Make up?" Gu Yanfeng sat down and asked casually, "where to fill?" Jiang Mi:.. Make up for what you eat. "Eat.." Gu Yanfeng was very confused, "is this for mending hands or feet?" "Feet, of course." Jiang Mi said, "did you forget?"? I've hurt my foot before. Gu Yanfeng:.. That was almost three months ago, and now you want to make up for it? Jiang Mi can only hold out to the end: "But you didn't fill it for me before." Gu Yanfeng: "So it's my fault?" Jiang Mi: "Isn't it your fault?" Without you, how could there be so many things? After dinner, Jiang Mi went to Su Pan's lounge for a visit. The staff were not there. Su Pan suddenly asked her, "Mi Mi, are you secretly enlarging your breasts?" "How do you know?" Jiang Mi was frightened. I heard that you ordered a table full of pig's feet for lunch and ate papaya for breakfast, which you didn't like. Su Pan is a little apologetic, "I meant yesterday, not that you have small breasts, I just want to say that you have long legs and thin waist." "No, wait a minute." Jiang Mi is almost crazy, the point is not Su Pan in the end is the meaning, "you can see,Inflatable indoor park, is not everyone can see?" Did Gu Yanfeng also see that? How can she see him like this? Isn't that embarrassing? "No." Su Pan comforted, "didn't you see Cheng Shuangshuang?"? A straight man like Mr. Gu will certainly not understand. No one around you knows, and no one else will know. 。

Live and work in peace and contentment of rebirth

Looking down at the diamond ring, he chuckled and said, "Don't worry. Even if I have no money and don't wear jewelry, I won't be short in front of Liang Ziyan. I can make money by myself. I can buy whatever I want. If you have money, you can keep it for your wife in the future." "Muxi, don't be too tough. Men like gentle women, especially men like Yan Ge. Send you to find a woman as tough as him. Sitting in the living room watching TV at night is like hugging your brother. Does it feel strange?" "Little boy!" She patted him. Na-na! Mu Yang hugged his head and shouted exaggeratedly, "Forget it with my brother. Don't do this with brother Yan. Sister, you are always so barbaric. He will hate you." Open mouth Yan elder brother, shut mouth Yan elder brother, it seems that Mu Yang is quite like Liang Ziyan, want to leave at the beginning, he said Yang Dayuan people are good, also just casually mentioned, far less than today's piety, her heart is mixed, some happiness, destined not to belong to her such a person. Mu Yang knows the address of Fang Liang Ziyan's home is not strange, but even the password is not normal,Inflatable mechanical bull, only a few days back from the United States, how can he be free in and out of other people's homes, even in his heart, Liang Ziyan is "brother-in-law" is not good. She grabbed his clothes and lowered her voice to dissuade him. Muyang looked careless and said with a smile, "Why are you so polite?" Liang Ziyan's house, as cold as ever, this time there are no piles of wine bottles,Inflatable water obstacle course, everywhere is clean, Mu Yang patted her head with his hand: "Well, now stay at home, I have to go." I always hoped that he would leave soon, but when I realized that he was really leaving, my heart was filled with reluctance. Mu Yang looked like an adult and comforted her with maturity and prudence: "Separation is the beginning of the next reunion." She couldn't help laughing and shook her head. "Where did you learn all this?" She asked. At the insistence of Mu Yang, she could only stay at Liang Ziyan's home and watch him leave by car. This place is far away from the city, the nearest is Zhao Zijun, who lives on the other side of the mountain. Because she gave up using him completely, she didn't want to get too close. She was a little embarrassed when she was penniless. When she came out of the hospital, Muyang packed up a lot of things, not including her wallet and mobile phone. Liang Ziyan's partition cabinet has a blue granite disc with a stack of hundred yuan bills in it. Rich people probably have such a strange habit of putting a large amount of cash in a conspicuous place when they have nothing to do to attract people to commit crimes. She thought about it again and again, but still did not touch his things. She called the bank manager with Liang Ziyan's mobile landline on the tea table. She could apply for a reissue of her credit card, but because she was not a VIP customer, Inflatable water park on lake ,inflatable amusement park, she had to follow the routine procedures and provide her ID card. The ID card was in her bag. It took a lot of words to agree to her providing a photo. If you don't have a cell phone, it's troublesome to take pictures. Had the temerity to live in his home, but also to open his computer, he thought a little too much, so he decided to wait for him to come back. After waiting for a day, she fell asleep watching TV and was awakened by the noise. He turned on the light and sat in front of her, putting the basket on the table. This is Kong Weiqing's basket. It must be full of delicious food. When I opened it, there was scallop porridge and steamed scallops, still warm, and best of all, peeled mangoes. She unceremoniously opened it and ate it. He reeked of alcohol and must have eaten it. Seeing that she was eating well, he lit a cigarette and began to smoke. The cool breeze blew in through the open French window. The coolness could not stop her from eating. She had not eaten so happily for a long time. It was not until everything on the plate was swept away that she licked her lips contentedly. She looked up at him staring at her and explained with some embarrassment, "I'll leave right away." "Take a shower!" With a look of disgust on his face, he said, "The girl's family has a smell on her body." She sniffed subconsciously and stretched. "It's all right. It's safer to be dirty." As soon as she said it, she regretted it and went to someone else's house, as if she was afraid of someone else's plot. "Muyang bought you some clothes and put them in the first bedroom on the second floor!" He put the cigarette butt into the ashtray and said lukewarm, "You are safe whether you are dirty or not." I get angry when I hear that! Just as she was about to reply to him, he almost took off all his clothes and trousers at the speed of light, leaving only a pair of underwear. She stepped back with goose bumps, picked up a sofa cushion and hugged it to her chest. "What are you doing?" She asked with a grin. Chapter 206 Rabbit Bites. I'm telling you! You mustn't force the rabbit to bite! She stepped back. Liang Ziyan pulled up the big towel she used to cover around her waist and shook her head: "Don't slander the rabbit. How can you be a rabbit like this?" "Yes, the rabbit is a relative of your family, and I can't take the risk." She looked at him with a bad smile. He smiled and said, "It's all right to be garrulous and do what you should do." As he spoke, he went straight to the swimming pool. Only then did she put down the cushion in her hand and sneered, "Rich people are so rich that they wear underwear when swimming." "It's because you're here," he said calmly, glancing at her. She blushed, and she was no match for the bold and unconstrained. He jumped into the pool like a fish, moving fast at the bottom of the water. She stood in a daze for a long time, faintly smelling the stench on her body. She had been blacklisted by five-star hotels. If she looked for a hotel in such a smelly way, she would be rejected. She went up the stairs and pushed open the bedroom near the stairs. Sure enough, there were some paper bags on the bed. Just looking at the bags, she knew that they were all famous brands and worth a lot of money. Then she looked down at the ring on her hand. Muyang, a boy, had spent a year's savings on her. This elder sister is really not very good, and in the end she has to bring trouble to her younger brother. The bedding in the room was brand new, and the floor was covered with a white wool carpet, so that she had no place to put her feet. After a hot bath, the feeling of rebirth, Mu Yang this guy thought too much, bought two or three sets of pajamas, all too sexy underwear,Inflatable dry slide, do not know where to learn these things, put on this kind of thing, she can not argue.

A Muslim funeral

Tze-ki hon, who is nearly 60 years old, has not slept with his wife for more than ten years. The east room of the upper room is their former bedroom. In the partition door, there is a large elm painting cabinet against the wall, a four-piece suitcase with copper corners, copper buttons and copper locks under the south wall window, a hardwood tea table against the east wall, and two Ming-style chairs. Next to the bed, there is a bedside table with drawers at one end and a cash box and dressing box at the other. The whole set of furniture is the "century-old prison" of Longshuncheng Table, Chair, Cabinet and Box Shop, which was bought in the year of moving into the new house. The prison is a real prison. It has been twenty-five years, and it hasn't been out of shape yet. It's just that it's all old and the color is dim. On the north side, a large copper bed occupied a quarter of the room. Since tze-ki hon family moved into the "liberal arts" house, out of the north old-style adobe bed, bought the Western-style big copper bed, two high bed rails cast in relief twining flowers, antique foreign flavor, and the room's carved partition, hardwood furniture is also coordinated. The pattern on the bed rail was rusty in the concave part and shiny in the convex part, like an antique. Here is still nominally the bedroom of their husband and wife, the bed is two pillows, two quilts, and in fact, tze-ki hon from more than forty years old has never lived here, his bedroom is the study of the west, the big western sofa,inflatable floating water park, is his couch. He went to work at the Special Arts and Crafts Import and Export Company every morning and came back in the evening. The study and bedroom were often locked. The sons and daughters did not know the secret between them. Today, tze-ki hon exceptionally forced himself, humbly walked into his wife's bedroom. Turn on the light, Korean wife also did not sleep at all, see him come in, only rolled his eyes and looked, also did not answer. Tze-ki hon silently sitting on the chair by the east wall, low head Leng for a while, but I don't know how to start. If you have something to say,Jumping castle with slide, just say it. Isn't it still about that? She broke the silence first. This matter, "he said," I have promised the new moon, you don't.. " "Didn't I say yes?" She gave a cold smile. You call that a promise? The child was so frightened that he dared not speak! "Hasn't she said all she needs to say?"? Hum, she still wants to go up. "Korea's wife said here, the following words swallowed." I know you don't want her to apply for Peking University. Tze-ki hon issued a deep sigh, this sigh seems to contain a lot of words in the heart for a long time, and he did not say. To his wife, he needn't say, Korea's wife also fully understand; To the daughter, he can't say, can't let the new moon understand. Hum, no matter what'big ', don't take the exam! Korea's wife was silent for a moment, then said, his face was gloomy. How can that work? Tze-ki hon was awakened by her from meditation. Why not? It is enough for a girl to finish high school! Eyes look big, hire a family, I also feel at ease, so as not to always be crazy outside, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable bounce house with slide, want to tie up can not be tied up! What's the point of going to college? What's the use of speaking foreign language? Why do you want to send her to a foreign country? I.. I didn't think so at all! Tze-ki hon, "I just want to meet her requirements, but also my wish!"! This child is a good material, is a piece of jade, jade without chiseling is useless. We parents have the responsibility to help her, can not let her give up halfway, missed a lifetime of future! I We have only one daughter! "Isn't there only one son?" Korea's wife suddenly, "star ferry is halfway, miss the future of a lifetime, why don't you say ah?"? Like the new moon, he is your blood and bone! Tze-ki hon was asked by her. As soon as Korea's wife mentioned the star ferry, she brought up a bellyful of sadness: "The same children, you don't have the same to bear!"! Is Star Ferry a stupid child? Don't you live up to your reputation? Did you let him go to college? He didn't even take the high school entrance exam, so he went to the factory as an apprentice. That year, he was only fifteen. Everyone has an account in his heart. As she spoke of her sad past, her eyes turned red and tears began to fall. Don't say it. Tze-ki hon hung his head in shame and held his face in his hands, rubbing the dark, wrinkled forehead with ten fingers. His wife's words hit him in the heart and touched his sore spot. "Stop it!"! When I think of Star Ferry's dropping out of school, my heart beats. I didn't do my duty as a father, but I was. Alas, the star ferry did not catch up with the good'cheek worship ' (opportunity), a person's life, success or failure, often depends on the opportunity, fate is difficult to grasp in their own hands! "Good'cheek worship 'are given to the new moon, money to spend her, learn to do her, but, she can replace her brother?" Han Datai wiped his tears and murmured, "It's not that I don't love the new moon, it's not that I prefer boys to girls, the girl is a girl after all, she can't replace her son!" "No one can take the place of anyone else in life. To have children is not for the sake of parents, but for the sake of the children themselves. Let them go their own way!" Tze-ki hon turned his face and looked at his wife, "I have delayed my son, I can't delay my daughter any more!" Korea's wife just heard tze-ki hon painful self-reproach, also once felt a little comfort, but only to her husband's topic a turn, ninety-nine return to one and fall on the new moon, his heart is the most occupied or new moon! Korea's wife suddenly calm, she no longer sad tears, no longer mention those who have become a foregone conclusion irretrievable past events, more concerned about is now. She was ready to end the negotiation and said coldly, "In the middle of the night, don't you just want me to say a word?"? I just don't spit today. What can you do? If you have the guts, you can really make your own decisions, and don't discuss with me! "Don't.." Don't do this, I beg you! Tze-ki hon in the face of his wife's tough attitude, was so weak, he lowered his voice, looked at her face pitifully, beseeching, "the new moon is facing the entrance examination, at this time, gas can drum and can't vent, how can we have the heart to pour cold water on her head?"? The child is still young, and she can't stand it emotionally! No matter how you treat me, don't torture the child like this! Let her go to college,Inflatable 5k obstacle, this is not just thought of today, we have made a promise, we can not break our promise! I beg you.. 。

The Prequel of the Order of Massacre (Modern, Mysterious and Unreal, Warm Text) Author: Snake and Scorpion Diandian

The young man looked up at him and said, "It doesn't matter." The powder on his hand was just about to be sprinkled and was held down casually. " I'll accompany you to the hospital! He frowned casually, grabbed his uninjured left wrist and pulled him up. The young man lowered his eyes and looked at the place where he had been held casually. After a pause, he nodded. Afraid that the sound of opening the door alarmed Xiaolan and Xiaoguang, they climbed out of the balcony along the casual old road. He was sliding down the iron railing casually, but the other side passed him, jumped down lightly and landed quietly. Damn it, do you learn flying skills? What age? You can take a sword and fly. Did you come here through time. He muttered casually, stepped on the ground and shook a few times in confusion, and looked up to see the young man looking at him. What's the matter "Nothing," said the young man, the corners of his mouth rising slightly, like a smile in the moonlight. "I haven't asked yet. What's your name?" "Whatever, whatever, whatever you want to call it.". What about you “…… My last name is Ji. I waited for a long time, but I didn't hear the name of the other party. Understand that the other side does not want to say, also did not care much. He had always been careless and nervous. Not long ago, he had fought with unknown creatures for life and death. After a while, he relaxed and patted each other on the shoulder. "Go quickly,uns s32750 sheet, Xiaoji." Passing by the door, I found two security guards on duty dozing on their heads, sleeping so hard that their saliva bubbles turned over desperately. No wonder there was so much noise and no one came. He took Xiaoji to the street casually, called a taxi, and drove to the nearest high school hospital. The driver asked you two little brothers why they went to the hospital in the middle of the night, and casually said that they were bitten by wild dogs when they came back from karaoke, so they went to get rabies vaccine. I was used to pretending when I was young, and I lied all the time. Gradually,x60 line pipe, I discussed with the driver from beating the dog to how much it costs to raise a dog. These days, it costs more to keep a dog than to keep a person. Xiaoji hugged his injured arm and occasionally put in a word or two. When he put in the first sentence, he looked back at him in casual surprise, and the latter's expression was calm. The words were very ordinary, just like an ordinary student. After a few days of getting along with each other, I always thought he was a silent iceberg creature, but now I suddenly find that he doesn't seem so unapproachable. But the face is still cold, the voice is still cold. It's a little cold anyway. Passing by the book reading lake, I casually looked out of the window, but faintly saw a small and short shadow standing by the lake, dressed in strange clothes, like a little girl wearing a big apron. It seems to be the girl I saw standing behind the couple when I came home from work tonight. Casually startled, and then blink, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x52 line pipe, the little girl has disappeared. He turned around and found that Xiaoji was also looking in that direction. The doctor on duty was also shocked by Xiaoji's bloody wound. The child had two new and old wounds on his arm and shoulder, which cut off a lot of flesh. Fortunately, I didn't hurt my bones and muscles. Asked what was wrong, the two men said in unison that it was a wild dog. The doctor said that it was better to go out less at night recently. During this period, wild dogs hurt many people. A few days ago, there was one that was killed directly, and half of the internal organs were eaten. For fear of inflammation of the wound, I opened two bottles of water. In the corridor, the lights were dim, and three or two patients who also saw the emergency hanging water were sitting, and they casually found a remote corner to help Xiaoji hang the bottle on the shelf. Thank you Xiaoji said, looking up at him. Stand casually against the wall. "Thank you for what?". You saved my life. I haven't thanked you yet. Xiaoji pulled his lips and smiled. Be stupefied to look at casually. Embarrassed to cough, thinking Lao Tzu size is also a handsome guy, laughing can also let the beauty hit the pole, jealous of what strength. Remembering the unfortunate experience of reading a book by the lake a few days ago, I felt a dry heart and touched my pants pocket with my hand. Touching an empty space, I remembered that I had quit smoking this semester under the guidance of Sister Bai. He coughed casually and said, "You rest for a while and I'll go out and buy a cigarette." After a few steps, I remembered that the canteen here would not stay up all night, so I had no way to go back. Xiaoji looked at him with a half-smile. He sat down depressed and heard Xiaoji say, "Go back and buy it in the square." He could only nod his head and sit bored for a while, when suddenly he heard footsteps. Two men dressed as policemen walked over side by side, and the tall one said as he walked, "I have to accompany you to buy a cigarette.." "Anyway, the woman won't wake up for a while," said the short one. "What do you think is wrong with women these days, killing men and jumping into the lake.." Xiaoji leaned lightly on his elbow and indicated where the two policemen were coming from. He took the hint and got up to take the bottle. The author has something to say: burn incense, a certain forest bless you for good luck in the exam ~ Found that the first few chapters did not grasp the character of the poop students, then turned back to change a few words. The Internet is so slow that I didn't log on all afternoon. Tragedy. Mother likes the dog of ten thousand yuan. 7 Chapter 5.. The two men pretended to go to the toilet, passed by the door of the ward where the two policemen came out, looked around, then looked around, pushed open the unclosed door, and entered the ward marked intensive care unit. As soon as he saw the turbulent and powerful waves of black hair on the pillow, he casually twitched the corners of his mouth. His heart said that it would not be so coincidental. He took a few steps forward and covered his face. Isn't this the poor child he saved for a just cause. The quiet little girl lay quietly in the pile of hair, her mouth and nose covered with an oxygen mask, a pile of instruments around the bed, and her electrocardiogram rose and fell regularly. Xiaoji bent down to look at the sign at the end of the bed, with the girl's name written on it and a note of severe shock below. Tell Xiaoji casually that she was rescued from the book reading lake by me, the day before you came. Xiaoji froze for a moment and asked if you saw anything when you saved her. I casually told him about the "water ghost" that night. Xiaoji listened to his description, thought about it, went up to the girl, and gently put his palm on her forehead. I saw his lips wriggle slightly, and I don't know what he was whispering. After a while,uns c70600, I saw Xiaoji's cold look slightly touched, lowered his eyes, and slowly took his hand away. Her soul is gone. Open your eyes casually.

A good doctor in the Tang Dynasty

She was in a daze and listened to Qin Siyuan's exclamation. She didn't turn around for a moment. "I, I didn't kill him," she said. Qin Siyuan shouted in a louder voice, "Liu Ergou appeared just now. He said you stabbed him to death with an awl in his throat!" Said this quickly and urgently, Liu Hongshi last answer voice did not fall, he drank out of the mouth, did not give Liu Hongshi a trace of time to react! Completely out of instinct, completely to refute, the mind did not have time to reflect the trap in this sentence, Liu Hong screamed: "I did not use an awl, I was smothered with a pillow.." He, I, I, I.. Shouted out, also reacted to come over, but everything is too late! Above the lobby, there was a moment of silence, and everyone was shocked! Qin Siyuan looked down at the piece of paper again and thought, "There are still several questions waiting for her to tell the truth, but all of them are useless!" Wang Pingan thought to himself, "With this psychological quality, you dare to murder your husband. You are bold, but you are not a person who can handle things." Di Renjie thought in his heart: "Fortunately, she was not wronged!"! This is the first time I've come out to infer a case. If something goes wrong and I can't get into the Dali Temple, it's a small matter, but it will make my eldest brother lose face. That's a big matter! The magistrate of Chang'an County was dumbfounded and thought to himself,x52 line pipe, "Is this the trial?"? This, this is how to examine just now, I did not understand! After the people of the Liu clan stayed together, they realized that the vicious woman in front of them had spilled the beans, that she had confessed, and that she had murdered her husband! Cried up, Liu clan people rushed up together, and Liu Hongshi desperately, next to the yamen runner did not pull,x56 line pipe, unexpectedly let two Liu clan people caught Liu Hongshi hair, and tear and pull, call scold more than! Liu Hongshi completely collapsed, she had these days after the court will happen, think again and again, and then made all kinds of countermeasures, made up countless lies, but today on the court, in less than two quarters of an hour, she was made to tell the truth, prepared in advance of those words, all useless, did not have time to use! This is called one foot higher, the devil is ten feet higher, there is a strong hand in the strong, a mountain is higher than a mountain! Qin Siyuan ordered the yamen runner to pull the Liu clan away. He looked at the stupid-looking magistrate of Chang'an and said, "The case has come to this point. Don't tell me. You still can't come out, can you?" The magistrate of Chang'an, 347 stainless steel ,x60 line pipe, sweating profusely, stood up and said, "I'm so humble and incompetent that I'm so tired that Lord Qin will try the case in person.". I will make up for my mistakes, try the case carefully, and arrest the accomplice of the murderer! Qin Siyuan snorted and said, "retire!" He stood up, gave Wang Ping'an a hand, and made a word of invitation. Wang Ping'an got up with pleasure and followed him with Di Renjie. Tao Judong and Tao Dongsheng looked at each other and said in their hearts, "No wonder they got promoted so fast!" They also stood up and stepped into the back hall. Chapter 328 Long Ao Tian appeared. The things in the lobby will be taken care of by others. As the second-in-command of Dali Temple, Qin Siyuan does not need to take care of every detail. Entering the back hall, Qin Siyuan threw his hand at Wang Ping'an and said, "Lord Wang, thank you, Xiaoguan. You sent Xiaoguan a thousand-mile horse." Wang Pingan laughed, turned to Di Renjie and said, "Brother, Lord Qin praised you and said you were a thousand-mile horse.". This is to praise the younger generation of their own, Qin adults treat you as their own son and nephew in general! As soon as Di Renjie heard the meaning of Wang Ping'an's words, he naturally understood. He stepped forward and gave Qin Siyuan a deep salute, saying, "If Lord Qin doesn't mind, please let my nephew call you Uncle Qin." Qin Siyuan nodded with a smile and said, "You're welcome, nephew!" With these words, he untied the silver fish bag in his waist, took out a small seal, and put the small seal into his arms. But the silver fish bag was handed to Di Renjie, saying, "Meng, you call me Uncle Shi. There's nothing to give you. Take this silver fish bag and put some vanilla on your body as a decoration." Whitebait bags were used by officials in the Tang Dynasty to carry small seals. They were usually used to show their identity. If they were given away, the person who received the gift could not wear them. They could only be left at home for enjoyment. Whitebait bags are exquisite in workmanship and can be regarded as a very good collection! Di Renjie repeatedly said thank you, took the whitebait bag, he was born in an official family, of course, know that the whitebait bag is not used to hold vanilla, people say so is polite. In fact, Qin Siyuan sent him this, one is to show him closeness, and the other is to make a gesture to Wang Ping'an. The prince sent his brother to me. Don't worry, I will guarantee his career. This is a self-evident guarantee. Wang Pingan naturally understood the meaning of this. He said with a smile, "You're welcome, Lord Qin. You gave the whitebait bag to my brother.". I don't have it. Come on, I have a bag here, too. Give it to Lord Qin! As he spoke, he untied the goldfish bag from his waist, took out the small seal in the bag, and handed the goldfish bag to Qin Siyuan. He is a third-grade officer, wearing a goldfish bag on his waist, which is one grade higher than Qin Siyuan's! Qin Siyuan is overjoyed, this is also a kind of guarantee! The two of us will be iron friends in the future. There is no need to say anything about officialdom. Just exchanging bags like this shows that there will be something to open your mouth in the future. Don't stand on ceremony! He took the goldfish bag, thanked him, and put it in his bosom. He dared not really wear it. His identity and rank were not qualified to wear the goldfish bag. Wearing it was a leapfrog. If anyone played him a book, it would be very boring! Tao Judong saw it in his eyes. He sighed in his heart, "The power of Wang Ping'an is rising as soon as you see it. He has made a good relationship with the people of Dali Temple, and he has placed a confidant. In the future, if you don't like anyone, as long as you have a crooked mouth,uns c68700, someone will do it for him!" After chatting for a while, Wang Pingan left Di Renjie in Dali Temple. He went to Zhongshu Province and wanted to talk with Ma Zhou about the specific matters of establishing a medical institution. Ma Zhou wanted to detail the list and report it to Li Shimin. He was afraid of a deviation, so he went to give his own advice and exert his influence.

Super handsome boy (Dasi)

"Don't argue. Who comes first?"? You two go together! It's not like I haven't done this before! What happened when you came with a group of people at the palace? Now I'm modest. When I can't deal with you? As soon as Ling Feng said this, Liu Hongyi and Nangong Xiaoxian did not argue. They both clapped their hands and smiled at each other, looking like a successful plot. How's it going? Am I right! I knew he would say that. You see, this is what he asked for, no wonder we oh! "Yes!"! Now that people are so demanding, we have to be respectful rather than obedient, hoping that our'Yin River Suction 'will not suck him dry! "I don't know!"! You know, that is the most profound art of sexual intercourse recorded in the Xuannu Heart Sutra! "He's just survived the thunder, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?" "Who knows, if it weren't for the fact that he had just passed the thunder robbery, who would dare to suck the Yin River out?" "That's no wonder. Who told him to bring it up himself?" "Yes!"! I can't help it! A moment of spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold, so let's. Together "All right, together!" "Hey, hey, hey." The two beautiful women both showed a "sinister" smile to Ling Feng. Ling Feng suddenly has a very bad feeling, look at these two women, how to look like Ann's kind appearance ah! …… A long Taidao flew around Takeuchi's graceful body, like a silver silk thread,316ti stainless steel, as if it had drawn a cocoon of light in the air and wrapped her in it. With a wave of his finger, the sword flew back into the scabbard accurately, the light cocoon disappeared, and everything was calm. It is not difficult to see that her swordsmanship is better than before. Yami, don't always walk around like this, okay? Turn my head so dizzy! I can't even get into the state of practice. Takeuchi Masanobu complained. Why can't you get into the state because of me? It's because your heart can't calm down at all! Takeuchi Masami will not believe her theory, while continuing to turn her circle, while muttering. She was counting,a333 grade 6 pipe, every time she turned around, and now she had counted to 1871, but the boredom in her heart showed no sign of retreating. This is her stunt, whenever she feels upset, she will keep turning around, turning around, she will forget all the things that bother her. But today, I don't know why, she has already turned around so many times, and she feels that the more she turns around, the more confused she is. That thing has been over for a few days, this period of time, Ling Feng this guy seems to be guilty, x70 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, has been rarely seen. Even if he showed up occasionally, he said hello and hurried back to his room. There was no mention of it at all, as if nothing had happened at all. Ling Feng does not mention, they will naturally not mention, so they selectively forget this matter, as if it really did not happen. Such days lasted about a week or so, suddenly one day, in Ling Feng and their common residence, suddenly appeared a large number of very beautiful girls. In view of the reputation of "Lee Jun-ki", it is not uncommon for a girl to appear in his residence. But it's unusual to see so many of them all at once, and they're all so beautiful. The bigger problem is that this guy.. This guy is not a human being! Ever since the appearance of these girls, the red-faced voice in his room seemed to have never stopped. Is it difficult for this guy to do that all the time? Finally one day, Takeuchi Masami couldn't help it and found her sister, Takeuchi Masahiro. Takeuchi Masami is in seclusion again. She can't find her even if she wants to. Moreover, even if she doesn't retreat, Takeuchi Masami won't go looking for her. Because there are many words, Takeuchi Masami only dare to say to her second sister, Takeuchi Masahiro. For the elder sister Takeuchi Ya You, to tell the truth, she is really a little scared. Why am I not calm? Takeuchi Masahiro denied it. Masami Takeuchi looked around and saw no one around. She sneaked to Masahiro Takeuchi's side and said, "Sister, you can't hear the noise coming from Lee Jun-ki's room, can you?"? You can't really guess what they're doing, can you? Don't you really care what that guy did? Takeuchi Masami from the beginning to see Ling Feng, see him is "Lee Jun-ki" appearance, so she has been called him "Lee Jun-ki", even later know his true identity, has also been unable to change the mouth. Why should I care? Takeuchi Masanobu blushed and said angrily. Takeuchi Masami did not believe her lies, "but also said you do not care, your face is red!" Takeuchi Masahiro's face turned even redder, and he reached out and patted her round buttocks. "Smelly girl, what are you talking about?"? Don't talk nonsense! Takeuchi Masami ran away, then came over again, sighed: "Sister, you say, where did that guy find so many girls?"? And every one of them is so beautiful! I'm really convinced by him! "Didn't you hear what the elder sister said?" Asked Takeuchi Masahiro? He didn't find it at all, but the two most beautiful women helped him find it! "Then why did those two beautiful women do that?" Asked Takeuchi Masami? Aren't they his women? Aren't they jealous when they do this? Takeuchi Masanobu said, "The two most beautiful women are indeed his women, and they are the ones who have helped him a lot.". The elder sister said that they were actually helping him by doing so. Help him? Oh, my god! Find another woman to share your man with! How can you help like this? Masami Takeuchi said it was incredible. Takeuchi Masanobu felt the same way and said, "Don't I think so?"? But the elder sister said, that guy is not an ordinary person, he is pure Yang constitution, that thunderstorm,321 stainless steel sheet, is not accidental, but his strength reached a certain height, led to the thunder robbery.
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