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Xichun is a Buddhist practitioner [Red Chamber]

"It's not enough. If there are new ones, there will be more." Third Sister You replied that she did not remember Mrs. Liu and could only say that she was not suitable for Liu Xianglian. Even if Liu Xianglian had promised, they might not be able to live so well. Third Sister You still likes her husband. Although her husband is a Jianghu man, he is very kind to her. After returning, Mrs. Liu told Liu Xianglian that the owner of the bookstore was very beautiful, and that such a beautiful woman could open a bookstore so well, which was really awesome. Because beautiful women are easily pestered by men, even if they are a little older, but they also have a unique charm. Just then, I saw a lot of people looking at her. Mrs. Liu said with a smile. I only look at you. Liu Xianglian said, if you don't look at your wife, why do you go to see others. Mrs. Liu smiled and nodded. She didn't love her husband so much at first, but her husband always respected her. After getting married, the relationship gradually got better. In this life, she can have such a husband, is also very happy. Half a month later, Liu Xianglian took his wife to the northwest,needle valve manufacturer, that is where he should stay in the future, he has to do more meaningful things, he will also love his wife. You Sanjie did not pay attention to Liu Xianglian, or in the mouth of others that he went back to the northwest. The wind is strong. Qin Min, the husband of Third Sister You, came over and put on a cloak for his wife standing at the door of the bookstore. Close the door. Third Sister You looked back at her husband. It was late at night and she had to close the door until tomorrow. After closing the door of the bookstore,tube fitting manufacturer, Third Sister You and Qin Min went home together and walked down the street, helping each other and approaching each other. Wang Xifeng After all, the Wang family declined, and it was useless for Wang Ziteng to be put in an important position by the emperor in his early years. If the emperor doesn't want to use you, he won't use you. After Lady Wang was exiled, the emperor did not blame Wang Ziteng, but he did not put Wang Ziteng in such an important position as before, and used him little by little. Prince Teng still felt out, but the thunder and rain are all good, he can not say anything, can only do a good job at hand. At the beginning of the four big families, the historian's double Marquis was gone. Xue Jiaming donated half of his family property, 12 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, but in fact he donated a lot. The Jia family was a little better, but not as good as before. Not to mention the four big families, even the kings with different surnames were either cut down or demoted. Wang Ziteng thinks that not being so important is not necessarily a bad thing. If the emperor wants to weaken them, he can weaken them as long as they are still alive. Because the Wang family was weak, Wang Xifeng's family was not so strong. Fortunately, the Rongguo Mansion itself was weak, and she had children, so her position was stable. Therefore, the royal family is good or bad, but also did not affect her position in the house. After all, her husband is not strong enough, but there is a title in the house, although there is not so much money, but save a little, do not go to the round of ostentation and extravagance. There is a deficiency is Wang Xifeng's elder brother Wang Ren, this one usually did not do anything, in the Wang family is weak, the house does not have so much money, Wang Ren was separated out. Wang Ren often went to find Wang Xifeng, meaning very clearly, that is, to get money from Wang Xifeng's sister. Wang Ren himself is a big spender, but he does a good job on the surface. He came to look for Wang Xifeng. At the beginning, he was talking about doing business and so on. Wang Xifeng thought that his elder brother could do something, so he gave his elder brother some money. Later, he found that the money only went out but not in. Her elder brother did not earn money for her at all, and he lost money every time. Come and go, Wang Xifeng also understood that her elder brother was not losing money, but did not go to do business at all, clearly took the money to spend. How could Wang Xifeng continue to give money to Wang Renyin? Of course not. Not to mention that she has only one brother, she has to think more about her brother. That's impossible. She has her own son and daughter, and she has to think about her own children. Sister, you forgot to be a brother. "Is the elder brother going to accuse his sister of being an ungrateful person?" Wang Xifeng interrupted Wang Ren. The elder brother came over again and again, insatiably greedy, Wang Xifeng can no longer consider for the elder brother, otherwise his family will have problems. Wang Xifeng is not so silly, "father named you Wang Ren, not to let you forget benevolence,stainless steel tube fitting, and you now?"? Your sister gave you so much money, and you talked about doing business again and again. What happened in the end? Just lying to me. Wang Ren's face changed slightly. "It's business, but it's a loss." 。
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